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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Want to score some hot escorts? How about checking out Eros guide? After checking the site out, I was pleasantly surprised. Once you land on, you won’t be able to enter it immediately. Just like most pornographic pages, it will ask you to confirm that you are 18, for obvious reasons. So, one of the first things you’ll notice on is that you can find escorts in a bunch of different locations, but most of these are not worldwide, which is a bummer. Let me explain.

The homepage has the names of the U.S. cities that escorts are located in, divided by boroughs. Maybe it’s that these escorts don’t want to bother with the rest of the world or maybe doesn’t have other escorts beside the ones in the U.S., only lord knows but yeah, the “United States” menu is all about North America. So, if you’re American, once again, you are privileged for some reason. Now whether these gals are actually motivated to travel across continents, this is a completely different story.

Now, underneath U.S., you’ll find three other buttons which might seem a bit weird, but, it’s not that much of a problem. So, as you can clearly see, America is not the only country that has escorts available, rather, you’ll see that escorts are also available in Canada, and Italy and also in the United Kingdom. The US, Canada, Italy and the UK escorts. Damn, what a combo!

Do you know how I mentioned that there are little to no girls who are willing to travel the world for you? I mean, it is something society expects from the man. You know like, run for the girl, the classic “brave knight rescues princess” kind of story. As cliche as it sounds, and as much as feminists struggle against this kind of thing is seen as something normal and regular, they still won’t deny an opportunity where a man would cater to their needs. However, let’s not steer too far away from the topic, okay?

So, when I said girls wouldn’t travel the world, I lied! I mean, you have to pay them in order for them to travel. People do a lot of things for money. Facts! Now, let’s take a look at the escorts the website puts on the front page. First off, you’ll see that these girls are all worldwide escorts because obviously, these are going to be the ones people look for the most since not everyone is from America, Italy, Canada or the United Kingdom. Seriously, that would be awful.

Now, let’s click on one of the worldwide escorts to see how the entire process goes. The girl that looks the most appealing to me is Lela Star, obviously, so let’s give her a shot and see how could I hypothetically get her to be mine for an evening. Just like the description says, she is a gorgeous shapely brunette stunner, and she is available exclusively through Lourdes Enterprise. There’s a phone up there, and there’s an e-mail, and those are what you’ll be using, should you decide that you want this girl all for yourself. Who doesn’t?

Her measurements are available (just like every other escorts are too) and her country of origin. This girl, in particular, is a pornstar, but she also works as an escort. Honestly, this kind of thing is actually pretty cool. Like, who wouldn’t want to pull up to a party with a hot pornstar to accompany him for the evening? Especially a pornstar with a big bubble butt like Lela’s. She’s 33 years old, she’s exotic, and she doesn’t mind working with both men and women. However, couples are fine as well. So yeah, this thing would be pretty simple, and there’s a lot of details that are made available to you, which is pretty neat, right? Also, there are a few types of escorts you can get. These types are listed in the “categories” tab, above but the tab is literally not named “categories”, there are names of these “types”: trans, BDSM, tantra, massage, fetish and so on.

If I take everything into consideration, this page is actually pretty nice, there are a bunch of girls to choose from, you get to see a bunch of details about them, and you can see whether these escorts legitimately exist. Furthermore, it’s quite easy to get in touch with them. The one thing that I don’t really like are the looks of the page. They’re not exactly unappealing; rather, they seem a bit tasteless but that’s just my opinion since I was never really a fan of the whole glam gold on platinum look. To each his own. None the less, the value that offers is totally on point.

ThePornDude likes Eros Guide's

  • You get to choose between a lot of escorts.
  • It's easy to contact the escorts, no bullshit involved.

ThePornDude hates Eros Guide's

  • While the page looks decent, there's plenty of room for improvements.