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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Skip The Games

Skip The Games

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Some of these nerds think they’ve got everything all figured out, shelling out hundreds of dollars for VR sex helmets so they can live out their fantasies in virtual reality. At least, they can pretend to live out their fantasies. You’ve outgrown all that make-believe bullshit, so you’d prefer to interact with a real, live woman. Instead of browsing holographic bitches, you’re probably the sort to skip all the games and spring for an escort on a site like SkipTheGames. (a.k.a. has only been around for a few years, but the global marketplace is pulling more than 20 million visits a month. Most are Johns like you, but the rest are hookers, sensual masseuses, strippers, doms and even cam girls. If there’s action to be had in your town tonight, this might be the place to find it.

Watch Your Back and Bang Some Whores

Right now, SkipTheGames has a big message on the top of the page saying they’ve been having more scammers advertising on the site. They’re warning users not to use their credit card number to verify anything, which sounds like common sense but welcome to the Internet. The message ends with a reminder that SkipTheGames does not run any kind of verification for their providers.

It sounds a little ominous if you’re not used to this kind of thing, but this is the standard deal on any site with listings of sex workers. The oldest profession in the world has always been ripe for thievery and scams. It’s up to you to play it safe.

There is a selection of articles with basic info for both escorts and clients if you click the Escort Info link at the bottom of the page. If this is your first time, you should at least take a look at the tips before you hire a girl to take the whole thing. There are articles in there about staying safe, maintaining discretion, avoiding getting arrested and steering clear of scammers.

I read an article in the Escorts and The Law section about how prostitute review sites can actually lead to sluts getting arrested. It goes on to explain how to avoid being an accidental informant, but doesn’t really spell out SkipTheGames’s stance on the matter. After I finished reading, I looked around and sure enough, they’ve left the reviews off of the site. As valid as their point is, this does make it a little harder to find real, talented girls among the scams.

Pay for Sex Around the World

SkipTheGames is really proud of their worldwide status. They list some of their Top Escort Cities up near the header. This site is big in Boston, Dubai, Sydney and Shanghai, just to name a few. You can pull up other lists of cities under the country headings. They’ve got providers in Canada, Europe, USA, the Middle East and Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean, Asia and Australia. Wherever you are, you can probably get laid there.

If you don’t see your city listed, the search bar at the top will do you good. Honestly, it might be easiest just to enter your info in the boxes to begin with. I told them I was a dude looking for a female escort in the nearest big city by me, and then typed Asian in the final box. Those are just my preferences; you may be a woman looking for a tranny escort or a fetish experience. I ain’t judging!

SkipTheGames displays search results a little differently than most escort sites. Instead of a thumbnail and some basic info about the chicks, I just get a big block of all the local Asian whores posted recently. They’re broken down by the day and women can have multiple photos, so the 20 new pics for today are actually about half a dozen girls. It’s still early though; yesterday’s new escorts take up nearly a whole page.

Sexual Activities You May Enjoy

Once you do your search, you can pull up a few more menus to dig deeper with the More Search Settings button. You can find an age range and accepted payment methods under Basic Service Info. The Ethnicity, Eyes, Hair, Body tab has exactly the options you would expect, and the Activities This Provider May Enjoy is a checklist of services you may or may not want. It ranges from the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) to Oral Without a Condom to kinkier stuff like Watersports and Rimming.

The Activities list will get you pretty far, but the profiles are full of mysterious terms and acronyms you’ll need to get used to if you want to be sure of what you’re buying. SkipTheGames has a big-ass dictionary of sex definitions and abbreviations listed near the bottom of the front page. It’s apparently one of their most popular articles, which is great news if you’re not sure you want to give a woman a Russian, an A-Level, MSOG or just a hefty dose of some DFK. Open this page in a new tab, because you’ll probably need it when you start looking at profiles.

I narrowed my options down a little more by looking for younger babes with smaller, tighter bodies. I also wanted a girl who was willing to do Fantasy Outfits and Deep Throat, so I checked those boxes off the list. SkipTheGames came back with a smaller but even more appealing picture menu of beautiful girls who like money as much as I like dirty sex.

I clicked on an exotic, young and beautiful woman who goes simply by Babydoll in her profile. She wrote that she is VERIFIED REAL, but SkipTheGames doesn’t do verification so I don’t know what that’s all about. Her pictures are worth beating off to, so I’m eager to get the real girl someplace where we can have a little privacy.

Get Your Dick Wet ASAP

Below the photos on the profile page are the escort’s basic stats. Babydoll has black hair, she’s 5ft 1in and weighs 126 pounds. Her twat is shaved, with no piercings and her tattoos are discrete. She only sees men, no women or couples, and this girl only takes cash. I’ve seen sluts on this site listing bitcoin as one of their accepted currencies, which is great news for cybercriminals and regular old dorks.

SkipTheGames lists the offered services as “activities this service provider may enjoy.” I’m sure that’s just some cover-your-ass legalese, the kind you find on every escort site, because these are clearly the menus of each profile. Babydoll offers Domination (mild or severe), Role-playing, Vaginal, Anal, and Oral, as well as a handful of other hidden talents you’d expect from a young nymphomaniac.

How much does it cost to have an escort suck your dick or knock your junk around for a while? The biggest factor is probably going to be your location. I don’t know your town, dude. You tell me how much anal costs out there in the sticks. Most of the girls do not list prices at all, instead of telling you to contact them. They don’t want to scare you away with their high prices, plus it’s getting into some gray legal area once you start listing dollar amounts next to services.

Contacting the escort, masseuse, or dominatrix is easy. You can click the Call Me button that sends you through a reCAPTCHA before you can see the phone number. Prostitutes hate spam calls, too. Most of the girls actually list their contact details in their little blurb, so you don’t even have to convince SkipTheGames you’re not a robot. Terminators, Wall-Es and the humanoid imitations from Westworld are apparently welcome here. Either way, there’s no registration of any kind nor the paper trail that comes with it.

SkipTheGames does exactly what I need a prostitute site to do. It lists a bunch of girls around the world, and it’s very easy to narrow my selection down to local babes with exactly the attributes I’m looking for. There is no spam or shitty interface issues to get in the way of the browsing, which makes it all the more easier for you to stick your dick in a hooker tonight.

ThePornDude likes Skip The Games's

  • Free to use, no registration necessary
  • Huge, worldwide database of sex workers
  • Useful articles for clients/providers
  • Picture-based browsing

ThePornDude hates Skip The Games's

  • No reviews
  • No verification – you’re on your own