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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Chances are you’ve come across Empflix at some point in your fapping endeavors and wondered whether it is a genuine destination to get all your squirting pussies and creampie videos as well as other sexual atrocities. Therefore, why not let me let you in on why Empflix.com is a great place to get your hands on top-tier X-rated porn videos covering all your sick fetishes. Trust me, I have done my fucking homework, and I know top tier shit when I see it.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I think paying for porn is a great idea. Everyone involved in the industry has bills to pay. I totally get it. But for y’all broke motherfuckers, you can easily jerk off to some pretty depraved shit for free if you know where to look and luckily for you, I have a good idea where that is. Enter Empflix.com.

Plenty of promise

Many are the times I have visited porn site that look sleek and well-arranged only to discover they are absolute bollocks upon a closer examination. What can I say, some sites are very good at creating a first impression; good design, nice features, loads of videos and all that shit, but once you start browsing, you find out that you’d have better fun preaching to a bunch of monkeys. It’s easy to make the site look the part, but a good site takes more than just a few thousands of ball draining smut. Some sites will trick you with nice features but will give you a flaccid cock with slow loading times, broken links, and broken promises. I’ve been there and I know it’s an absolute buzzkill.

Luckily for you, I’m here to separate the real from the bull, and I can tell you without fear of contradiction that Empflix.com is worth your wank judging from what I’ve seen. It promises to be a marathon fap fest with the only question being whether you have the stamina to last the entire marathon. Few sites are punching the same weight when it comes to the width and depth of the content here. Variety, quantity, and quality are emphasized and with that in mind, good luck finding a site like Empflix.com. Actually, let me save you the trouble; there are simply no other sites like Empflix, but that’s a discussion for another day.

A layout on point like a fuckin’ decimal

Let’s begin our tour on the homepage where plenty is going down. The site welcomes you with the featured porn videos where I could see a tiny teenager taking multiple black dongs, kinky teens getting facialized, extra rough anal scenes that leave sluts whimpering like a hunting dog after a long ass chase, sluts having their fuck holes stretched in the office, in public, and a whole lot of other locations and so much more. Below that is a list of the most recent porn videos where more atrocities are taking place, all with the sole aim of helping you bust a large fucking nut.

One thing you notice immediately is that many of the videos on the homepage have an icon showing the particular video’s resolution. Majority of the videos are available at 720p while a good bunch comes in amazing 1080p full HD. These guys have clearly done their homework to feed your porn craze, pumping new shit on a daily basis for an erotic and enticing sexual experience.

The scenes can be sorted by quality (all or HD) and other parameters including most recent, most popular, top rated, and duration which gives you further filtering options; short, medium, long, and full length. Like you will find out, the length here is pretty good, averaging 15 minutes. Of course, there are shorter scenes for those who want to quickly rub one out in their mother’s basement and everything in between. The arrangement on the homepage caters for those without fixation for a particular genre, but of course, there are other ways of navigating the mammoth collection.

A fuck ton of videos

Empflix is a bit cocky in the assessment of their website, calling themselves “the #1 porn site on the internet”. That’s certainly a pretty ambitious statement to make considering there is no evidence to support such a grand claim, but I have to hand it to them, they have a massive collection of X-rated videos that should solve all wet pussy and hard dick problems. I’m talking about 3 million videos [and counting] of nothing but the hottest smut. Your boy really had a fucking blast checking out the various videos, and I absolutely loved the close up of a stand up that ends up with the dude nutting inside the girl’s underwear with all that shit happening in public! Needless to say, there are plenty of such nasty nuggets where that came from.

Empflix has a good mixture of professional and amateur porn, but like many porn tubes, the emphasis seems to be on the chicks who get paid to fuck. Name whichever pornstar that comes in your twisted mind, and I can guarantee that their vids are lurking somewhere at Empflix.com. Fuck it; I spotted 874 videos of the retired Mia Khalifa, 235 videos of Rachele Richey lying on her back and knees getting blown out, Asa Akira showing what her mouth and other orifices can do to a hard cock and so much more. I could list all the pornstars in the world with, and their videos count, and you better head over to the ‘pornstars’ section and see whether your favorite is listed.

Empflix.com mentions in their brief introduction that they cater for all tastes and that certainly appears to be true judging from the list of categories. Granted, you won’t find the extremely dark shit (think scat porn), but you will have a pick of bizarre shit if your tastes are a little on the darker side of things. Jerk off to the fappable scenes of mature women, hairy girls, MILFs, interracial, homemade porn, public, lesbian, pregnant, voyeurism, BDSM, fisting, facial cumshots and much more.

Wait, there is more to Empflix.com

It turns out that Empflix is not just the place you turn to when you want to rub one out; it’s also a community. This means it has a place where loyal visitors hang out and shoot shit. Some of the community features offered here include the ability to add friends, subscribe to members, write comments on their walls, and send messages. You see, porn is meant to be a last resort that we turn to when scoring a real pussy is not straightforward. But with a bit of luck, getting a fresh pussy is very much a possibility given that many of the members here are down to fuck without a moment’s notice. It all depends on you.

What’s good about Empflix

A mammoth collection of videos; the quantity of scenes here is simply mindboggling, and you’d need to have an extremely high sexual drive to jerk off to 3m+ videos.

Decent quality; the majority of the scenes here seem to be your standard professional studio hardcore porn meaning the quality is decent enough. With most videos streaming at 720p, there is little cause for complaints as far as quality is concerned.

Free to use; what’s better than having a selection of over 3m+ videos at your disposal for absolutely free? I’ll wait.

The ugly

Missing photos section; there is a photos section at the top navigation, but clicking on it brings a fucking blank page. Are these guys playing games with us? Not that I’m the biggest fan of fapping to photos, but this is so un-fucking-professional.

Can’t use multiple choices at the same time; if you want to select two sorting features simultaneously, you are bang out of luck. You can only choose one at a time or worse still, use different tabs.

What I think should be done

First of all, why is the photos section blank? Sorting that unprofessional mess should be top priority before users feel they are being taken for a ride. I’d also love to see users being able to use more than just a single filtering option at a time. Is that too much to ask?

Wrapping up

Empflix.com is a genuinely a top-notch destination for free smut, and I can understand why so many people flock to it. The collection is incredible while the scenes cater to as many tastes as possible. The site features a clean and easy to use interface and with loads of categories to pick from, I have to say to the site; you motherfuckers win this time.

ThePornDude likes EmpFlix's

  • A mammoth collection of videos
  • Quality
  • Free to use

ThePornDude hates EmpFlix's

  • Missing photos section
  • Can’t use multiple choices at the same time