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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Fake Lay

Fake Lay

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FakeLay! “Fake your way to the perfect lay!” – Yeah, for fuck sake! It’s a game and it is built on the popular concept of “fake” (taxi, casting couch, massage, cop, whatever) that we can find in porn. FakeLay is a dating sim. So, it’s like a game where you can come, you can play, you can meet people, you can disguise yourself as a cab driver, film director, masseur or any other job that can get you laid! While you’re at it, take some nudes of the girls you seduce, film some smoking-hot scenes and use them to make big money! All of this in a virtual world, buddy! Not in real life! It’s a simulator and everything will happen in a world that has nothing to do with reality. The game is on Nutaku! You know that these people don’t joke around when it comes to the products that can be found on their pages. I have already spoken about Nutaku in another review, so I will not start a discussion about it in this one.

When you will visit the homepage (which is mostly a sing up page), you will notice the graphics. Like? I know I do! They do have some pretty cool and talented artists behind the project. Scroll to the footer to find the trailer. Click there! A popup with a video player will be on and it will tell you a story. All good dating sims must have an epic sexy storyline, right? The preview is too short, in my opinion, but still, it will be alright for you, to make an idea about what’s going on inside.

If English is not your language, use the sidebar of the registration form. That’s where you can access the game in some other languages. Big titties, big nipples, big butts, upskirts, cleavages, fucking, sucking, lovemaking for those of you who are into romantic shit, so forth and so on – this is what you will have on FakeLay.com.

If you have some free time and you do not know how to spend it, go ahead and try this game. I am not sure if it is multiplayer or not. That’s up to you … to discover! I gave you the basic info, like a short walkthrough, but that’s about it! Everything else is in your hands! Don’t forget to train your in-game skills!

ThePornDude likes Fake Lay's

  • Good graphics
  • Virtual fucking
  • Trailer on registration page
  • Listed on Nutaku
  • You can train skills
  • Simulator

ThePornDude hates Fake Lay's

  • Short preview
  • Needs more details on the homepage