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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Hot Candy Land

Hot Candy Land

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So, I’ve heard you like games, and I am here to introduce a rather interesting game called Of course, this is a porn game filled with loads of naughty shit, otherwise, I would probably not even mind reviewing it, to begin with. As soon as you open the site, the game will start, and you are not really able to enjoy yourself without creating an account first.

Easily understandable with a good tutorial.

At first, I thought that the game would be very complicated to play, but apparently, it is rather easy, especially with the tutorial at the beginning. Everything is explained by the hot drawn chicks on the screen, and literally, everything will be pinpointed to you, so there is no way that you will not understand about this game.

You also have an option to skip the tutorial if you already know what the fuck you are supposed to do, but in that case, why the fuck are you reading my review. The game is set in a big ass town, and you are a pimp/gigolo whatever the fuck; the point is that you get to work with pornstars if you know how to move your cards right.

Everything is played out in the city you are put in, and there you have a lot of things to enjoy, purchase an upgrade. I am pretty sure you will love all the game aspects if you prefer games where you are supposed to work for your outcome and actually level up your character. Most flash games today are very fucking simple and they require no work, so I was very surprised to see that is very dedicated.

On top of the site, you will have all the character options, and on the side, you will also be able to see what the game has to offer. There will always be a hot babe to help you learn what you are supposed to do next. Their options are very straightforward and I am pretty sure you will have no issues with the game or whatever the heck.

However, this game also takes time for you to progress, so if you were looking for a quick fix, this place is not for you. I shall go over the technicalities and all that crap, but for the most part, I am pretty sure you will understand what you are supposed to do if you just follow the tutorial. So, once you accept the game policy, and create an account, you can start.

Simple and engaging gameplay.

You should probably start by reading the policy… I am just joking, nobody fucking reads that shit. This game works in a way that it collects your personal data, from your email, Facebook or Google account. If you allow it to connect to other social media accounts you will get some free cash in the game, which you can later use for other shit.

This is a free to play MMO, but there is nothing too captivating about this game. Sure, I’ve enjoyed its quirks here and there, but for the most part, there was nothing that really stood out if you ask me. I liked the aspect that you get to level your character and get more and more shit as you progress, but most good porn games will work in that way.

For the most part, this is a point and click porn game, where you get to beat your rivals, have sex with lots of hotties and earn money by producing porn. Basically, the guy in the game is living the dream, and you will be talked through the whole game, so you are bound to have a hot time while exploring the naughty streets of PornWood.

It is quite obvious that the people who created this game knew exactly what kind of an audience will love playing it, which is why a blonde girl in a bikini is here to give you the tutorial and tell you what to do. But, as I have said, you can turn her off; those who have never visited should keep her around because, without the beginning, the game can be rather confusing.

With that said, if you’ve played other games or if you have common sense, I am pretty sure you will understand what is asking from you. The main character, aka you, are an old-looking guy who looks like he came out of the 2000s, at least that is the overall style. Everything draw here is pretty western, and I would not have minded if it was hentai styled instead. Oh well.

As you progress in the game, your character will also change bit by bit, I mean the plastic surgery in this game pretty much works the same as in real life. While I think that this should be fairly obvious, do not expect to see any real chicks or whatever the fuck, this is a free cartoon porn game, and thus if you are turned on by the cartoon chicks, you’ve come to the right place.

No real action.

As I was playing the game, I leveled up quite a bit and I even filmed a couple of my own naughty scene, but there was no actual action. So, despite the game having a lot of action to keep you entertained, and a lot of characters for you to meet, there are no sex actions in, which was kind of a bummer. The purpose of the game is to become porn produced and create porn, but then you get no real action… why the fuck?

You will get some dirty images and that crap, but no real videos… for example, if you choose to make the classic POV clips, and you film it with a random slut you picked up, you will get to set the whole scenario where the shit will be filmed, but you will not really get to see any real action, just a couple of pictures and that’s about it.

In addition, do not expect to pass through this game with a breeze if you do not intend to pay. You can play the game without investing a single cent, but it will take you a long-ass time to do it like that. Personally, I think that those who do not want to invest real money in will not have as much fun… so you might want to check out other games instead.

Good forum and community.

As you already know, there are other people who are also playing this game, and you will be able to see their progress by clicking on ‘players online’ in the top left corner of the game… there you also have the rankings, the chat, and the forum. Personally, I think that forums are very fucking useless, but then again, this place was actually good, because it is easy to get stuck in the game, and a little help is always good.

Their forum is dedicated to the community, but I must say that that design looks like pure garbage… not sure who the fuck decided to make that. You can see their new features, the FAQ, and other shit, that is not as important. What was disappointing is that there is no way to chat with the community or create threads through the forum…

However, as I have briefly mentioned, you can become a member of the site and chat with other people through the simple chat. Now, that chat is not as personalized as you might want it to be, but it does the job. You can use the ALL chat, where anything you write, all the online members will be able to see what the fuck you are saying.

When you click on a certain member, you will get to learn some of their dirty details, such as the level, the size of their dick, the girls and actresses they hired, the porn movies they produced, and all other shit this game allows you to have. I mean, at the end of the day, that is the point of this game, to level up and get as much pornographic shit as you can.

Overall, I think that everyone can enjoy playing, especially if they are ready to chip in a little bit. There are many improvements that the game could get, such as actually having the porn scenes that we were all dying to see… and improving their forum section. However, if you are looking for a free MMO porn game, where you get to engage with the gameplay and level up your character to become the best, is the right choice.

ThePornDude likes Hot Candy Land's

  • Free MMO porn game
  • Simple gameplay
  • Good tutorial
  • Great art

ThePornDude hates Hot Candy Land's

  • No real action
  • It can become repetitive
  • You might have to invest for progress