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Updated on 15 January 2022
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PornTrex may be just a run of the mill, generalist-style porntube whose owners want to make sure delivers all the best HD porn that the world (or at least the part of the world that watches porn) could ever need, but it’s much more than the sum of its parts. I’ve reviewed many XXX domains in the past, and when it comes to these generalist-style porntubes, I always notice that they’re usually more or less content dumps which contain a few thousands to tens of thousands of XXX videos that are dumped on the site itself in order to grab some traffic and create some revenue.

These porntubes are also typically filled with ads just about everywhere you look, and most of them don’t let you punch in more than a few clicks at a time without blasting an annoying pop-up ad in your face which often time markets some weird 3D sex game or some other porn-related shit which I don’t think even the most desperate porn-fanatic opens up.

Yes, porntubes may be the usual suspects when it comes to poor porno domains, but PornTrex isn’t your average porntube – this site has been manufactured to not only deliver all kinds of pornography to your PC, mobile or tablet screen, but it’s also been made to deliver it in style. There are almost no ads whatsoever on this site, and all your commands regardless if they’re clicking the play button or navigating to a different section, are always executed by the site itself rather quickly. I’ve seen my fair share of bad generalist-style XXX domains, and PornTrex definitely stands out from the crowd in terms of quality and processing speed as well as user experience – but is it really all it’s cracked up to be and worth visiting every time you experience a burning uncontrollable urge to jack off?

High Quality Premium Porn All for Free

(site loads fast, video player has quality options)

First things first – when testing out this site as a professional porn website reviewer and expert on all things internet porn, the first question that pops up in my mind is does it do its default job as a porntube? In other words, does it deliver HD XXX videos quickly and effectively? The answer is yes. PornTrex has thousands of professionally-made XXX fuck flicks which can all be accessed for free by any visitor, regardless if they’re visiting for the first time ever or the 7th time in a day because they just can’t get enough of that delicious HD premium porn.

The videos on this site are sourced from multiple XXX studios the likes of Brazzers, Blacked, PervCity, 21Sextury, Tushy and so on, but the ‘Channel’s section, which is supposed to contain playlists of videos which are sorted via their production studio, only contains 12 separate channels, totaling down to less than 1000 videos. The only way to find videos which belong to different channels is to manually open them, because all the channels are sorted under a ‘Channels’ category which leads to the ‘Channels’ section itself, and there are only 12 different channels here because the people behind this site just haven’t bothered to sort the rest of the videos into new channels yet.

All The Categories a Porntube Could Ever Require

(no hardcore/bizarre stuff though)

As with all generalist-style XXX domains, PornTrex contains all the categories which a casual porn fan could ever need. There’s your threesomes, POVs, blowjobs, creampies, anals and other standard XXX categories on this site, but if you’re someone whose only turned on by debilitating things like pain and humiliation, or happen to have a pretty bizarre fetish like cosplay or diapers, then you definitely won’t find any content on this site that will meet your needs because this site wasn’t exactly made with your caliber of porno fans in mind. The people who frequent this site are turned on by things that belong in the ‘vanilla’ section of pornography, which is standard pornography that probably won’t result in a report to the authorities if you were ever to be caught watching it. If you’re looking for some more outlandish XXX content with whips, chains and nylon in it, then your best bet is to look elsewhere.

All the Tags You Could Ever Need to Find Your Kind of Video

When categories fail, tags are always here to save the day. The difference between tags and categories is simple: Categories cover a wider spectrum of themes and genres which are usually related towards physical attributes (MILF, blonde, teen) or sex play (blowjob, anal, creampie) – tags however go deeper than that, and usually cover something more specific. For example, if a video were to contain sex that takes place in a swimming pool, ‘pool’ would be a tag, or if a girl is wearing nylon stockings within a video, that video would definitely have either ‘nylon’, ‘stockings’, or both tags listed under its tags. There are more than enough tags on this site to keep you curious, and sometimes I say they go a little too far.

For example, a video with two amateurs going at it which is supposedly a guy fucking his tinder date has the following tags: I, Meet, Over, So Much, Fun, When, We, Start, Fucking, At, My Place… – most of the videos on this site seem to have this problem, and most of the videos also have every word of their title added as a tag. This is definitely something that needs to be fixed, because no one in their right mind would depend on a tag named ‘Place’ in order to find a video they’re willing to fap to. Tags may be a specific thing, but there exists a thing as ‘too specific’, and this site has plenty of ‘too specific’ tags on its videos.

Plenty of Ethnicity and Nationality-based Categories to Enjoy

If sifting through tags in order to find a video worth fapping to isn’t your thing (and it probably isn’t), you’re always welcome to try the ethnicity and nationality-based categories which are sure to help you find a video that contains a certain German housewife being nailed or a petite Asian teen moaning while her holes are being drilled. Ethnicities and nationalities will always be factors that contribute to the attraction, as there are plenty of people in the world who wouldn’t mind a little Russian action in the videos, or prefer some big booty Latina maid in the content they’re willing to blow a load to. There are a handful of nationality-based categories on this site such as Czech, Hungarian, German, Russian and Indian, as well as a fair few Ethnicity-based categories too like Ebony, Arab, Asian and Latina.

A Very Detailed ‘Models’ Section

A growing trend on these generalist-style XXX domains is having barebones ‘Pornstar’/’Models’ sections which merely contain a list of all the pornstars who appear in the given site’s videos as well as a list of all the videos which they appear in. Sometimes these sections don’t even contain images for the pornstars that they’re meant to sort, which makes them virtually useless. But on PornTrex things are a little different: this site’s ‘Models’ section not only contains a comprehensive list of all the models who appear in the site’s content, but the models’ profiles are also full of information which includes things like height, weight, city/country of origin as well as a paragraph-long bio about the model in question. There is no way to sort through the models on this site’s ‘Models’ section save for alphabetically, ‘most viewed’ and ‘top rated’.

There Are Also Plenty of Photos Too

One last thing before I finish this review, I’d like to point out that all you old-school masturbators out there who grew up fapping to pictures can rejoice, as there are plenty of photos, photosets and GIFs on this site that you can fap to. There’s no way to filter through the photos, and a lot of them are private, but there are also plenty of public photos, photosets and GIFs on this site which are so hot they’d actually give some of the videos a run for their money.

ThePornDude likes PornTrex's

  • Video player has plenty of quality options
  • Tags are effective and useful
  • Decent selection of ethnicity/nationality-based categories
  • No annoying or obstructive ads
  • ‘Models’ section is full of comprehensive information
  • Site has a photo section

ThePornDude hates PornTrex's

  • The ‘full categories’ section displays categories at random
  • Site’s design could be sleeker
  • Front page has way too many options
  • No true amateur porn whatsoever
  • No hardcore/bizarre categories