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Updated on 15 January 2022
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While it might actually seem pretty oblivious to most of you, there are actually tons of beautiful bitches all around the world and if you found a way to get to at least a dozen more cities say around USA, you might actually be dazzled. Well, am not waiting to grow old to tour USA and if you are then you should know that you might actually miss out of lifetime dick enchantment moments.

Seriously, what’s wrong with chilling out down the beach and drooling over nude sunbathing babes, camel toes, nipple slips or even some voyeur sex, nothing, right? Exactly the point that is trying to prove with a community of tons of varied locals who are not only well versed with escorts, brothels and clubbing life but will provide a comprehensive guide to what’s hot or cooking both between legs and in a town in terms of fun. And I suggest you stay with me to find out more about the site

What to expect

Well, from the name itself, usasexguide, one can easily guess what the site is all about which is; to act as a reference to USA explorers looking to have fun from various clubs, brothels, massage parlors among other things across various cities. Some of the reviews you’ll find useful include:

Chica Reviews; thin or thick, there are tons of beautiful horny bitches across USA and am sure you’ll be delighted with what other horny pussy explorers have to say about most of the babes they have been with.

Escorts Reviews; well, there is nothing shameful about paying for sex, is there? After all escort bitches posses charm, beauty and skills that befit every penny. And am glad that previous customers on the site can actually recommend or warn potential customers about what their predicament might be, say they choose to go for a certain escort.

Photo Galleries; there is some awesome display of sexiness, mostly in the form of Ads but who cares? As long as you find them fascinating, you could always find a way to get off.

Club Lists/reviews; the truth is even with Google maps, no one’s a genius and if you are looking to explore various clubs in a certain area, you better trust the locals say around this place.

Location Maps/travel information; trust users on this site to share with you their travel journals, directions to various brothels as well as hacks to handle various hitches along the way.

Discussion Forum; perhaps you can say goodbye to boring sprees because the site’s users are super active round the clock. Ever discussing various fuck and babes related shit and you can bet the threads are simply amazing.

Navigation features

Truth is that there aren’t too many features to guarantee you a smooth sailing across the platform but I’ll list the simple ones available. These include; today’s posts, daily group message, daily events and mark forum read. It is also important to note that there is an advanced search engine at the top right which I’m not sure what anyone with barely enough knowledge about the site will be using to find.

Fun and more fun between cities, previously known as happens to be a pretty large forum that is organized by State. In each State’s thread is an amicable list of cities, which are further divided into even smaller, titled threads depending on the topic of discussion.

These sub-threads under each goddamned city include the likes of: Escort Reports, Streetwalker Reports, Massage Parlor Reports, Rip Off Reports, Strip Club Reports, Back Page Advertiser Reviews, Escort Classified Ads – Posted by Escorts – No Reviews or Commentary, Craigslist Advertiser Reviews, General Reports, Escort Classified Ads – General Discussion, Adult Search Advertiser Reviews (Sponsored by Adult Search), News and Media Reports, Truck Stop Reports, and USA Adult Classified Ads: Advertiser Reviews.

It is important to note that all the information provided on the site is entirely user submitted. And just to add to the rather interesting series of threads, users are allowed to create theirs but only if an inquiry, review, or report does not necessarily fall under one of the categories already existent in their long list of threads.

USA Sex Guide refers to these as “User Blogs,” but that is definitely a misleading term since the supposed users are not ‘blogging’ at all and are instead only creating general posts under General Discussions just like every other motherfucker.

Abbreviations section

Can you believe it? These freaks actually have a dicky to help transition newbies into their site and I’ll tell you what; you better get through it. Because otherwise, you will miss the fun in everything. Some of the most fascinating words I came across include: Mediterranean/Greek; refers to anal sex.

HTUMA; her tongue up my ass Hindu Massage; the woman contracting her vaginal muscles during sex to squeeze you to completion

Collar and cuffs match; pubic hair matches natural hair.

Do you know what I think? It’s pretty weird for pervy freaks to sort of curve out their out fucking language but it makes it even more fun. Don’t you think?

Signing up is purely bullshit!

I was excited at the prospect of interacting with other suckers on the site and you can bet that I signed up real quick for starters. However, it wasn’t exactly worth it because I set out to click at more than a few profiles trying to figure out a way to hit other users up for a chat only to be redirected from one section of the site to the next without any hope. Well, it seems that interactions are limited to commenting on threads which is actually a big let down. If you asked me, those willing to advertise their services whether escorting, massage parlors services or whatever are the only ones who stand to reap greatly from the sign-up staunt.

HQ Babes impressed me by:

Lots of localities within the forums; what can I say? You can’t have traveled everywhere but there is always a chance that you might find yourself cruising around places if not today, maybe in the near future. For what it’s worth am glad that on this site there are pervs from various cities and towns, all of whom are willing to share and give recommendations for sexual services.

A diverse, fun and active Lott of users; basically everything from the freaky genius language in use to the dumbass motherfuckers on the site is fun! Am also glad that there is lots of diversity between individuals on the site; in as much as sexual orientations are not pinpointed out there are a broad of individuals who fancy fart holes more than pussies and the latter is also true.

Multiple fun threads as well as forums; it seems like there might be an overload of idle horny mates around this sex guide because there are basically users online always and loads of fun discussions, updates and what have you. Simply crazy and mad fun.

Area on the site that was such a let down

Complicated site design; while the site has sort of embraced a forum like set up, everything is a bit wayward. Like it’s not all self-explanatory and any newbie will definitely have some getting used to.

Lots of Ads; there are Ads on the site at every fucking step you take. And I can tell you for sure that this shit totally sucks!

Poor navigation system; speaking from my experience it almost feels as if the site is lacking in some basic features that you cannot pinpoint out. This is because while there are shortcut buttons and features but still finding stuff is pretty hard. Ugh!

What I think should be done

Improve the goddamned user interface; it’s one thing to be on a site because it’s pretty cool with lots of like-minded pussy loving freaks while it’s another all together, to want to actually be comfortable being on a site because it’s accommodative not just to your needs but to your navigation needs.

To wrap it up:

This site might be lacking in many aspects but am sure most of its users must be reaping lots of dick dips and good times from it. Like why the hell wouldn’t any perv fight through any mess as long as there is hope for a brilliant ending or ultimately good times? I for one will be consulting for my trips because I think it’s a cool way to sex tour; see y’all hotties real soon!