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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Kamihime Project R

Kamihime Project R

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Have you heard about Kamihime Project? Chances are that if you’re someone whose even partially into porn games then you’ve at least run into this title once – it’s the world’s highest-grossing adult game, the brainchild of the Japanese platform DMM, and it’s arguably the most popular game on Nutaku. The beauty behind this game is probably its design – it’s a turn-based RPG adventure that looks very reminiscent of Maple Story, a Korean 2D RPG game that was all the hype back in the mid-2000s. Kamihime Project’s simple yet alluring charm is really just the surface-level reason as to why it’s so popular; not only is this game total eye-candy to look at (which automatically makes it worthy of fapping to), but it’s also extremely addictive thanks to the way it’s put together and how it challenges you.

To put things into perspective; the point of this game is for you, the protagonist, to reclaim a lost kingdom by traveling its numerous realms, collecting sexy anime babes in the process which you get to watch in their full X-rated, nude glory after each victory in scenes delivered to you after each major victory. This game mostly consists of traversing these realms and defeating all kinds of enemies while amassing a collection of these ‘warrior princesses’ which can be organized into a party with multiple roles such as healer, tank, fighter and so on – you know, the usual RPG shit. But like I said, these warrior princesses can be seen in nude XXX scenes after each major victory, which is definitely a worthy incentive for all you horny hentai-loving serial masturbators out there. Let’s take a deeper look into Kamihime Project and see why it’s one of the most popular browser-based XXX games of all time…

It’s an RPG, and It’s Not Easy

(reclaim realms of a kingdom lost to terrible monsters)

You can sink in countless hours into this game, and then some – not only is it insanely addictive, but the main story (which is inspired by classic Japanese RPG titles) is expansive and will get you hooked if you’re the kind of person who would pick Skyrim over Call of Duty when it comes to gaming. This game’s main story takes a while to complete, and you can unlock all kinds of characters and gears throughout it, not to mention the additional rewards you can earn for playing smart and being efficient with you moves (this is a move-based RPG after all). If you’re a gamer who would rather spend a few hours playing this fappable and eye candy-esque free RPG title instead of getting lost into classic AAA title RPGs that don’t provide you with any fappable content whatsoever, then you should definitely check out this game ASAP – you can even play it from your phone and slack away while at work, isn’t that neat?

Control Various Beautifully Drawn & Animated Princesses

(eidolons, souls, kamihime, over 100)

There are over 100 collectible characters in this game which can be added to your party, and not only are they original and well-designed but they’re hot too – these ‘warrior princess’ heroines are a delight to gaze upon, drawn in a very smooth anime-style which can reel in even those who aren’t big on anime/hentai. These heroines come as ‘eidolons’ (supernatural beings), ‘souls’ (human heroes that come in three tiers – standard, elite and legendary) or ‘kamihime’ (magical gods and demons), but regardless of their race, they all physically look like hot anime babes that you can organize your party with by assigning them various roles based on their gear and abilities. And better yet, every one of them can be seen in X-rated scenes which you can unlock after each major victory – this is definitely not a game you don’t get hooked with if you’re into RPGs, and if you’re someone who needs to fap on a daily basis in order to keep things in balance then you’ll likely get hooked to Kamihime Project faster than you can nut when having actual real-life sex.

Perform Fun Raids with Friends in Co-op Mode

(completing battles earns you jewels and equipment, jewels are used to unlock new abilities)

Not only is this game an absolute blast to play in single player mode with countless playing hours, solo unlockables and whatnot, but you can also play alongside a buddy in an online co-op mode which lets you raid difficult dungeons and take down insanely hard bosses for some good old fashioned two-player fun and of course rare loot in the form of jewels (which let you unlock your characters’ magic abilities) and equipment. Yes, not only is this game great for single players, but it’s also a blast to play with others too – you might have to sink in a few dozen hours in single player mode before you’re good enough to go on these co-op raids, but they’re definitely not going anywhere regardless if you’re a newbie who just started playing this game or if you’re a veteran who’s spent hundreds of hours on it.

Customize Your Party to Fit Your Play Style

(attack, defense, healing, utility, various weapons and abilities)

You’re constantly relying on a party of warrior hentai babes in order to progress through this game, and that party can be edited and organized to fit your playing style. You can be a staller and ‘crowd control’ your opponents while dishing out passive damage, be a sweeper and go as aggro as possible with attack-based units, out-tank your opponents with heavy units or simply use a balanced team and get yourself an attacker, defender, healer, ranger and so on – there are countless weapons an armor in this game that you can customize your team with, not to mention all the magical abilities you can unlock for your spell-slinging units in order to introduce a dynamic play style and perform some damage-bursts on your enemies that they won’t expect.

Literally, any play style can be integrated into this game depending on how you set up and organize your party, so you can bet both your nuts and your fapping arm that there are countless ways to experiment with your go-to party of hentai warrior babes here on Kamihime Project.

Your Rewards are Scenes of Your Harem in Hot 18+ Action

The main reward you get from this game and what’s arguably the biggest incentive for people to play it is simply the X-rated reward scenes that this game lets you view after you take down a major boss or liberate a large portion of the map. These scenes feature your harem of fighting hentai babes in full nudity doing all kinds of unspeakable X-rated acts such as sucking and fucking you, the protagonist (who is known as ‘The Successor’), as well as sucking and fucking themselves.

Participate in Exclusive Events Held by Nutaku

Despite its free to play status, this game provides you with a hell of a lot of value that definitely goes a long way if you get hooked to it – Kamihime Project has countless unlockables including jewels, gear and of course XXX scenes that will keep you with an incentive as to why you play it, as well as a co-op mode that lets you have fun with online buddies. And last but not least, Nutaku holds frequent events (about every month or so) which you can participate in and earn some rare, usually exclusive gear out of that can be used in your solo or co-op adventures. There’s a LOT of stuff to do in this game besides just play by yourself and fap to its XXX scenes, so if you’re thinking about starting it you’d best get ready to sink in a lot of hours into it.

ThePornDude likes Kamihime Project R's

  • Completely free game
  • Can be played for a seemingly endless amount of time
  • Over 100 sexy anime characters included
  • Co-op mode available
  • Several community-based websites are built around this game
  • Plenty of exclusive events are held for this game

ThePornDude hates Kamihime Project R's

  • Audio can be improved
  • Animations are short
  • Could do with more story expansions
  • Could do with a more than one player online coop mode
  • Can’t fight other players