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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Leo List! Canadians have always been thought of as very friendly people, so I found myself thinking “Do these people have a freaky side in them?” That’s how I found my way on the internet looking for sexy Canadian hotties trying to heat their loins in this very cold part of the earth. That’s how I ended up at Leolist.cc

I must admit that at first glance this site looks just like a regular directory where you can find a mechanic for your car, some new gadgets you’d be interested in buying, and all that regular stuff that normal human beings look for in a classified site. As luck would have it, where there’s a willing buyer and willing seller, and people interested in more adult forms of entertainment have a space to advertise their wares on this site.

This is when I had navigated my way to the personals category right on the landing page. Under that, I found further subdivisions and selected female escorts. I have to say that since I was searching for some fucking smut to jerk off to I was pretty disappointed. The site has advertisements for female escorts with a few photos of them and a brief description of them below the photos.

Since each of the advertisements is posted by individuals, all the ads are unique and the ladies choose what kind of photos to post and the descriptions they write about themselves. The most common description is their height, their bust size, weight, their ethnicity and of course their names and age. They also specify if they offer in call, out call or both services. I understood in call to be where you meet at her location and out call is where she comes to your preferred location.

I came across a lot of foreign girls in one of the cities I searched through, which is something I found worth mentioning if you like variety. The girls posting ads on this site look like your ordinary girl next door and are not overly sexual as is the norm on porn sites. They are dressed in sexy lingerie and when they are topless the boobs are censored or covered by a Leolist.cc placard. The boob censorship was a bit of a let down for me but I have to forgive them given this is supposed to be a classified site and not a porn site. I guess ThePornDude is a bit crazy about porn so forgive me for this too.

For Fuck’s Sake What’s ThePornDude Doing Here?

I bet you sick, pathetic porn addicts must be wondering what the fuck ThePornDude is doing here if this is not a porn site review. Well, simply put, I have to cater for others who would love to bust a nut on some real hot chicks but prefer not to do it through the regular porn sites most of you filthy perverts are so used to.

Leolist.cc is a directory for Canadians to find anything they can think of. The start page is very plain presenting various categories for what you might be interested in. For example, there are categories for pets, for services, for casual dating, and personals. Under the personals category, you will find gigs & jobs, dom & fetish, female escorts, female massage, male escorts, and transsexual escorts. Dom & fetish is domination and fetishes such as feet fetishes and that kind of stuff. You can further refine your search according to the province you are interested in.

Under the female escorts category, there is a wide variety of women to choose from. There are girls in their early 20’s to women even 50 years of age if the age they listed on their adverts is to be trusted. There is an option of going to the domain tab, which is a list of ads for escorts whose pictures have been verified by Leolist.cc.

What the Hell is Special?

If you are looking for porn, Leolist.cc is a site you should avoid at all costs. There are no nude pictures that I came across as I browsed through the site, so nothing here to get your junk pumping with excitement. It is a directory that happens to have call girls (named escorts on the page for an illusion of decency). Of course, you know the beauties advertising their services here are all whores. Unless perhaps you are one of those stupid fucked up hillbillies who don’t understand shit about the modern world. Here you will find pictures of the girls in sexy underwear and when they are undressed their coochie and boobs are either covered or censored.

I did not come across any fappable material and if you hope to bust a nut on this site your safest bet would be to book an appointment with one of the girls and pay for a session. At first, I thought it was against the site’s rules to post porn, and if not downright fucking, at least some nude hot bitches to get the juices running. But I found no such restrictions. The only rule is in your interaction with others, always be respectful. Follow the golden rule: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Now I can’t see why they don’t post nudes given the latitude that this rule affords them.

I can only speculate that the people posting ads on this site are conservative since they are the ones who have veto powers to report ads that they feel go against the community standards. Of course, posting illegal pictures such as child porn is not permitted but the fuckers could at least show some nudity. I mean, what better way to attract a client than to show your merchandise.

I headed over to the domination and fetish category just to try my luck if I could find a half-decent photo of some crazy kink to fap on. But all I got is a few exposed nipples which seemed to only be present because of an oversight by the advertiser. To be fair, there were a few girls on the female escorts category that described what they would do to you in very arousing detail but have you ever tried to fap while reading words? How successful was that experiment?


I am hard-pressed to find anything good concerning porn on this site except maybe if you are in Canada and want a quick hook up with a call girl. The variety and number of escorts are high giving you a lot of freedom choice. There is some other kinky stuff available on the site if that’s your kind of thing and there’s a ton fuck of subcategories for different preferences. I also discovered that it’s really easy to get contact information about the escorts on this site. The simple site design makes it pretty easy to navigate and I guess that’s why the site loads pretty fast. The fact that you can browse the site without registration is an awesome bonus too.


There is no nudity in this site, just sexy underwear wearing girls, which made me assume (maybe erroneously) that Canadians are prudes when the smut is on the internet for everyone to see. The site is probably just useful when you are in Canada so not pussy for you if you’re not in Canada. Some of the ads did not have photos so it’s kind of hard to know exactly who you’re dealing with. This means there is an inherent risk of cons and scams. I found it quite frustrating that some of the ads on the site carry a risk of legal repercussions. I mean, who the fuck would want to end up with legal repercussions just because you want to get laid? Lastly, there were too many pop-up ads, which totally fucks up the user experience.

ThePornDude’s Final Take

Look, whatever you decide to do with your money and private affairs is nobody’s fucking business. But, an increasing number of countries are making paying for sex illegal and Canada is one of them. If the thought of possibly getting conned or even contracting a sexually transmitted disease is not enough to discourage you from paying for sex, then you can head to Leolist.cc and try your luck. But if you really care about what paying for sex could do to you legally or how it could affect your career, image, or family, I suggest you stay away from this site.

ThePornDude likes LeoList's

  • Neat and user-friendly websites
  • Numerous posts
  • Tons of categories for various preferences
  • No registration needed
  • Easy to find contact information

ThePornDude hates LeoList's

  • No photos of some escorts
  • Possibility of legal repercussions
  • No nudity
  • Risk of scams and cons