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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Tubes sites are all over the place these days.

It seems like at least once a month a new one goes up and sports the same general design and model – try to attract some amateur, wannabe porn stars to upload videos, get a shit ton of uploads of pirated content, and wait until other users copy all of the existing content about ten thousand times.

Once this kind of site makes just enough scratch to cover operating expenses, the webmasters will probably invest in enough advertising to get the site a few more users, and the process starts all over again. Of course, the growth of “new” content on these sites can be stymied by DMCA flags and takedown notices. But the overall trend means that the internet is filled with even more low quality, copypasta porn.

After so many years of running the Porn Dude, I was starting to think that the interwebs were stuck in an endless rut. Fortunately, it turns out that I’m wrong!

There’s a new wave of tube site which has come out and it’s fucking beautiful – and one of its best examples is HQ Porner.

This Is A New Kind Of Tube Site

Unlike the typical tube sites which are supposed to be a platform for amateurs to show themselves off – but often degenerate into websites for the same clips of pirated porn – HQ Porner is a tube site dedicated exclusively to promoting premium studios.

Now you might think that those sites get enough traffic as it is, but when you stop and try counting the sheer number of porn sites out there (just look at this site’s homepage) you’ll soon figure that it’s easy to miss out on a lot of fantastic fap material.

Moving on, HQ Porner promotes professional porn in a way that you’ll love – they post full-length, high-quality porn for free – hence the title. In exchange, HQ Porner promotes links to the studio which owns the video, usually advertising the site’s cheap trial membership.

There is one thing you might want to know, though. Since this is a promo site, to see actual high-quality videos, you will have to disable your ad blocking software. Otherwise, the movie will only display in low resolution.

Anyway, this site reports to have nearly 28,000 videos, but from what I can tell, all of them are unique. So every time you click through pages, you’ll see nothing but original content in every thumbnail. And like I said earlier, these videos are full length. But in case you have a shorter attention span or you cum really quick, there are a good number of short teasers and promo clips, too.

The Categories Are Pretty…Cummy

Just because this site is different from other tube sites, it still has the same good features of a typical tube. Of these is perhaps one of the most important when making your smut selection – a category page.

There are, of course, all of your favorites like Big Tits, Group Sex, Lesbian, and Blowjob. With ethnic sections like Asian, Ebony, Brunette, Latina, and Blonde, the whole rainbow of diversity is represented here. There’s even a separate category just for Russians!

And unlike some other tubes, there are some surprisingly unique categories like Beach, Moan, Stockings, Sex Massage, and something called Babe.

There’s A Great Selection Of Studios

Since the whole point of this site is to cooperate with rather than compete against professional porn sites, HQ Porner has networked with literally dozens of studios. To give you a taste of what you are in for, I’ve selected and described just a few of the best studios promoted by HQ Porner.

Device Bondage – Girls just want to have, as the song goes, but the way that they do depends on the lady. Some like to diddle their piddle hole for a while and rub their tits, others prefer a good shag, and some want…no, need to be punished.

If you like that sort of thing you’ll love Device Bondage! The sub women are dominated by both men and woman who are firm, sane, but really know how to give it to their subs. It’s a good thing, too, because it would be a shame to see straps, iron restraints, and great knot work go to waste.

Playboy – Yeah, a classic is on this website, too. Keeping with the same format as the magazine, the videos on this site are a bit tamer compared to much of the rest of HQ Porner. So, you’re going to see mostly solo scene of sexy seductresses parading around houses, showers, spa resort, and other exotic locations.

Now just because these vids are on the vanilla side doesn’t mean that they are boring. In fact, they’re so beautiful that they might even be considered artistic. I’ll let you be the judge, but I think you’ll agree with me that it is.

Fucking Machines – They say robots are going to take over the economy and, if you look at this site, they are going to take over our porn, too. Well, I for one welcome the new robot overlords if they can get girls to moan, groan, sweat, and squirt like they do on Fucking Machines.

A dildo or a dick can do quite a lot to pleasure a woman, but a handheld vibrator can only do so much, and a man can only fuck so fast, hard, or for so long. A machine doesn’t get tired, pump the wrong way, cum early…or even cum at all. So, these devices can test these women’s endurance and give them what seems like the best orgasms of their lives.

Kink – You got a dark side? Of course, you do – don’t we all?

Well, indulge in that a little and check out the crazy content which has been added the HQ Porner thanks to Kink.com. Being a fetish site which focuses on a series of kink and is a leader in this niche of the industry, this studio has churned out some of the more extreme content out there.

Fetishes this site caters to include fairly vanilla stuff like hetero and lesbian couples shoving massive dildos in each other, more creative stuff like a group of ladies pleasuring each other after an MMA style fight with strap-ons and women tied up (or down) in extreme bondage scenes.

Some people might be put off, others will fall in love with what they say. Some of it does it for me while other stuff is kinda ‘meh.’ I think you should give it a shot and a wank no matter what.

The Art of the Blowjob – Being perhaps the most artistic and unique studio on HQ Porner, As the name suggests, the focus of this website is on bj porn, but unlike most other American and European sites which treat going down on a guy as a rough, mechanical process, TaofB elevates oral sex.

