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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Hey, you! Yeah, you. Put away your cock for two fucking seconds and read something, you fap-addicted man-monkey! I have another porn site for you to learn about. So, if you think you can put the brakes on your endless masturbatory journey for just a little while, maybe you will have an even better site to check out once you resume your empty, pleasure-seeking daily routine.

We all love a good free porn tube. But there are just so many porn tubes out there. How the fuck is one supposed to know which sites are worth his time, energy, and spunk? Well, that is precisely what I’m here for – to help you figure out what’s what in the endless world of online porn. You’re a busy guy, I’m sure, you have so much jacking off to do and so little time. So, I’ve scoured every corner of the web to bring you only the best sites, so you don’t have to.

Today we will be taking a look at a fairly well-known free porn tube known as You Porn. I would be shocked if you, of all people, have never heard of this site before. But I would be less surprised to hear you have never given it a sufficient perusal. Chances are you already have all your go-to porn tubes. Plus, You Porn is not exactly the most popular porn site in the world. It was, however, logged as the fifth most popular in February of 2013.

So, whereas it may not be up there with Porn Hub, xHamster, or X Videos, it still does receive a fair share of fap traffic. At one point, though, it was the single most popular porn site on the web. Back in 2007. It has since been surpassed, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still have a lot going for it. It is a completely free way to get millions of videos on demand. And, even though it has fallen from the number one slot, You Porn is still wildly successful. A journalist in 2007 estimated that the site generates around $120,000 per month on ad revenue.

A Fuck Ton of Porn and Familiar, Easy to Navigate Site Design

You Porn offers pretty much all of the same features to be found on competitor sites such as Red Tube, Porn Hub, and X Tube, and they present it in a very similar format: a black background, a comprehensive site menu bar, and page after page after page of high-quality porno for free. They also offer plenty of community features, user-created playlists, and an option to upgrade to You Porn’s paid subscription service, which unlocks plenty of additional full-length and HD videos that you cannot see as a member of the free version of the site. You would be hard pressed to ever become bored on You Porn, that’s for sure.

As soon as you navigate your browser to You Porn’s home page, the site should look pretty familiar with anyone who is well versed in free porn tubes. You’ve got a sharp looking black and pink theme, with a helpful site menu and search bar at the top of the page. Below you will find tons of videos, categories, and recommended porn stars to explore. The site menu bar allows you to choose between Videos, Categories, Live Sex (which links to You Porn’s very own cam site, YP Mate, Premium HD, Live Cams (seems a bit redundant … same link as Live Sex), Channels, and Porn Stars.

Clicking on Videos brings you to a separate page (that actually looks a lot like the home page) where videos are organized into separate sections. At the top of the page, you will find Free Porn Videos Recommended for You, which will become a great feature if you create an account … it learns what you’re into and recommends new videos to you accordingly. Underneath this section, you will find Videos we Love, which daily feature a new category (the featured category of the day when I visited was 69). Keep scrolling down the page and you’ll find Recommended Categories for You, Hot Videos in the United States of America, the top uploads of the day, and Hot Porn Collections (all the most popular user-created porn playlists).

The Categories section of the site looks a little different than that of other free porn tubes I’ve been on. Some free sites will simply list the categories alphabetically. Others will present them, gallery-style, with appropriate, large thumbnails representing each one. You Porn, however, has opted to present their categories in a way that falls somewhere in the middle of those two styles.

Up at the top of the Categories page, you’ve got more recommended categories, then you have a highly organized list of other categories, all of which have a very small thumbnail next to them. Porn categories are broken into one of four umbrella categories: Action (anal, blowjob, DP, Face Sitting, etc.), Details (3D, ASMR, Virtual Reality, Funny, Hentai, etc.), Story (College, Cosplay, Cuckold, Step Fantasy, etc.), and Stars (Ethnicity, Body Details, Hair, Age, etc.). You can even search for porn that is popular in a given country. I really like how much attention to detail went into You Porn’s Categories section. They really make it easy to narrow down their massive archive of porn, allowing you to more easily find exactly what it is that you want.

The Porn Stars section of You Porn is another helpful way to find what you’re looking for, particularly if you have a personal harem of favorite girls. Jump straight to their videos and skip all the bullshit. At the top of the Porn Stars page, you will have a selection of the Hottest Girls in United States (or, I would assume, whatever country you happen to be in). Below that you will find a list of the most popular porn stars, based on the site’s user-voted ranking system. You can easily browse girls by popularity, alphabetical list, most subscribed, or most viewed.

When you click on a girl, you might be disappointed to find out that You Porn does not offer anything in the way of a bio. They do, however, give you some basic stats on her (which is more than many free porn sites can say). Clicking into her profile will provide you with all of the videos she appears in that are featured on You Porn, as well as some basic information about her – birthday, height, zodiac sign, ethnicity, weight, hair color, years active, piercings, and tattoos. You can also subscribe to your favorite girls to be alerted when You Porn has new content from her, visit her official site, and continue browsing the site by tags that she is assigned.

No Pussy for You

The one thing that seems noticeably missing from the site – especially seeing as it is called You Porn, so it should be all about You, the user – is the fact that there are no social media features. This is, I think, where most free porn tubes end up paling in comparison to similar free sites such as Porn Hub … they just don’t have the same level of community capabilities. What I mean is that you can get laid on Porn Hub or xHamster if you know what you’re doing (AKA you can at least initiate a halfway decent conversation with a girl online). There is no hope for you to get laid on You Porn, though. So, that is an immediate downside in my opinion.

A Formidable Free Porn Tube, Indeed

But, short of being able to interact with fellow users and potentially getting your dick wet, You Porn offers just about everything that other free porn sites have. You’ll have tons of awesome hardcore videos to enjoy, the ability to rate and comment on videos, save videos, like or dislike them, create and share playlists, download videos, and follow your favorite porn stars. You can also browse the massive archive of content by channel, so you can keep tabs on your favorite porn studios, following them, and being notified when they release new content that gets put up on You Porn.

As is the case with most free porn tubes, though, you will be hard pressed to find full-length videos (at least in the free version of You Porn). That is not to say that there aren’t any – there definitely are – but the majority of what you will find on You Porn are excerpts and clips, at least when it comes to the premium-level professional studio stuff. But that is to be expected in this day and age!

All in all, I think You Porn is definitely a good resource for a fuck ton of quality porn. It may be lacking in the social media and community features department, but if you’re just looking for a bunch of porn to spank it to and a site that will learn what you like the more time you spend on it, You Porn definitely has what you need!

ThePornDude likes YouPorn's

  • Massive collection of great porn
  • Auto-play feature
  • Some customizable features
  • Decent site design

ThePornDude hates YouPorn's

  • Ads
  • Lack of interactive/social media features