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Updated on 05 February 2024
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For me to take the time out of my busy schedule and actually talk about a site, that website needs to be worth it. Now, if you stick for a little bit longer you will understand the reason why I will now talk about As their introduction will state, this is a safe environment made for all of you dirty adults who want to share their naughty products, services, and content.

While the site is great and I will talk about that shortly, their design is quite stupid. As I was browsing, I almost skipped over this shit, because I thought it was just an Ad or a forum site. does act as a forum website in a way, but it is actually much more than that.

The design is not doing any good to this site, because it is all fucking purple-ish pink and I do really hate that color. Not to mention that the background is white, so if you are browsing at night, better use fucking sunglasses, otherwise you will go blind. The homepage of the site is where you get to choose what the fuck you want; if you want to watch porn movies, webcam chicks, pick out an escort… etc. You can even choose your favorite region to view, and after that, you will be sent to the part of the site where shit gets real.

One annoying thing is that you cannot really choose what the hell you want unless you tell them about your region, but I guess every site has to be special in their own way. After agreeing to their terms and conditions, you will be redirected to another place on Everything else from here on out should be fucking obvious, but for all you idiots out there, I will be more than happy to explain what you can expect. For example, if you are searching for a tight pretty escort beauty, and the escort sites are not really offering chicks that are your type, then you should check out the escort girls who are offering themselves on this website.

There are quite a bunch of hotties who I am sure will satisfy your dirty needs, but make sure to read their descriptions and where they come from because all of that shit is important. You will also get to see their images but one thing that was fucking annoying is that some sluts did not show their face. I prefer to see the bitches face before I hire her for some dirty work, but if you do not mind, then do whatever pleases you instead.

Now, do not worry about the region you selected at the beginning, because you will still get to see loads of different chicks, but I must say that most of them will be of the nationality that you choose. This is not something that I fucking wanted, so if you have a dirty ethnicity you prefer, you are going to have to search for your bitch manually.

Of course, the escort sluts occupy just a small space on, because there is much more for you to explore. The Webcam tab might be good to some, but I found it quite unnecessary. It does the same shit as the Escorts tab, but there is no need for it because the internet is already filled with legit webcam sites that offer gorgeous cam girls.

I mean, everyone can find their beauty on Chaturbate, and if you are not able to find your babe there, then you might want to check yourself out… are you batting for the wrong team? Nevertheless, this site also offers cam girls you might not know about, and you even have different filter options to search for them.

When I say that offers everything I literally mean everything because so far I just mention two fucking tabs, but there are way more we need to talk about. For example, you have the ‘Phone Chat’ and ‘SMS Chat’ tabs where you will get to chat with babes over the phone, fucking obviously.

Then again, you can also view movies that these sluts wanted to share with everyone, and of course pictures that I really do not understand why the fuck do they even exist. You are on the site that literally offers everything, and you will masturbate to a fucking picture? I swear if you do that, I will find you and I will slap the shit out of you.

Those of you who get turned on by role-play instead, you can also browse the ‘Groups’ or ‘Erotica’ section, where a shit ton of beauties who share those interests will be shown. Now one thing I did find a bit annoying, even though I am straight, is the fact that there are not really that many men on this site.

If you want the gay shit, you have to click on top ‘Gay Swap’ or click on ‘Swing Free’, which are self-explanatory parts of the site where you will be sent to a site that looks basically the same but offers something a bit different. You already get the fucking point, I am sure. If you came here to post your own shit, and you do not find the appropriate category, has made a special part of the site called ‘Other services’ where you can post whatever the fuck you want. Of course, for any of this to actually work, you need to become a member as well.

Overall, as I already fucking mentioned, (often misspelled as “aduktwork”) is a site that offers a little bit of everything; from webcam chicks and escorts to actual porn movies and funny picture jokes. However, read the requiems for becoming a member before you actually do it, and take your time exploring.

ThePornDude likes AdultWork's

  • Browse for free
  • You have almost everything here
  • There is a section for the gays as well

ThePornDude hates AdultWork's

  • The design is quite shitty
  • Some site aspects are confusing