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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Red Light Center

Red Light Center

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Let’s play a game, a truth game! What do you truly desire? Maybe its meaningless hookups. Perhaps a swinger arrangement or even something more twisted like a fetish, let’s say bondage. I could spend hours trying to figure it out, but it won’t matter if you never have the guts to really do it. Just because you imagine it, doesn’t mean an opportunity to experience it will just come knocking right at your door.

But hey, Red Light Center [NSFW], an immense multi-player adult sex universe with more than 8m players, makes your barred dreams just probable. Regardless of whether you are shy or just into online sex games, this virtual reality community coupled with near-real venues is just the best place to live out your wickedest fantasies. Even better, the game client is available on both Mac and PC. Stay put, lemme take you through the best virtual reality setup there is.


Red Light Center game is a 3D virtual Reality realm and community. It is designed and modeled The Red Light Center (RLC) game to resemble Red Light District in Amsterdam. The environment features a rich world of entertainment will bars, hotels, stores and clubs as the best venues. It has lifelike landmarks and identifiable buildings. The game also has a transport network that players can access to extend their wings to other cities. The game is overflowing with players who operate as avatars to navigate and interact with others.

RLC is far from a simple game as it is linked with an authoritative networking site, Utherverse, which makes it quite popular. Players have access to functionalities of the game to host events, concerts, and shows while you can also attend other functions set up by other players. As an outcome of the community-based approach, the game is a platform to meet other players and to some extent a dating site for some. The networking aspect of the game is also boosted other ways of connecting and messaging like Facebook.

Players are free to stir up sexual interactions with others, buy and sell sexual services, and basically indulge in all kind of animated cybersex atrocities. Action is mutually controlled, and you would be surprised by the positions and styles available.

For the newbies, the active forum is a good place to start.

Gaming experience

Inside the virtual real of RLC, sight and movements are in 3D. Just like in the “Call of Duty” game, only you don’t have to worry about some fucker shooting at you. You can choose 1st or 3rd view using the 1st/3rd button at the bottom of your browser, and so is zooming in and out. Your journey is designed to start in some kind of a transporter storage room that avails quick access to locations around Red Light. In case you ass gets lost, press the home button to get back home and start over. This is a weird world, with moments of total silence and others music. Choose your hangout spots wisely!

Controlling and customizing your avatar

Moving around Red Light is a piece of cake, but a bit slow. That is regardless of whether you are in run mode or not (Use CTRL to switch on/off). Move forward using W and behind using S. A and D rotates your avatar while Q and W side steps. If you prefer a mouse, click and hold the left button and point in the direction you want to move. The right mouse button rotates the camera around your avatar. To enter a door, you just left click on it.

To customize your character, there is a “customize” button on top of your browser. The game allows you to change your race, height, hair color and styles, face shape, outfits, accessories and a couple more things. Choose the best underwears, shirts, pants and so on. Play around with the tattoos and piercings. NB, everything is reversible, be sure to pull out some crazy looks.

Getting laid

You are here to get laid, right? Then let’s get on with it. There are a couple of things you need to those juices flowing;

Be a full member (VIP) Get a place to play. There plenty of places you can have sex from, plus they are all private and only take up to 4 guys at a time. Most rooms have a bed, or Bondage play areas. Themed rooms are only available in the Fantasy Hotel.

Find a partner(s). No worries, partners are easy to find or is it just me. Bring on you’re a game and if you still can’t land any, most rooms have robots. They look just like normal avatars, only naked.

Once that is all laid out, and you are in the room, start off with foreplay, maybe making out or whatever suits you, dude. There are commands to removes clothes and inviting your partner (if you have any) for sex. Sex is usually full on naked avatar on avatar with penetration and simulated cumshots. Cool right? You can use “Speed Chat” to make conversation and then my favorite, the “CUM” button to finish off in style. There are conventional sex controls and BDSM sex controls; I’m sure you will have mad fun exploring both.

The community

As I said, Red Light Center has an over 8m and growing community of registered players. For what it’s worth that’s a huge number, and you are likely to encounter a very wide range of sexual preferences and enthusiasm to explore. Nevertheless, the reason why Red Light Center {NSFW} really stands out from the average is that most of the players are looking to indulge in scenes of more than just intercourse. Sure, there are a boring few who are just looking for casual hookups, but the larger lot is fun to be with. Just like in other sex games, the majority are looking to find fearless and enthusiastic guys to start real friendships and relations. As a newbie, you will find a couple of guys willing to help you find the best sex spots, buy you gifts, and even show you some functionalities you didn’t think you have. It could be for sexual favors, but some it’s just genuine kindness.

What does it cost?

Downloading and setting up RLC is free but that only gives you access to a basic account. A basic account only gives you a taste of the real sauce; the best features are saved for players who pay for membership. As a VIP member, you get;

• All sex features unlocked • Ability to private message other members • A wider range of clothing options • Ability to view images and profiles of other users • One-to-One VoIP chat • Ability to send and receive gifts • Instant porting to friends locations

A further upgrade gives you the ultra VIP status that offers you a superior property catalog, an exception to population limits, 5 avatars and other exclusive features.

For VIP one month costs $19.99, $56.97 for 3 months, $107.95 for half a year, and $203.90 for a year. For Ultra VIP one month costs $29.99, $85.47 for 3 months, $161.95 for half a year, and $305.90 for a year

What to love about Red Light Center;

Wonderful reality world with high production values; Red Light Center developer must be an attention to details freak. The way the application is designed is just incredible with lifelike features, venues, transport network, etc. Kudos mate!

An extremely friendly community of users; you would think that in such a large community, some members would be hostile to newbies trying to mistreat them and such. But on the contrary, the community is very kind and welcoming.

Easy to meet others for virtual sex; what more would you ask for? In any case, you are here to get laid, right? Whine that ass around Red Light and have some fun.

What to hate about Red Light Center;

Red Light Center {NFSW} has its fair share limitations.

No solid tutorial that guides you through the sex world or indulges in your fantasies. The game relies on the forum to guide newbies where they can read old threads or post questions of their own, but it is not the most user-friendly.

Graphics could be better. The graphics are good, but there is definitely room for improvement. New players also may not be aware of the customization options available to improve their avatars.

No sound support in the streets and many other areas. The place when an avatar talk is during sex, in the streets too, it would be nice.

Poor technical support.


How about a cohesive tutorial to guide new players as they look to explore this giant virtual sex realm.

Include sound support in the streets.

Better the technical support.

Bottom line

Red Light Center is an incredible adult gaming site with fantastic lifelike features. It is available for free, but VIP members get the most out of it, make sure to have fun.

ThePornDude likes Red Light Center's

  • Wonderful reality world with high production values
  • An extremely friendly community of users
  • Easy to meet others for virtual sex

ThePornDude hates Red Light Center's

  • No cohesive tutorial
  • Graphics could be better
  • No street sound support
  • Poor technical support