The focus of every scene is on the girl and the cock she’s slurping on, and the variety of techniques and changes in finesse which are used in giving the most aesthetically pleasing blow job. In addition to sucking on a dick, these ladies often switch things up by using their hands and tits to add to the sensation.

Even if you’re not into arthouse style porn, this studio is still worth checking out. With 285 videos from this studio on HQ Porner, I’m sure you’ll find something that you’ll love.

You Can Even Search For Individual Gorgeous Girls

Besides promoting studios, HQ Porner has a whole page devoted to showing off some of the finest talent in the industry. So, to give you even more incentive to check this website out, here are a few of my favorite performers on HQ Porner.

Sin Diamond – This alternative girl is one of my personal favorites because she’s beautiful inside and out. If you see her vids on HQ Porner you’ll see that she’s smart and she’s got a charming level of sass. Most of her movies on HQ Porner are from Kink wherein Diamond acts as both dom and sub for men and women. Kinksters should take notice.

Kayden Kross – This blond bombshell rocked the porn industry when she first started in 2006 and has continued to do so to this day. In fact, she has been ranked as one of the top twelve most renowned porn actresses. Evidence of this is all over HQ Porner in the form of dozens of solo, guy-on-girl, and girl-on-girl videos.

Tera Patrick – The Eurasian Sensation has a presence on HQ Porner, too. Aren’t you excited? For those unfamiliar, Tera Patrick big breasted, curvy, and also thin woman who’s covered in tats and loves showing every inch of her body off. Most of her videos are solo scenes, but there’s also a threeway lesbian scene and a fuck scene with a man.

Alexis Texas – This porn industry legend has a few videos on this website, but they are all certainly worth checking out. If you do, it’ll be obvious to you that she has appeared in over 200 videos.

Sasha Grey – Everyone’s favorite girl next door has some of her videos uploaded to HQ Porner, too. And by a few I mean 32 videos of Grey sucking on cock, riding waves of pain and pleasure in kink scenes, and getting down with some lovely lesbians.

Asa Akira – Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, this super fine, super fly female has starred in a variety of interracial videos by Kink, Wicked, and Bangbros among other studios. Some of the stimulating stuff she’s been in includes facial movies, massage fantasy scenes, and lesbian fetish footage.

There Are Loads Of Search Options

With tens of thousands of video finding exactly what you want, especially when you are feeling a certain kind of way. But HQ Porner’s video are well tagged, and the site has been built with a stellar search engine. And to make things even easier, there are even more filter options you can use.

There Are A Heckuva A Lot Of High Def Videos

But being able to sort through them all can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, the Super 1080p HD button makes it as easy as clicking on a single button.

And Holy Hell, You Can Even Search By High Dynamic Acutance

Now I know what you’re thinking – what the flip does acutance mean. Well, it’s a fancy word referring to an images sharpness, and on HQ Porner this term refers specifically to videos which run at sixty frames per second. So, if you’re looking for only the smoothest running and crispest looking videos on HQ Porner, click on this feature.

Randomize Your Selection

In a weird mood and don’t know what you want to see? Then click on the random video button. With a whopping 28,000 videos from over thirty websites, you’re going to see some wild and wonderful smut.

The Mobile Version Is Awesome

Nowadays you have to have a mobile version of your website. After all, as of 2018, over half of all web traffic is down through mobile devices. Fortunately, HQ Porner has been optimized for mobile and it’s one of the best tubes which has a mobile version. The set up is similar to the desktop version but tweaked just a bit in terms of aesthetics. For instance, the desktop version has a white black ground and a combination of black text or pink accents and white text. The mobile version on the other hand, has a black background and a series of funky colors to make the pages pop.

Like the desktop version, HQ Porner has ads but fortunately, there aren’t too many to have to deal with and, from what I’ve experienced, no pop-ups will appear. However, to enjoy each video page fully and not be distracted by flashy banners, you’re either going to want to zoom in on each video or click on the full-screen option.

The Social Aspect Comes Up Short

There are a few things that I think could be better. For one, HQ Porner doesn’t have a dedicated picture section – but, to be fair, there are a lot of great stills on virtually every page. This biggest issue I have, though, is the lack of interactivity. You can’t leave any comments on videos; there’s no forum or other social features. You can’t even rate any of these vids. To make things worse, there’s no efficient way to share anything on social media, too.

Granted, that’s not a huge deal but I think adding some of those features would make HQ Porner shine even brighter.

Is This Site Worth Looking Up?

Sporting a different type of tube business model, HQ Porner offers some great smut at the best price of all: absolutely free. That by itself makes this site awesome, and the studio which have posted content here makes it even better.

Sure there aren’t any social features but doesn’t put too much a dampener on this website. And like any good modern smut site, HQ Porner has a phenomenal version which has been optimized for mobile.

All things considered, I give HQ Porner four out of five hands and definitely recommend you check it out.

ThePornDude likes HQporner's

  • You get to see full-length, high-quality videos for free (!)
  • There are a variety of videos which have been uploaded by all sorts of studios
  • Just like the web design, the girls are fine as hell
  • The mobile version is top-notch

ThePornDude hates HQporner's

  • There aren't any social features – i.e., comments section, porn forum, advanced sharing tools
  • To see videos in HQ, you have to disable your ad blocking software