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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Finding good escorts and associated services isn’t always as easy as it sounds. While there is an overwhelming number of escort sites on the internet, there are no guarantees as to the kind of services you will receive or whether the girl will live up to your standards. Don’t even get me started on the possibility of hooking up with some dangerous motherfuckers or worse still, a fucking cop. If you are living in the UK, then you definitely know how much of a hassle it is to pin down a good escort.

UK Punting to your rescue. This site was created to facilitate the exchange of information on escorts and sensual massages in the UK. It seeks to promote a better understanding between clients and escorts so that everyone benefits from more enjoyable and less stressful hookups. The site presents users with information from other sex buyers, so potential clients will know exactly what they are getting themselves into. Join me as I do a thorough review of UK Punting, the self-proclaimed “number 1 paid sex review, and discussion site” to find out whether it gives you the kind of information you are looking for.

A sex buyers’ chill spot

The site has existed since August 2010 and is a creation of sex buyers who found information regarding escorts and other sex services hard to come by. These fucks have been running the site since and their determination is illustrated by the fact that the site doesn’t make money in any way. As a matter of fact, I’m reliably informed that UK Punting is solely funded by the site’s owner without demanding shit from you. Now, this is some dude who’s saving the world. Someone get him a fucking medal.

Beware; punters only

Let’s forget about UK Punting’s history for a second and concentrate more on what the site is all about and whether time used on the site is well wasted. You can tell from the word go that these fucks are not interested in your money. Damn, they don’t even make money through ads as there are none here which is a welcome breath of fresh air. You can browse the site in peace with the knowledge that no one is going to mention anything about your small cock and how to make it bigger.

For purposes of clarity, this is not a place where sex providers advertise their services. UK Punting is specifically made for sex buyers, aka punters. If you are looking for a site that caters to both escorts and punters, you can check out which is owned by the same guy. This site is all about reviewing escort services so sex buyers like you won’t be walking straight into a trap. Not that escorts especially love this kind of sites, but as far as UK Punting are concerned, they can go jump off a cliff or bugger off to other sites.

A basic outlook that gets the job done

There is little to talk about in terms of design. Apart from a forum layout, there is nothing much to talk about as the design is largely plain and quite boring, to be honest. These guys have redefined the simplicity, and the whole design uses only 3 colors. Aestheticism is not what these guys had in mind when designing the site.

It’s all quite understandable actually given the site is not making money. They don’t owe anyone a commercially appealing design. Maybe the uninspiring look is meant to weed out assholes who would use the site for other purposes other than what it’s intended for. Genius move? You fucking tell me.

The simplicity comes in handy

The layout may come out as too simple, but there are positives to be picked from that as well. For starters, there are only a few tabs to check out and none of the clutter I’ve seen in so many sites. There are no annoying tabs and everything arranged in a way that ensures you can’t get lost in this sea of goodness.

You will certainly appreciate the simplicity since the site is all about exchanging information and has no videos or any of that complex shit although there are a handful of photos. However, something I should probably have mentioned earlier is the fact that you won’t be able to do anything on this site if you are not a registered member. The site tells you as much the moment you click enter.

Grab that membership ASAP!

You want to know about potential fuck mates, don’t you? Then you have no choice but to sign up. Registering is as simple as having a valid email, a username, and a password and you will be able to see all links and images in threads. Perhaps more importantly, you can also make your own threads as well as write comments and have a better interaction with other freaks on If you don’t intend to use your account as a punter, it’d be best if you found something better to do with your time. Starting with getting off this review.

This is where sex buyers converge to talk about their experiences with escorts, and it’s a great place to visit before you think about hiring an escort. Trust me, you want to be as far as away from an STI-infected escorts as you possibly can. Why take the risk when all the information you need is right here?

Punter friendly sections

The site has 3 sections which include UK Punting, a place where pretty much any discussion goes. Some of the threads here are pretty interesting with punters posting snaps of the best asses they’ve screwed as well as comparing the photos on escort profiles to see if they match what they look like in real life. This is very useful since we have a lot of escorts using fake photos in a bid to lure unsuspecting punters.

Needless to say, the rest of the sections are also related to punting in one way or the other, and I salute the site for filtering the threads that don’t add value. Expect to find little (if any) threads that don’t revolve around punting. Well, who wants to waste time reading through useless threads talking about Chinese politics and such random, ultimately useless shit anyway?

The Escort Reviews page will prove the most useful and more so the fantastic feature that says if the escort experience was Positive, Neutral, or Negative. If there is a better way of knowing which escorts are worth spending your money with, I’m yet to come across it. This is where the real shit is going down, and you just need to click on a particular escort’s profile and you are sent to the thread with her reviews. Be sure to check out the comments as well to know if the punter is bullshitting although many of the reviews seem legit to me. The escort reviews are pretty detailed, and if you are not the dumbest motherfucker in town, pick the babe with the positive reviews. The neutral reviews tell you about the escorts who fall between good and bad. The negative reviews? Boy, you don’t want to go there. You don’t want some of the things I’ve read here to happen to you, so stay the fuck away from escorts with negative reviews. Think you can do that?

Positive site features

Everything is well arranged; the site’s simple design means you are unlikely to miss anything with all the sections placed in their proper places.

Detailed reviews; the reviews are not some two worded blurbs. They are pretty detailed, and you will know everything you need to know about a particular escort, which is the whole point of the site.

Interactive discussions; users can look forward to plenty of interactive and engaging discussions about punting, which is the main focus here.

Negative site features

Some reviews may not be legit; with no way to verify what’s in the reviews, there is every possibility that some punters are full of shit so take anything you read with a grain of salt and probably a bit of common sense.


Not a lot to be fair, but if the team would work on the bland design which can be a vibe killer, it would be a really welcome move.


Escort Reviews is your best bet when it comes to acquiring legit escort info, but there is so much more to do including taking part in lively discussions about punting. Ultimately though, the detailed reviews here should help you toward nailing an amazing escort. Why waste time? Visit the site today and be informed.

ThePornDude likes UKPunting's

  • Everything is well arranged
  • Detailed reviews
  • Interactive discussions

ThePornDude hates UKPunting's

  • Some reviews may not be legit