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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I’ve often talked about how great porn in all of its many forms is. And I have also mentioned in a few reviews how great the real dang deal is as well.

You guys know what I mean, some good ol’ skin on skin, flesh on flesh, peen in (or in the case of kinksters on) pussy…or in some other or all of the orifices. Oh, fuck that’s a weird image if you pronounce that last word the wrong way.

Anyway, for most of us — or in the days of incels some of us — can always saddle a Sally by picking one up at a bar, tag some tail through Tinder, or have a heavy petting end to a hot date. But for some guys, this is always an option because they’re awkward or ugly or super duper shy.

Then there are the fuckers who just need to fuck and go while traveling or are looking to experiment or treat themselves to a special treat with a professional performer, getting a date isn’t exactly a realistic option.

Fortunately, for all of us, there is the new wide world of digital escort services. I say new, because while there’s nothing new about spending time with a lady of the night, but getting one through a high-profile website from five-star ladies is a pretty recent event.

Interested in finding out more about ECCIE? Then keep reading to find out.

Members And Models From All Over The World

You guys all know that I love variety. And holy hell do you have a bevy of beaus to choose from. To be upfront, most of the models are from North America. On the plus side, that part of the world, if you hadn’t noticed has a ton of girls of all colors, cup sizes, and other delectable assets.

There are honey-brown girls, ebony-hued honeys, cream-colored chicks, women of all ages groups from nubile to grannies, not to mention women of the biological variety as well as plenty of t-girls, too.

There Is A Focus On North America

When you check out the site first time, you’ll see ads and promos for the women everywhere except, strangely, the middle of the homepage. For instance, there is the Featured ECCIE Bio Pages which show off pics and links to a semi-random ladies. By semi-random, I mean you get to see the wide selection of the best babes from all over the site.

Right next to that, or rather to the left of that, there is the Find Ladies section which promotes some of the best regions to find beautiful escorts. Keep on scrolling, and there is the New Bio Page which regularly updates with a slew of pictures of the site’s talent.

While there are tons of escorts for hire, and I did say that there are members and models from the world over, if you check the promo sections I mentioned and scroll down to the bottom half of the homepage, you’ll find a recurring pattern. I’m referring to the sheer number of escorts who operate out of cities in Mexico and the United States, to the virtual exclusion of any other country.

On top of that, it seems like most of the site’s talent operate in Texas, other States in the American South and Midwest, California, New York — oh and did I say Texas? ‘Cause a lot of the girls work in of Lone Star state.

Other than that, though, there don’t seem to be too many ECCIE escorts anywhere else in the world. On the downside, this sucks for people outside of the northern Western Hemisphere, but if you travel a lot and are looking to see what kind of ride you can get in the Ameri-Hispanic region, ECCIE is a great resource to use.

The Forums Are Many And Fap-tastic

Like all good (modern) websites, ECCIE has a massive forum. In fact, I’d say that while about 47% of the site is dedicated to the actual escort services, about another 47% is for a massive user forum. In fact, once you scroll past the featured pages, the main section dead center of the homepage is a list of all of the major forum sections. There are over a dozen main sections, but here are a few of my favorites…

Welcome Worldwide — I keep mentioning (and kinda bitchin’) about how American-centric this site is. After all, other escorts service sites that I’ve reviewed usually have escorts from all over the world, even in the most obscure parts you may have never heard of like Reykjavík or Dakar.

(Don’t lie, you know you had to google those capitals.)

But to make things easier for everyone who don’t live in the other six continents, this section is a great way to orient yourself and maybe connect with people on your part of the planet.

Business Services — Like all of the good stuff in the world, everything is an exchange whether it involves giving favors, a decent fuck time, and, of course, business. As you might expect, a lot of the ladies on this site are always looking for money for their services. Besides going out with you for the night and laughing at all of your corny jokes while sexily sipping chardonnay, many of these models do tons of other stuff, too, like photography, meeting up for live modeling, and even networking for web design.

Diamonds and Tuxedos — This section is the newest set of forums on the site was designed for the ritzier forum members. To put it simply, this section is great for people who like the finer things in life, can dole them out, or want someone who enjoys doing both, this is the place to be.

And when I say the finer things, I’m not talking about a dinner at Red Lobster and a night at a not-totally-rundown-downtown-hotel. I am talking about dates at Michelin four-star restaurants with gentlemen clad in diamond-studded cuff links and ladies dolled up in fur-lined velvet dresses.

Of course, with so many offers for dates of $1,000 bottles of champagne out the ass — literally and figuratively — sugar daddies and sugar babies should take note.

Explore Another Realm — Got a taste for the exotic. Got a sexual interest which you wouldn’t really consider to be a “traditional” kink, but is certainly a bit different from anything most people would be into? Interested in finding someone to explore these ideas with? Then step into…or rather, click on the link to the Another Realm section.

