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Updated on 15 January 2022
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A website created to deliver all services, no matter what they are. And I mean ALL services. We’ll ignore all the boring ones, but you better believe that this place is packed with opportunities when it comes to getting your end wet in some tight pussy. That’s right, welcome to Backpa- wait… Welcome to! It’s like Backpage, but it totally isn’t. Well, let’s be real here, the site itself says that it’s supposed to be a perfect clone of Backpage, so that’s how I’m going to look at the website.

So why make a clone of that website in the first place? Well, seems to have been made with the intention to fix some of the bugs that have been plaguing the aforementioned site for a while now. It’s going to be interesting to see if the site lives up to its promises as we delve deeper into the functionality of it all. But before we do that, let’s talk a bit about how looks and feels from an aesthetic standpoint.

Not gonna lie, we’re looking at one of the blandest sites that I have ever reviewed. The Porn Dude has seen a lot of sites, but this has got to be the most boring design ever. I mean they aren’t going for anything flashy anyway, but I would at least try to make things a little bit interesting. The homepage has three colors on it. Well, technically they’ve got four, but I’m not counting that baby blue in. It’s basically white and you know it goddamnit! And not only that, but there’s nothing here except for text. Even the logo of the site is as bland as it gets. It’s like somebody printed out yellow pages and put it on the internet. Come to think of it, this site is basically like the yellow pages for the internet.

Alright so let’s talk about the functionality of it. I am happy to report that the site works without any sort of hiccups whatsoever. You won’t be experiencing any lag or any problems if you don’t have snail internet. If you do, then it’s time to go back to cellular or get better internet. People with internet that slow don’t deserve to smash any pussy. And while we’re on the topic of pussy, there’s plenty of it to go around on this website. You can basically look at any major town in the world and find a babe that’s just aching to meet up with you and give you some of her hot services.

Now, not all girls here are here to give a service. I’m pretty sure there are some girls that are actually looking to date. I know they’ve probably come to the worst possible site for that, but oh well. What can you do? You’re not here for those kinds of girls anyway. You want to see the nastiest hoes around, and that you shall receive. The site is filled with all sorts of women who are looking for a quick hookup, so keep a lookout for any hotties that would make the cut.

But hey, you don’t have to meet up with shady girls if you don’t want to. The site has another popular option and that’s the Massage section. These massage parlors offer all sorts of services, but they market themselves as regular massage parlors so that the coppers don’t have any motive to go in and raid the damn place. But you know that they offer everything that you could possibly hope for. And yes, the massage parlors are usually Asian, but we don’t talk about things like that on this wholesome site. The Porn Dude sees beyond race, color, and creed, and we strive to make all races equal. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, Asian, or normal, we’re all Americans after all. Except for all the people that are not Americans, but who cares about them. BEDPAGE.COM DOES!

That’s right, even if you’re not from the states, there’s probably a section for your country as well. Now, there are no promises that the page for your city will have anything worthwhile on it, but it definitely exists. If you want, you can try to make it popular at your place and that would definitely help you out when you’re looking for some mad hoes. Do care about the law though guys. The last thing I want to see is my beautiful readers being put behind bars, or even worse, getting fined. I’d rather live in a two by two cell than pay a hundred dollar fine.

Overall, is the perfect place for many things. You can look at some normal and mundane posts, or you can look at the sections that really matter and try to have some fun. Whatever your choice is, you’ll find useful stuff if you just look hard enough. If you look hard enough, you’ll get hard enough to go through with it too. So, don’t waste any more time and try today!

ThePornDude likes BedPage's

  • Great place for all sorts of information
  • Many regions and cities to choose from
  • Plenty of girls looking for love

ThePornDude hates BedPage's

  • Most boring design ever witnessed
  • Lack of content for some locations