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Updated on 05 February 2024
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There is so much porn out there on the web, sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about. In addition to the countless premium pay porn sites, porn aggregator sites, and cam sites to choose from, there are hundreds upon hundreds of free porn tubes. And, as you probably already know, free porn tubes are one of the fastest, most efficient, and easiest ways to have sudden access to millions of porn videos at absolutely no charge. You really can’t go wrong,

But, having said that, it is important to keep in mind that not every free porn tube is fap magic. As is the case with any kind of porn site, there are some out there that are great, and others that look like they could have been designed by a kid with a learning disability somewhere in North Dakota. With so much porn to choose from and such little time on your hands (and, hopefully, a lot of jizz on your hands if you make the right choice), it can be difficult to cum to a decision as to what free porn tube is the right one for you. But, worry not, that’s why I am here, to help you fuck faces out.

There’s a good chance that you’ve already heard of (and probably have already used) most of the top porn tubes on the web. I wouldn’t be surprised if you jacked off to Porn Hub or xHamster, for example, once already today. But there are also a lot of seriously popular and awesome free porn tubes that you may have heard of but never bothered to visit for one reason or another. I’m talking about X Videos, Spank Wire, Tube 8, stuff like that.

XNXX: The Unsung Hero of Porn Tubes

Today, though, we will be taking a look at one of the most popular porn tubes on the net that, for some reason, has flown relatively under the radar for years now: XNXX. A lot of people I’ve talked to have never even heard of it, even though it is one of the most popular porn sites in the world. In fact, it was named as the 8th most visited website on the planet as of July 12, 2018 according to Similar Web. And Alexa listed it as the 76th most popular website. So, clearly, plenty of people have heard of it. It must be more popular in Europe or something.

XNXX was launched in 1997, making it also one of the oldest porn tubes on the web (if not the oldest). With around 22 years to perfect their craft, you would be correct in expecting some very good things from this site. And I don’t think that you will be let down. Having 22 years at their disposal has not only led to a successful and iconic free porn tube, but it has also led to XNXX being one of the largest porn tubes in the world.

At the time of this writing, XNXX has 7,742,032 videos to choose from. That is a fuck ton of porn. Especially considering the fact that new videos are being added to XNXX all the time. You could fap to 10 videos a day (way more fapping than any grown man should partake in) for the rest of your life, and never run out of porn on this site. That is fucking mind-boggling. And very exciting. An overabundance of porn also means plenty of variety. And variety, as we all know, is one of the most important features of a good porn site.

So, XNXX definitely has quantity. But does it have quality? Well, let’s take a trip to the site and find out whether or not these 7 million plus videos are any good, and if the site design packages them all in a palatable way.

From the moment you land on the XNXX home page, it should look pretty familiar to anyone who has ever visited a free porn tube in the past. A very similar layout to most other free porn tubes out there. You’ve got a site menu bar up top (right below the site’s banner and search bar), a list of categories sprawling down the left side of the page, and a bunch of video thumbnails in the middle, which you can click through, page after page after page.

Decent Site Design

One main difference between XNXX and other porn tubes is the color scheme—instead of the usual black background / red or white text, XNXX gives us a blue background, which is kind of a nice break from the norm … a bit refreshing. Other than that, everything seems to look like a porn tube should. In fact, seeing as XNXX is so old, we can probably credit them as one of the originators of this format. And based on the simple design and layout, I doubt the site design has changed fundamentally since 1997. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

One thing that definitely has changed since 1997, though, is the fact that thumbnails provide little moving previews of the videos when you hover your cursor over them. It might seem like a small thing to mention, but you’d be surprised by just how many porn sites out there, in 2019, still have not adopted this simple, and I would argue necessary feature.

On the site menu bar, you can choose from the following: Best Of, Hits, Tags, Pictures, Sex Stories, Forum, Porn Stars, and Games. Now, unlike other similar free porn tube sites out there, the items on XNXX’s site menu bar are actually all useful. Maybe you’ve been to sites before where they are just full of bullshit tabs or cluttered site navigators that bring you to spammy third-party sites, like ads embedded in the actual design of the site. This is, thankfully, not the case with XNXX.

The Games section, for example, actually brings you to a part of the actual website where you are able to access porn games. The same is true for Stories and forum. Instead of being brought to some other erotic stories or porn forum site, you have tons of erotic lit and a community-based forum site right there, embedded within XNXX. That is what I like to see: plenty of features, all within the site you came to visit.

The Porn Stars section of the site is equally helpful, allowing you to easily browse XNXX’s millions of videos by actress, as opposed to by category or tag. This is extremely useful, especially when you consider the fact that the girls are the real reason we watch porn, at the end of the day, so I love it when sites allow me to search content by the girls I love. However, I would have liked to see some sort of bio for each of the girls, or at least a list of basic stats. Hell, XNXX doesn’t even give us a way to rate the girls.

Some Great Features

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any interactive, user-oriented features on XNXX, though. In addition to the entire forum, you can also comment on videos, like and dislike them, share them, and embed them. Although there may not be quite as many extra features as there are on some other porn tubes, I’d say that XNXX offers enough. All we really need is a fuck ton of high-quality porn anyway, right?

All in all, XNXX has so much fucking porn that you could fap yourself chafed for the next decade and not even come close to scratching the surface of all they have to offer. The videos seem to be of solid quality for the most part, too, which is a huge plus. You’ll also have plenty of different types of content to enjoy with XNXX. Not only can you sit back, unzip, and jack off to millions of videos, you have endless pictures, erotic stories, and an entire forum to shoot the shit on.

XNXX excels where a lot of other free porn tubes lack—in offering a huge amount of variety. Both in content and types of media, there will never be a dull moment here. It may not be my personal go-to when it comes to free porn tubes, but it is certainly up there. In fact, the only reason it isn’t my go-to is probably because I was introduced to a different one first and I’ve grown more accustomed to it. XNXX, though, is definitely a contender for the top free porn tube on the web and is definitely worth your time. Go check it out, fuck face! What are you waiting for?

ThePornDude likes XNXX's

  • Enormous selection of porn
  • Great variety (videos, pics, stories, games)
  • Some good community features (forum, comments, etc.)
  • Decent site design, functionality

ThePornDude hates XNXX's

  • Site looks a little dated, aesthetically
  • Very simple site, could have more features
  • Ads (to be expected)