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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Feeling kinda lonely lately? Well, you’re not alone as there are literally thousands of people, maybe even millions, who feel the same way. That’s why sites like exist. These websites are made for people who just can’t get lucky with smashing some pussy, so they always have the option to buy some if necessary. And be honest, how many times did you pay up for a date more than you would for an escort and ended up getting no pussy out of it. It’s an epidemic, and is here to solve it once and for all. Whenever you’re in need of some proper fucking, just hit one of these babes up and you’re good to go.

Beautiful design with a really slick look and feel to it

And nothing screams like a good website than a good design. Luckily, has a great design, at least according to me. I mean just look at it. It’s got everything, from the graphics to the animations. Everything just runs and looks smooth on here and there are no bugs or glitches that you could possibly encounter. really knocked it out of the park when it comes to the design of the website, and I would actually bed that this is one of the best-looking websites that I have seen in a long while. Everyone knows that porn sites aren’t exactly known for being too user-friendly what with all those annoying ads and all that, but is pretty bearable as far as ads are concerned but more on that later.

The highest-quality escorts are finally here for you

First, we need to talk about these babes. There are so many to choose from on and you can always bet that you have a few chicks on here that will be the perfect fit for whatever it is that you enjoy doing. You can put your chips on any one of these ladies that they’ll make your night unforgettable and you’ll probably be coming back to them soon enough. What’s important is that you’re going to be able to choose whether you want to have some more fun with them or you want to try out something new. And believe me, with the selection available, you’re definitely going to want to try something new at some point.

And trust me when I say that these escorts are top of the line when it comes to quality. I actually don’t think that there are any other ones which are better out there. is meant to be a premium platform for finding these escorts, but they still manage to give you the entire service for free on It’s amazing that these escorts can be so gorgeous and premium and yet you don’t even have to pay for the website which sponsors them apparently. You can see all the info on the escorts the moment you click on their profiles, even the VIP escorts which seem like you need to pay in order to see more about them.

Even though the escorts are premium quality, the site is free

But yeah, the site itself is free. What isn’t free though and you knew this from the start, are the escorts themselves. They come in all shapes and sizes but one thing is the same for all of them and that is the fact that they’re all premium when it comes to both quality and price. I mean just look at some of these damn prices on here. It’s almost a thousand dollars for just one hour with some of these hookers. I mean I shouldn’t be calling them hookers cause you’ll never find a hooker that’s this expensive. These escorts are just a real hit for your wallet so you need to tread carefully through the models on here if you don’t want to spend your entire life savings on these bitches.

Absolutely silly prices for some escorts

The worst offenders are the VIP models which are some of the most expensive ones on the website. You won’t believe the prices that some of them go for. I mean that’s bad enough, but many of them even state that the minimum buyout for her time is at least 1.5 hours if you’re scheduling a first-time visit with her. What’s the deal with that. You’re telling me that I have to spend over a thousand dollars even though I was just going to fuck you for half an hour. is full of these VIP chicks and you won’t be able to just skip over them since most of them are promoted to the front page.

Check out their biographies and their city is also great when it comes to the detail of the biographies that you get with the escorts. I don’t think that there are many sites out there that takes this much time and effort to give you this much detail about each of the escorts. You get to know everything about them including their bio as well as their interests, and even when they’ll be and in which city. Some of the escorts like to travel around the country so you get a timetable of all the dates and which cities they’ll be in during that time. So if you want to check out any single one of the escorts, you can rest assured that you’ll get all the info that you need on them.

Alright, but what about some of the more important information on these escorts? Can you actually see where they’re at in real time without having to click on each individual profile to see if they’re in your city? Well, an escort site wouldn’t be complete without that kind of option so of course, you can do that sort of thing and it’s accomplished by going to the top left of the sites and filtering through all the cities that are given to you. It’s American cities by default so you’ll have to switch to a different country if you’re looking for premium escorts in that country. And believe me when I say that there are plenty of other countries to choose from as well.

Only for big players who can afford escorts

I still think that you should stick to the US cause everyone knows that we have the best bitches in town. Do you want to have the best sex in your fucking life? Then you’re going to have to pay up. Everyone knows that good pussy doesn’t come cheap. So whether you’re spending that money on your girlfriend or you’re just directly paying it for some proper sex without all the extra bothersome work, you’re going to get the same end result. That’s why is so damn good in the first place. You get the finest pussy with minimal effort. And everyone knows that these premium escorts aren’t just for anyone, so you won’t see any fucked-up dudes fucking them, but only guys that can afford them.

Anyway, one last thing that I wanted to mention about this amazing site is the fact that they obviously put a lot of time and effort into thinking about the premium quality of the escorts and the design so when you lead up a VIP escort you get a complete redesign of the website. You get nude galleries either way, but with premium chicks, you also get this modern dark background so that you know you’re getting the best that there is. It’s a shame that some of these escorts have their faces in the pictures blurred. I mean who are you hiding from, I’m sure that all your friends already know that you’re huge sluts.

Let’s be honest, you don’t just get into this line of work without liking a lot of cocks. You need to be extra ready to suck and fuck and that’s what these escorts are the best at. lets you have everything that I’ve mentioned in this review in one place. Whatever it is that you need with these premium escorts, you’ll have an easy time getting. You are always going to have a great time with these amazing babes and you can count on them to make your day extra special. Check out today!

ThePornDude likes Slixa's

  • Plenty of premium escorts to keep you company
  • Filter through the highest-quality escorts by city
  • Gorgeous design with a very modern look to it

ThePornDude hates Slixa's

  • Some of the pictures feature blurred faces in them
  • The escorts can be very, very expensive on here