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Updated on 05 February 2024
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It’s time to do away with all the cluttered menus, busy site pages, and unnecessary frills that most porn sites like cramming into a single home page. Who needs the flashing ad banners for deals or new releases, and who wants to deal with clumsily sorting through the dozens of filter options a site has? When you’re horny, you just want to get right to the point and jerk off to something really fucking hot. Video previews, a decent video player, and categories are the only basic things you need once you get down to it. But minimal sites are few and far between. Thankfully, I’ve got you covered. If you want to watch porn without any of the regular bullshit, then follow me over to the awesome site I’m reviewing for you today. is a minimalistic porn site with a weird name to boot. I’d tell you what the name meant, but they are so bare bones here that they don’t even have an “about us” page. But, I mean bare bones in the best way possible. This site brings in an impressive 131 million views every month currently, but their numbers nearly crested 200 million late 2018. And these guys have been providing a platform for quality porn since as early as 2000. That’s nearly 20 years of experience under their belts! But age doesn’t mean everything, so let’s delve into what has to offer.

Simple Site with Just the Right Amount of Navigational Features

White background with borderless previews. Picture that in your head and you’ve basically got an image of the entire site right there. Simple, clean, and efficient. Usually, I’m not a huge fan of white backgrounds on porn sites, but at least this one fits the aesthetic of the site design. There’s a small, unassuming header up top with options for “Tags, People, Channels, and Cams.” That’s it. No other bullshit menus that you have to worry about. No signing in or dealing with a porn site sending you emails. Below that header, you get video previews, and holy fuck are they nice to look at. No borders, ratings, video times, or any information like that. While I dig the look, having some of that information would be nice. But maybe I’m just used to the same old format. I like that they’re doing something different here. If you hover your cursor over the image you’ll get a video title that’ll pop up, and you’ll also trigger the animation to start playing. It’s a solid 5-6 second preview from the video itself. So, while these previews lack the standard bits of information, they make up for it with stunningly large images and animated previews.

Thousands of Videos to Choose From

There are hundreds of videos to scroll through on the front page alone. If you somehow manage to get through those and reach the bottom of the page you’ll be greeted by 60 other pages to flip through to your horny heart’s content. But, if you want a more streamlined approach, then I highly recommend checking out some of the options that were in the header.

The tags section has an A-Z list of, well, every video tag on the site. There are a fuck ton of them. You’ve got tags ranging from the more vanilla genres of porn like “Babe, Affair, Natural-Tits, Webcam, and Upskirt” all the way to the more hardcore and obscure shit like “Pain, Vampire, Dominatrix, Ass Fisting, and Lactating.” Whatever you could possibly want, this site has it.

Over at the people page, you can browse through all the hot babes they have on the site. Most of them lack any sort of profile picture, which is a bummer. And you can’t really sort by anything either. They are sorted alphabetically, but some other sorting options would be cool. Most of these sluts are professional porn stars, but you might stumble across a few amatuer chicks and cam girls in this list. You’ll see either a blank icon or a picture of the pornstar, along with the number of videos they have on the site. If you click on their icon you’ll get brought to a page full of just their videos. It’s a great way to organize content if you’re really lusting after videos by someone like Aaliyah Love. That slut has over 50 videos on this site alone.

“People” and “Channels” Pages Make it Easy to Filter and Find Sexy Content

The channels page is set up pretty similarly to the people page. It’s full of a bunch of icons, most of which lack pictures, but instead of people it’s basically videos by certain studios or videos that fit a certain theme. There are a bunch of videos on the site from studios like “8th Street Latinas,” “Black GF,” and “Pervs on Patrol.” There are well over a couple hundred of these channels on the site too. Each channel lists how many videos are in that channel, and when you click on the icon you get directed to a page full of just those videos. Same deal as the other pages on the site.

If you see a video you want to watch just click on the preview and a large player will seamlessly pop up where that video preview was. No redirecting to other pages or off-site to somewhere sketchy. It’s all right there in one place. You might get an ad before the video plays, and sometimes ones will pop up on the video is you pause it, but that’s really it. For a free site, I’m very surprised at how minimal the ads are. But, then again, so is everything else here. It certainly wouldn’t be keeping with the theme to blast you with a million annoying ads.

Amazing 1080p HD Quality for Most Videos

The videos themselves are pretty fucking awesome. You can stream most of the videos here in full 1080p. Definitely did not expect that here. The ones that aren’t in 1080p are usually at least 720p, so videos quality is really not a big concern here. They even stream quickly! The entire videos load nearly instantly, so you can skip around however much you want without worrying about buffering. There’s also this icon in the bottom right that looks like four squares. Click on that and a sidebar full of preview images from the video will pop up. Simply click on any of those to be taken to that exact point in the video. Fucking amazing.

Simple and Efficient Mobile Site

The mobile site doesn’t disappoint either. It’s all scaled well to fit a mobile screen, and navigating the site is basically the same. The only real change is that the people and channels page is gone, and instead, there’s a sidebar you can expand that shows all the tags. It’s a bummer that the other pages are gone, but I think it works well for the mobile experience.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is how simple and easy to use it is. Everything here serves an important purpose. Everything else is thrown out. Plus, you can get 1080p videos here for completely free. That’s fucking awesome. I also really liked the feature they included that lets you see a bunch of previews from different parts of the video. Navigating a video like that is next fucking level.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

My only suggestions for are rather small ones. If video times could pop up when you hovered over a video that would be nice. I’d love to be able to download some of these amazing videos as well, but that might start getting into the territory of a paid membership or some shit. Generally fleshing out the channels and people page with pictures would be nice as well. Right now these pages feel empty and unfinished. It can’t be that much of a pain in the ass to secure images for the pornstars at least. There are some pretty big names there that don’t even have so much as a picture of their face.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is fucking awesome. I’ve raved about it a ton, so If you’re not convinced now, then I don’t know what will do it for you. But I’ve said enough about this awesome site. Head over there and jerk off.

ThePornDude likes Beeg's

  • Minimalistic, Simple Site Design
  • Unique Video Player Features
  • 1080p Streaming for Free
  • -Porn Without the Bullshit

ThePornDude hates Beeg's

  • People” and “Channels” Page Could Use Work