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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Sometimes after a hard day of work, whether you’re driving a truck or pushing papers or looking at pornography all day, it gets hard to even think. Your brain just slows down and you’re not even sure what you should do next. Eat? Sleep? YouJizz makes evenings a little easier by telling you straight-up in the name what you’re going to be doing. doesn’t look much different than your typical free porn tube, but one thing it has over almost all of the competition is that they’re old. Yeah, Grandpa YouJizz has been around on the Internet for over a decade, which is honestly a feat for this kind of site. About a quarter of a million filthy perverts a day obey the command of, “You! Jizz!”

Me, Jizz? Don’t Mind If I Do!

Goddamn, I really can’t get over the elegant and juvenile simplicity of the site’s name. It’s so fucking stupid and yet genius at the same time. It’s like they didn’t give a fuck about the name, and in not giving a fuck came up with something perfect and memorable as hell.

You can picture a horny retard with a monocle and a tophat instructing another retard to jizz, and then the other horny retard saying, “Yes, sir!” before beating off onto a wooden plank. Maybe that’s just the scenario I conjured from the logo.

WTF is the logo anyway? I fucking love it, but it’s like a kid drew it. There’s a top hat and maybe it’s a guy with a mustache winking at you, but also maybe it’s a broad with fucked up tits… on her back? Is the mustache her butt?

I’d want to shake the artist’s hand, but I’d imagine it’s probably covered in at least a thin layer of his special sauce most of the time. How could it not be? Look at all this free porno.

The layout is actually a little sparse for a free tube site, though I bet my ad-blocker helps. The wall of smut is uninterrupted by ads or sponsored spots. I see a wide range of depravity represented in just the initial 4×6 grid.

Asian Teens, Ebony MILFs and Latina GILFs

Clips are initially served up by popularity. There’s enough activity on the site that if you refresh the page a few minutes after you get there, you’ll get a bunch of new material. Not that you’re going to run out. The search bar says YouJizz has more than 4 million videos.

Right now, the first clip on the page is a horny Japanese babe rubbed deep. The thumbnail shows just that, and hovering your mouse over it earns you a free preview of the goods inside. The little slut gets boned by a few dudes and worked over with a number of toys over the course of the 35-minute video.

Asians are pretty well represented here, as are Ebony amateurs, Italian couples, and even a Pinay sex scandal. I also see thick-bootied Latinas, and of course a shit-ton of slutty White girls. There are teens and MILFs, and just to make sure you grandma-fuckers out there were going to be satisfied, I typed GILF in the search bar. YouJizz has 7,024 old lady movies for you to jizz to.

Me? I’m not so much into the wrinkly skin and saggy titties, at least not until I’ve snorted my morning Viagra. This video called 18yo Babe Hardfucked By A Stranger is calling my name, though.

Watch Young Sluts Hard-Fucked by Strangers for Free

The clip started playing in 720 HD as soon as I hit the Play button, no spam and no buffering. A couple of hot young sluts are driving down a road somewhere, and I immediately want to stick my dick in the passed-out girl with the gorgeous legs up on the dash.

There’s a paysite logo in the corner, so I thought initially it might be pirated. It’s a ten-minute sample, though, so don’t go clicking that Report button yet. What I do recommend clicking is the Download button. Fuck yes, YouJizz has free downloads, no login required.

This clip shows the bitches getting tied up and fucked in their pretty faces before having their cunts ravaged. There’s a ton of action for a ten-minute clip, but I’m still left wanting more. Boner pills are getting stronger these days. I’m sure of it.

I could follow the instructions at the end of the clip telling me to go watch the whole thing on the other site. I’m feeling like a cheap-ass today, though, so I stick with this free tube’s basic instruction: you jizz! Yes, sir! They make it easy by providing a selection of related videos underneath. Spoiler warning: it’s all teens being hardfucked.

Jesus Fucking Christ, That’s a Lot of Porno!

Obviously, with over 4 million videos, YouJizz has a lot more than just teens getting hardfucked. There’s even a content filter at the top that lets you switch it up to Gay or Shemale versions of the site. I like cunt, so I’m sticking with the default Straight mode.

There’s a Random button that just serves up a brand new wall of smut each time. It’s honestly as good a way to browse as the Popular or Trending videos. I always get at least a few gems: a smart guy screwing his mother-in-law, a tiny babysitter on a giant cock, a pornstar getting Blacked, or a chick getting her giant boobies humped.

YouJizz doesn’t have Categories, only an extensive catalog of Tags. Looking at the Tags page shows you exactly why lots of tube sites have both. The page is just one endlessly long wall of user-submitted words with little rhyme or reason.

The tags will help you nail down just about anything. You can find Enemas or Girls With Dick, Lezley Zen or Outcall Massage. The problem is that with a list so long, it’s essentially useless unless you know what you’re looking for. That ain’t a big deal is it? You’re already master of Ctrl+F, aren’t you?

See Your Favorite Pornstars Getting Boned

Like the Tags page, it really helps to know what you’re looking for on the Pornstars page. Some thumbnails and the option to sort by popularity would be nice, but it’s hard to complain about the selection. Alphabetical is the only way to view them.

Think of your favorite pornstar. Yeah, she’s on here. Mia Khalifa has 152 videos here, Adriana Chechik has 353. Valentina Nappi, who I’ve been devoting so much of my recent masturbatory time to, has a whopping 661 movies available to stream for free on YouJizz. Good thing I just cleaned out the ol’ Fleshlight.

One of the things I noticed about YouJizz’s new page is that most of the clips run around ten minutes long. That tells me they get a high volume of official sample clips from the paysites, who they probably have mutually beneficial relationships with. That’s a stark contrast to tube sites where everything has clearly been stolen.

I wonder if that fact is related to the volume of spam here. Most tube sites hit with you an insane amount of super-sketchy spam claiming your computer virus needs dick injections, and you can’t watch a video until you’ve seen an unskippable commercial for a video game about elves fucking dogs.

YouJizz doesn’t have any of that shit. With my spam-blocker enabled, the only trace of ads I saw was an empty box that said “Advertisement” when I paused a video. That’s fucking rare for any sex site, free or not. Even the paysites are always trying to get you to upgrade your membership or sign up for other sites.

The lack of Categories is honestly the biggest complaint I can find about the site, and it’s pretty goddamn trivial. Most users will not even notice. I only do because it’s my job to notice trivial details about porn sites. This one might be a deal-breaker for Rainman types, but not normal perverts.

YouJizz has got over 4 million porn videos of all kinds to stream or download for free with extremely minimal spam. What the fuck are you waiting for? Permission to pet your lizard?

ThePornDude likes YouJizz's

  • Free
  • Awesome name and logo
  • Millions of videos of all kinds of porn
  • Constant updates
  • Downloads available
  • Lack of spam

ThePornDude hates YouJizz's

  • Lack of categories