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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a page as simple as this one. I mean, I actually felt my IQ drop browsing through it, that’s how XMoviesForYou.com simple it is. While the home page might seem a bit too overwhelming, actually, there’s not much to say about XMoviesForYou, really. No header tabs, no nothing, just a Home button, and the videos. It’s pretty weird. I usually see at least three header tabs, but no. Not with X Movies For You. You do get a search bar in the upper right corner at least. They give you that and I must say that it can be quite useful at times, so let’s not ignore it completely. I mean, that search tab, boy oh boy… This review didn’t start off well now, did it?

First off, let’s take a look at the home page which is the only relevant page on XMoviesForYou.com. What you get is a bunch of videos thrown in your face, which isn’t anything new. Many others are doing the exact same thing. There are no categories, no tags and no way of tracking your videos. But that search bar, dude! That search bar should get a medal or something since it’s the only thing dragging XMoviesForYou.com out of the mud, seriously. What you wanna do here is to basically scroll a bit through the page, find a video that you like, click on the thumbnail and play. It can’t get any simpler than that.

Maybe it can’t get simpler but it can get a bit more complex on the other hand. When you click on a video, your screen gets filled with a lot of useless stuff. Do you know what this stuff is? Can you guess? My old nemesis…ads! Oh, how I’d love to have a shotgun and go Kurt Cobain on them! I’d reach my Nirvana, that’s for sure. You’ll notice that XMoviesForYou.com has a lot of ads, and no matter where you click, left or right, an AD is inevitably going to pop up somewhere. It’s like playing Mine Sweeper I tell ya! Well, at least you’ll suffer for a just cause. At the end of the rainbow, you’ll get to see HD, full-length free porn! You should be paying like at least 5 dollars for 1-day access to all of these. Nope! Not on XMoviesForYou.com! The only thing you have to do is dodge all these ads and hope that your RAM doesn’t die. It probably won’t, I mean, what kind of RAM dies because of two or three small ads? I’ll tell you – the cheap ones!

So, I’ve already told you that when you click on a video thumbnail, you are taken to another section of XMoviesForYou.com, and you will most likely get 2-3 players on the page, and this is where the fun starts. Some of these players won’t work (which is probably why you get multiple players anyway), but in order to find out whether they work or not, you will have to click on them a few times regardless. Every time you click you will get a lot of ads popping up on your screen. Click on all these ads, hit that red “X” button, and what awaits you underneath those is an HD 40-minute porno video. Finally! You don’t get to download this one or to rate it, though. Pay to play buster, that’s how this game is rigged.

Now, I was dodging the design of XMoviesForYou.com since I didn’t want to go all ballistic on them for it. I mean, even though I said it’s very simple, I think it still needs some work. Even though I think the page exists solely to get money from ads or something (even though it offers some amazing porn), a prettier design won’t hurt. It sure makes the experience better. It bothers me sometimes, and I don’t know if it’s just me, maybe other people don’t care, but I’m gonna tell it how it is… It sucks, the design sucks! There, I said it.

Now, while you can find a lot of content on XMoviesForYou.com (30 videos per page and there are a thousand of pages here, so you do the math), you won’t find any extreme stuff on XMoviesForYou.com. So, if you are a scat fetishist, if you want to see a dude take a piss on a girl, you better move someplace else, because XMoviesForYou.com doesn’t like any of that. However, you’ll find anything form missionary sex with the lights down to Asian girls kneeling and begging for a BWC to fill their mouth up. Threesomes are galore! MILF’s, oral sex, anything, really.

XMoviesForYou.com is the kind of website I go to when I go for a quick wank. It’s pretty nice. It has a lot of HD videos, they last long (so your fun will last longer, duh), and it’s all free. There’s one little thing I don’t like on XMoviesForYou.com, but it’s a sacrifice I have to make, It’s the ads, obviously. But I don’t mind, I survived my ex, I can survive this. Even though the bitch did key my car but that’s another story.

ThePornDude likes XMoviesForYou's

  • There are plenty of videos in here, and they are all completely free
  • The pornos are all full length
  • The pornos are also all posted in HD

ThePornDude hates XMoviesForYou's

  • The design of the page manages to be unappealing
  • You get a lot of random ads thrown in your face
  • There are no categories, and there are no tags