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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Here is something slightly different for you. It comes in the name of a site stacking some hot, sexually depraved whores that seem to be pretty much the epitome of erotic pleasure. Now, before you whip out your credit card in excitement, be warned; the women on TS4Rent are the kind with dicks. Still very much interested? Very well.

When I was young, I used to think that shemales were pretty unusual. I thought showing any kind of interest in them would have me labeled gay, but I’m happy I’m all grown now and have learned to respect everyone’s sexual tastes, no matter how weird they are. That’s why I’m excited that I can now bring you an expert review of an escort site strictly devoted to shemales!

Does paying a shemale to fondle your balls make you a faggot? Some people from the holier than thou brigade might say that but honestly, who gives a flying fuck? Anyway, how well does TS4Rent.eu stack up against the competition? Finding trans escorts is not that hard, but it is the quality that matters and if you stick around, we are going to find out how great this place is as I venture inside to give you my professional and most importantly, honest opinion.

Stellar layout

To be honest, you will struggle to come, across a shemale escort site with such an elegant outlook. Along the top of the content area is a slider featuring some scorching hot sluts who I assume are premium listings for verified escorts. They are all beyond passable which got me wondering whether the site has an internal vetting process or they just pack a higher caliber of chicks with dicks compared to other sites. The site has also provided several navigation options to help you get to different parts of the site with plenty of header links. Scroll further down for more VIP transsexual escorts as well as some great extras like interviews and videos. Overall, it appears a lot of effort was put to make the site as visually appealing as possible. I certainly love the black background for obvious reasons.

One thing that appeared rather odd to me was the lack of dicks anywhere on the homepage. I did see plenty of cleavage, but there is a certain cautiousness on the site’s part. It’s almost as if the site is a safe for work front page. What is that all about? Probably to let y’all toads choose your next paid bang while still at your work station. If your boss tries as much as to point a finger should he find you browsing this page, he is a fucking asshole.

That aside, I love the ability to look for gorgeous tranny escorts from around the world and the search feature on the top right allows you to conduct searches on varying locations; from Argentina to Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, the whole of Europe among plenty of other places around the globe. Below that is the option to change languages from English to Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Don’t let language stand in the way of you discovering some fetishes you never knew occupied the dirtiest part of the brain.

Slick as fuck

The site has a VIP feel about it and plenty of money must have been used to make the site this slick and functional. This is not the average crap you get served in many escort sites. It is fair to say that TS4Rent has the most polished directory of trans whores ever seen on the internet. You are also less likely to be spammed which is great for a site that doesn’t demand that you sign up everywhere you click.

Remember not all countries are comfortable with you paying for sex, never mind it is one of the oldest human professions. Some governments just hate the idea of you having fun with sluts and if I were you, I’d consult the local laws first. Trust me, you don’t want to be the fool that blames The Porn Dude once you fall into some shit.

TS4Rent might have an ‘EU’ domain, but it is not confined to Europe. These fucks actually list tranny escorts from the whole world even in corners you would least expect to hire a slut with a cock. Think Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Kuwait among plenty of other conservative countries. Just proceed with caution because you are as likely to lose your head before you get someone to lick your ass. Some of these countries have been divided into regions with the likes of USA, UK, Germany, and Canada some of the names with most regions. They do love their trannies up there, don’t they?

Locate your perfect tranny escort with ease

Besides the basic search option, you can also use the advanced options the site has provided. If you are one of the big city motherfuckers with several listed districts, you will have to use it. The options make finding the perfect escort a breeze with the basics like age, height, weight and ethnicity covered. TS4Rent also allows you to filter by safety status (if bareback is allowed or ‘safe only’) and referred position (whether they’re top, bottom of versatile).

In addition, you can filter them by the services on offer although the site has been careful enough to keep the services as vague as possible to avoid unpredictable circumstances. As far as they are concerned, they’re not actually helping you buy a blowjob from a transsexual whore. All they are doing is connecting you with say, a 25-year-old German model with blue eyes, huge boobs, slim build, and a large cock not shorter than 8 inches. What you do with her is entirely upon you.

I checked out several profiles to see exactly what each one has to show you before you decide on which tranny floats your boat. Alongside a little personal information, there’s an ‘about me’ area where the escort lists the things she is willing to do and the kind of experience to expect if you pick her. There is also a list of reviews, but you will need to have a premium account to read them. Some even surprise potential fuck mates with a collection of photos and a video showing their sexy asses in action just to get you in the mood. Fucking awesome.

So, to get the premium account or not?

For those who hate leaving a trail of the fucked up destinations they’ve visited, the good news is the site is free to use and doesn’t necessarily require you to have a user account. All the escort contact info, which is what you probably need most, have been included. There is a catch though; you will only be able to view a few, mostly SFW snaps of the escort you want to hire. The exclusive galleries and videos are also for members only. As earlier mentioned, you also won’t be able to read the reviews. Is the account worth it? I’m not your mother so I won’t be making that decision for you. You have the information, grow a pair and make the goddamn decision.

Positive Features

Great design; the site stacks a slick, modern design with elegance written all over it.

Thousands of profiles; users have an opportunity to check out thousands of some super-hot tranny escorts from practically every corner of the world, even some you would least expect.

No sign-up required for contact info; you can find out pretty much anything you need to know about a potential escort even without a user account which is fucking awesome.

Plenty of extras; besides the escort profiles, There’s an interview section on the site for those who want to know more about potential escorts, a general videos section and user reviews.

Negative Features

Reviews and videos require a premium account; you will have to register for a premium account if you want to view the escorts’ videos and read the user submitted reviews which is obviously not ideal.

Most escort profiles don’t mention rates; the escorts profiles are pretty detailed, but most leave out the most important detail; the charge rates.


Is there a way the escort profiles can include the charging rates? Potential escort hunters would certainly appreciate knowing the kind of dent the erotic services will put in their bank statement beforehand.


After spending a couple of hours and doing a detailed check, I can assure you that TS4Rent is the best destination for anyone looking for a good shemale escort hub. The site features a tidy and slick design while escorts are drawn from every corner of the world. There is a huge selection of tranny escorts and TS4Rent should be your first destination for a hot shemale companion to spend time with.

ThePornDude likes TS4Rent's

  • Great design
  • Thousands of profiles
  • No sign-up required for contact info
  • Plenty of extras

ThePornDude hates TS4Rent's

  • Reviews and videos require premium account
  • Most escort profiles don’t mention rates