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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Are you the kind of person who requires fast, on-demand porn regardless of whether or not you’re at home wasting away in front of your PC, moving around or at work? Can you be labeled as an avid fan of internet porn with a browser history filthier than your own unwashed dick? Do you have a hard time socializing with others and communicating with women, and prefer to just fap your life away to some good old internet porn instead of wasting time and money chasing a real partner in hopes of forming a family? If you answered yes to at least two of the aforementioned questions, then there’s a good chance that you’re a top contender to be one a return-visitor to EPorner.com – one of the most efficient, top-quality generalist-style XXX domains which I’ve come across.

I’ve seen plenty of pornographic internet sites – it’s practically my job to be a professional porn website reviewer and expert on all things internet porn, and I know almost right away if a porno website is good or not regardless of whether it’s an all-rounder porntube or an XXX domain that covers something more specific. In this case, I was a little mislead – Eporner’s visual design and interface didn’t seem very promising, but the site’s delivery and overall effectiveness as an XXX domain proved to me that looks can definitely be deceiving, and that school of thought doesn’t just apply to attractive shemales which I’ve gotten a boner for a couple of times in the past. This website is full of all kinds of pornography, and it can all be yours in a matter of minutes (or seconds depending on your device’s speed) all for FREE. But does it come with its flaws? Of course, it does; let’s see what those flaws may be and establish whether or not this website is worth your attention and sperm cells.

Plenty of Homemade Videos, And Even More Professionally-Made Fuck Flicks

One of the things which I found to be quite unique and definitely a deal-breaker with this website is the fact that it has both professionally-made XXX videos and homemade fuck flicks, and it openly declares exactly how much it has of both. If you take a look at the top side of the drop-down bar which can be found on the left side of any given page of this site, you can find a section titled ‘Production’, and under it you can clearly see that this site has exactly 1,788,550 professionally-made XXX videos (that’s more than enough to keep the whole world fapping for years) and precisely 266,860 homemade amateur videos, which despite being much less than the professionally-made videos is still a commendable amount because homemade amateur videos aren’t exactly easy to film.

Yes, this site has more than enough of both kinds of productions available, meaning that you can either fap to some HD big-budget fuck flick on here, or jerk off to a nice homemade video which was filmed by some dude with consent from his partner – homemade videos are, like I said, not easy to pull off, because they require the girl being filmed in them to actually agree to being filmed, and nowadays that’s not something that comes to easily because most of the time when a couple breaks up, these videos are posted online by one of the partners (usually the boyfriend/husband, duh) where the world can see them in all their naked glory.

74 Categories in Total to Have Fun With

There are 6 dozen categories in total on this website which you can have fun and play around with if you ever decide to play ‘porn bingo’ and pick a category at random to jerk off to – sometimes you can even play this game with your friends and spice up your sex life (which boils down to masturbating to internet porn) in a wholesome way. The categories on this site cover the usual, go-to vanilla stuff like threesome, milf, blowjob, POV, ass, tits, teen and blonde as well as focus on some more out-there bizarre crap like BDSM and fetish.

Yes, there are actually more than enough bizarre XXX videos on this site which you can enjoy if you’ve burned out your visual receptors from watching regular porn on a daily basis and need something with an extra kick to get you aroused, and by extra kick I mean videos of girls kicking guys in the balls and guys spitting on girls while they pee on them. Yes it’s a rough world out there, but don’t worry, all the people in these BDSM/Fetish videos probably have a safe word that keeps them from getting hurt (or hurt too much).

Tags Galore

This website does actually contain tags, which aren’t always present on these generalist, all-purpose style porntubes. Now there may not be any standalone tag section which lets you see all the tags on this site, and maybe in this case it’s for the better because there are WAY TOO MANY tags on this site. I know that tags are supposed to cover more in-depth, specific themes and factors regarding the XXX content they’re assigned to as opposed to categories, but this site’s tags span many themes and factors. For example, any given professionally-made XXX video will have all the words belonging to the full movie which the scene belongs to added as tags, as well as the production studio which produced the movie, and last but not least, any named pornstars who’ve appeared in that piece of content will also be added in as tags.

What this undoubtedly means that any given professionally-made XXX video on this site will likely contain the following tags: “Gape”, “Me”, “Like”, “You”, “Mean”, “It”, “Adriana”, “Chechnik”, as well all the standard tags added in addition to those such as ‘Gape’, ‘Ass’, ‘Anal’ and so on. If there were a standalone tag section on this site, it’d probably have tens of thousands of tags on it, which likely could be organized but then again it’s way too much effort for something that only a handful of people would use anyway. There are also some unnecessary and unexplainably bizarre tags in homemade videos as well, but they aren’t as commonplace as they are when it comes to professionally-made videos.

The Pornstar Section is Full of Information

I’ve been disappointed by many barren, barebones-style ‘Pornstar’ sections on plenty of sites similar to this one whose respective ‘Pornstar’ sections contain empty profiles for the pornstars/models in question save for a list of all the videos they’re featured in which happened to be uploaded on the site they’re featured on. That’s definitely not the case here though: EPorner’s ‘Pornstars’ section contains some general information about the model in question such as city or country of origin, height, weight, age, ethnicity, overall rank on the website as well as the total number of views on the website to which includes profile, video and photo views. In addition, the standard list of videos which the pornstar is featured in is also displayed under the general information, as well as pornstars which the given pornstar has appeared alongside with in scenes they’ve shot together.

Plenty of Photosets and GIFs to Enjoy As Well

Not only does this site have plenty of videos to blow loads to for days, but it also has a literal ‘fuckload’ of photos, photosets and GIFs which are perfect for those of you who like to take things slow and have the capacity for imagination and patience and can implement them into your fapping. This site has a lot of great standalone photos as well as full photosets of models and pornstars taking their clothes off and either proceeding to touch themselves or get touched and drilled by others (which is usually how these photosets go down) as well as plenty of GIFs that are so hot they even give some of the videos on this site a run for their money in terms of porn quality. If you’ve got the patience necessary to jerk off to still-images and GIFs, you’re more than welcome to check out the ‘Photos and GIFs’ section of this website.

ThePornDude likes Eporner's

  • Contains hardcore/bizarre categories
  • No annoying ads
  • Recommended videos are good
  • Video players contain plenty of options and load fast
  • Contains VR porn videos & solo girls

ThePornDude hates Eporner's

  • Way too many tags
  • Website’ s interface and navigation options could be improved
  • Most photos aren’t tagged or categorized
  • Community isn’t very active
  • Site could use a visual update