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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Are you interested in hiring hot Indian call girls, because that is what id.skokka.com is all about. I usually review porn sites, but I also like to dedicate some of my time to shit like this, so if you are not looking for escorts, I am not sure what the fuck you are still doing here. Surely, everyone knows how the escort job functions, but I shall talk about this site as if you never heard about it.

A bit too simple, but lots of beauties.

One thing that was rather annoying was the fact that there was nothing that made this place stand out from the crowd. Keep in mind that I have visited a lot of escort sites, and I can say that at first glance you can see that the structure of the site screams escorts. That is not always as good thing, especially when there are so many free escort sites out there, that they should make a place that will make them special.

On the other hand, having an over-complicated place is also not a good thing… they have to find that silver-lining or so to speak. I am sure most of you will understand what I mean. However, if you came here for the free content and ability to hire escort babes, you probably do not give a shit about the design. You care more about the chicks and what they have to offer.

Well, if the chicks are the only thing you are interested in, you can skip ahead, because I shall first talk more about the technical shit. You have a lot to explore, and there are a lot of pros and cons I want to mention. I prefer to review every place honestly, because that is everything my place has to offer; honest reviews.

With that said, I really wish they offered a little more spunk when it comes to the design and all that crap, because this place is just too boring. The site is generic, the content as well, not to mention that the search options are shit. There is no need to explain how the site functions, when you will be able to guess everything from just one glance… and obviously, that is not a good thing.

The homepage, or well the only page they actually have, is filled with gorgeous chicks who love to show off. Also, if you are not from India or whatever the heck, I am not sure why you would browse for call girls here. It is obvious that all the chicks here are from India, and I am not sure if they are willing to travel a long way just for some random escort hire.

Is there any need for me to explain what the job of an escort actually is? Most people think that these girls are whores or something similar, but that is not quite true. They are chicks who can give you the full girlfriend experience, and they are willing to go above and beyond to make you happy. Of course, this also depends on the beauty you choose to hire.

Personally, I love to see escort babes in action simply because I think that it was about time for these women to do something that comes naturally. I have said this, many times, but I think we all know that women were created to please, and these lovely girls are happy to fulfill something that they should. The feminists and all those are getting fucking annoying when this is every woman’s job, won’t you agree?

Well, if you are visiting India and you would like to have some company, I think id.skokka.com is the place you need. There are lots of gorgeous escorts here, and they are more than happy to please… as you are more than welcome to explore and hire the chicks who suit your taste the most. All the babes here are hot, and below I shall talk about them in general… but if you do not care for that, then there is nothing else for me to say. Explore the site and hire the sluts you would love to fuck.

What kind of beauties make you hard?

I like to say that this all depends on your personal taste, which is more than true… since the chick that might make your member rise, might not be able to get me in the same mood. So, this is all objective, and I shall talk about the beauties I have seen here. When it comes to their beauty, there is not much for me to say, because I have a very particular taste, and you might not.

All the beauties will be shown in a list, and you are welcome to click on any of them. There is a bunch of information provided to help you make the right decision, since you would surely not want to hire a bitch who will not make your dick hard, right? There are lots of women here, and they are all happy to please, so browse carefully.

Every Indian escort will have her profile filled with the necessary information, such as her age, and some of the shit she is willing to do… I did run into some escorts who were not really that open when it comes to the crap, they were happy to do for you, but I am just assuming that all of them are willing to ride your pecker. However, if you have a certain fetish in mind, that should be discussed beforehand.

I mean, there is no reason for these chicks to fulfill your kinky fantasies if they do not wish to, but all the basics are included. So, if you are into BDSM, naughty costumes or anything weird, you should talk to your babe beforehand. It is better to hire a slut who is willing to do all the nasty shit you find hot, than to have a basic night with a basic bitch.

One of the chicks I opened did not really mention much about herself, but she did include lots of naughty images for you to see. She was not really naked in any of them, but you can see that she could not wait to expose herself to her customers. This beauty was on the chubbier side, but that is like a stereotype for Indian babes.

Another chick I checked out, was a 20-year-old teen who did mention all her dirty wishes, and I can appreciate that. She also had her naughty images listed. All the chicks had a very similar profile and info, and if you find a chick that you think is hot, you can call them on the phone or use the WhatsApp instead.

Personally, I’d rather call them and ask them personally what the fuck I can expect, what is their price and all that crap. That way, there will be no confusion or anything like that, since everything will be sealed over the phone. But then again, if you are awkward, you can always just send a message first… as I have mentioned a couple of times, this all depends.

Some search options…

I can appreciate that they included some search options on top, since I assume that you would like to search for a slut who suits your taste. However, their search options are a bit too basic, so if you are into a specific kind of sluts, you will not really be able to find them here… which is fucking sad, when you came here for the purpose of hiring a slut you would like to fuck.

You can search by the state, city and whether you want call girls, escorts, massage babes, dudes and so on. Other than that, you do not really have any searches that are useful. Of course, you can always just type something you are searching for, but I know that we all prefer to search for chicks when we have categories… it is a lot fucking easier that way.

Oh well, if you are looking for hot Indian call girls, I think you will find a beauty of your dreams on id.skokka.com, because this site is filled with the hottest Indian sluts out there. You can check out their profiles, images, and contact them on WhatsApp or just call. There are many hotties, so explore all you want, since id.skokka.com is a free escort site as well.

ThePornDude likes Locanto.net's

  • Free Indian escort site
  • Lots of Indian hotties
  • Some search options
  • No actual Ads

ThePornDude hates Locanto.net's

  • A bit too simple
  • Not enough info about the chicks