Check it out for yourself, and I think you’ll be impressed. I’ve covered porn for years and seen all kinds of fetishes and kinks and was pretty impressed by everything that I saw on that section. Seriously, the versatility of the libido never ceases to surprise…and sometimes disturb even me.

At any rate, if you check it out for yourself and I think that you probably won’t find anything which will offend all of your pious sensibilities or scare the horses. Most of you, I think, that is.

Another nice aspect of this section is how user-friendly it is, and I’m not talking about the website design. There are veterans of the kink and alternative scene and freshman and women there, and is friendly to general users who are just looking into the idea of getting down and dirty with the pigs…or doing the hog-tying.

There’s Even A Political Forum — Here there are tons of over threads which discuss everything from global events to local politics, but *spoiler alert* there is a heavy focus on the States. So, gotta vent, rant, or stir the pot with other perverts? You know where to go now.

And Legal Advice, Too — Yeah, you read that right. Sure, on sites like this, we tend not to focus on the other two forbidden topics, but here it seems to work. After all, this is an escort site; while in most jurisdictions, escort services are technically legal, there are some asshole cops and lawyers out there who might ruin your day…or rather night.

To be sure, no one here is giving “official” legal advice, and as you know neither am I, but this section of the site would be an excellent place to check out before planning a night out with one of the site’s talent. I definitely recommend giving this area a quick look through if you are new to the site.

As I said, these are only a few of the total number of sections, and on each, there are dozens if not hundreds of threads each. In total, over the past several years, this site has managed to get a whopping 489,526 member who have generated over 2.5 million threads with nearly 13 million posts. And with new members joining all of the time, there could be a new forum section before this article is a week old.

Speaking Of Signing Up…

As it should be, signing up is a breeze. To get a free account, you have to go through the usual rigamarole, and upgrading to a premium account is a snap, too. And this applies to both the usual users who are men looking for a lovely lady of the evening, and for those lovely ladies looking to spend time with said clients.

There Are Other Interactive Features, Too

If you can do the math, you might notice that only 6% of the site is devoted to other things. Fortunately, most of this other shit actually isn’t ads and spam. Yeah, there is some of that and more on that later, but first, let’s get to the good stuff.

For one, they’ve got fun always updated interactive poll. These surveys are exactly what you think you’d see on an escort site. For example, the current poll asks, “Orally speaking, which do you prefer?” The results are pretty unsurprising, and you can check it out and vote yourself, plus leave your own funny or fappy comment, not to mention read other people’s.

Further, there is a massive chat room which, with hundreds of thousands of members, is never short on participants.

In addition to all of that, there are several tools to make your profile, no matter what your intentions are, stand out. For example, when you sign up your profile is promoted, albeit at the bottom of the page. However, there is a Featured Members section for super duper single, special members, too, but I’m not sure how you get on there.

If you post frequently, you might find yourself on the list of Top Reviewers, though you’ll have to post quite a bit since the lower ranked members have over two hundred posts and the top ranked reviewer has 499 posts. And when it comes to posters, you’ll have to hit up the forums a ton, since their posts range between 40,000-60,000+.

The Adverts Aren’t Too Aggravating

At least for the most part. You gotta figure that on a site like this, you’re going to find a fuck ton of ads, and they are there, but there’s not too many to put up with. And they’re usually pretty easy to spot — most of them that is. I’d be careful of some of the links like ‘Find Girls’ and ‘She Males’ since both will take you off-site to a spam landing page.

Other than that, the rest of the ads are usually loaded up on the right side and easy to see. Damn near all of them take you to Adult Friend Finder which, I thought was weird, considering that ECCIE is an escort site, but whatever, I guess.

Is This Platform Worth Getting A Playmate On?

With a free membership which takes all of a minute and the premium membership is pretty reasonable. Of course, hiring an escort is going to vary from lady to lady, and date to date, but from what I can see, the rates are generally pretty reasonable.

Not that I’d know from experience, though. 😉

Anyway, there are tens of thousands of girls of all flavors and fetishes to pick from. To take advantage of this, though, you’ll either have to live in America, Mexico, or travel to either country regularly. The forum, chat options, and user promotional features are fine, and the site design is pretty solid overall.

You’ll have to put up with some obnoxious ads which take you off-site, and

All things considered, I give ECCIE four out of five hands. Try it out for yourself and tell me what you think.

ThePornDude likes Eccie's

  • There are tons of girls to choose from of all different ages, colors, and body types
  • Neat interactive aspects like a chat room, fresh polls, and user promotional features
  • Although it is an escort platform, the forum is fucking fantastic
  • The site design looks great on both desktop and mobile

ThePornDude hates Eccie's

  • Virtually all of the escorts are from Mexico and parts of the States
  • While there aren’t that many, some of the ads are a bit sneaky
  • If you can get past those two big things, it’s a pretty good site…