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Updated on 05 February 2024
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As soon as you confirm that you are 21 years old (or older), you will be welcomed to a great escort website with a strange name in my opinion. The site, introduces itself as ‘Escort Alligator’, and I am not sure if this is a joke or a pun I am not getting, but I am not sure how an alligator fits into all of this shit? Anyways, the site itself is not at all bad, and now I shall go over the important shit you might be interested in.

While the site does offer good shit, I am quite annoyed by their faulty design. Sure, the features and all that crap works, but their overall look is quite plain and ugly. You will know exactly what I mean once you visit the site yourself. Now, even if I said that the features of the site work, there are not that many features for you to explore… you only have a list of escorts, and that is about it.

Basically, this shit looks like a site that was designed in the 2000s, and I am not living for it. They could have done a much better fucking job, but I guess the only important thing should be if this place works? Well, as much as I have browsed, and I have browsed a lot, it does work. You have plenty of gorgeous escorts at your service, so start exploring.

On top, you have a small, very tiny, icon of a spider that is the Menu, where you have more options to choose from. In the beginning, you will be able to choose where you are from and you will get escorts from that area as well. You can choose between the USA and Canada, or you can choose ‘Other’, where they do not really give you that many options. So, I think it is safe to say that is a site that offers escorts from the USA or Canada.

Once you choose a city as well, you will get only the escorts who are from that area, which makes the whole hiring an escort process much simpler. This way, you do not have to worry if the beauty in question will be willing to travel to your place, or city since the chances are that the two of you are from the same place.

Every chick will have her profile on this site, and her details listed, but some babes also chose not to show their face. Now, while I understand the whole reason behind not showing their face, I would still not hire a chick who I have no idea how she looks like. I care about the bitch’s face as much as I care about her body… Well, lucky for me and all others who think the same, many chicks did display their face, and those were the babes I paid most attention to.

Every girl will have her profile, with a small ‘bio’ or well her information written, but not too much. Usually, chicks will have a small paragraph that they have written themselves, where they will state who they are, what they do, and what they are willing to do to their customers. I mean, that is all the shit that matters. All of them will have their age displayed, and below you will also have a bunch of images, and that is the most important part, right?

The first profile I opened was of a beauty named Rosemary, and she was only 22 years old. The reason I chose to check out her profile is that she did not hide anything; form her pretty face to her perky tits, she displayed everything quite nicely. Her bio consisted of her small introduction, as well as a list of services she will gladly provide. Some of the services include teasing, massages, cuddles, oral pleasure, prostate massage and so on. If I was looking for an escort babe, she’d probably be on top of my list!

Another chick I checked out did not really have a lot to say. She had only 3 short sentences written about herself, where she did not even state her name, just that she loves to please and be pleasured. Her pictures were also half-assed, but I cannot deny that she was a hottie. However, I prefer my bitches to be educated, which is why I mostly checked out profiles where the chicks wrote a bit more about themselves.

The reason why I truly appreciate escort cuties is simply because they are doing their job as ‘women’, the job they were intended to do and why they were even created; aka, to please the superior gender, men. Many people can mistake escorts with whores, but there is a big difference between the two. While whores will just have sex for money, escort cuties are able to give you the full girlfriend experience, and even accompany you to different gatherings if that is arranged properly.

One big disappointment about this place is that there were no filter options… so you could not search only for a specific ethnicity, size of tits and so on. This was a bit annoying, especially since I ran into a couple of tannies while browsing, and you can only see if the chick is a tranny once you check out her profile. This can be quite annoying if that is not what you were looking for, and even more annoying if you are, in fact, looking for tgirls, since you will have to browse for quite some time to find any.

There is not much else I could add to this wonderful place called One thing I will say is that they could use some work when talking about the design and the functions of the site. It would not kill you guys to add some categories and filter options… Other than that, I am sure you will find the beauty of your dreams, just make sure to browse for escorts in your area.

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  • Plenty of gorgeous escorts
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  • Some annoying ads
  • No fucking search options