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Updated on 05 February 2024
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X Free HD! Would you like to watch some HD porn videos for free? Well, everyone wants that, and xfreehd.com is a site that delivers. You have loads of porn videos here, and I am sure that your dick will enjoy them as much as mine did. I mean, how often can you find a genially HD porn website that has free videos?

Well, if you check out ThePornDude, aka my website, you could find them often, but if you do not, then not so much. That is why I appreciate what xfreehd.com has to offer. This place is simple, it gets straight down to the point, and it has porn. Now, obviously… every porn site will have its ups and downs, and if you are interested in that, as well as the content, I am here to make everything a lot clearer.

A simplistic place, with lots of porn.

Honestly, there ain’t much to be said about the design. Usually, I like to ramble about the design a lot more, but this time there is not much for me to say. Remember, this is coming from a person who writes reviews as a hobby, meaning I love to talk and talk. Thus, not having comments about a topic means that the topic is rather bad.

Well, I do have some things to mention. I was not impressed. With a site that offers such great content, I was expecting a lot fucking more. This is al I get? As for the idiots out there, here I am only talking about the design… and it is horrible. Sure, it has some spunk, but what pisses me off is the fact that while other places look much shittier, this one can obviously look better, but they stopped half-way. Oh well, at least the content is great. Although the site itself will have a lot of ads, which kind of killed my boner. Some of those ads can be tuned down with the Ad-block, so I suggest you use that before you check out the site. Honestly, if you do not have that extension installed yet, I do not know what the fuck you are doing.

I’d say that most of what you need to know about the site is in the name… xfreehd.com. You have free pornographic videos that are mostly in HD, and of course, they are taken from other known paysites. So, take your time and explore the site., I am sure that you will find lots of interest pornographic content featuring dirty babes who love to fuck… or continue reading.

The video are hot!

Obviously, I enjoyed the videos here. If I did not enjoy them, I would not be talking about this shit, now would I? Let’s be real, have I ever wasted your time with some bullshit websites that make no sense, and are not worth the visit? Obviously not. Not to mention that all that shit is neatly listed on my website, thus finding what you want is easy peasy.

Anywho, I am here to talk about xfreehd.com, and they contend it provides. Let me mention a couple of my favorites, like the one featuring the lovely brown beauty Mia Khalifa. Now, she is not in the porn industry anymore, but during the short period that she decided to try it, she produced a lot of dirty porn videos, and honestly, she is just my type. Damn!

There were actually many popular pornstar babes since, as I have mentioned, these are mostly videos taken from premium sites, so you are bound to see a lot of popular faces here. For example, another video I checked out featured the beautiful Anissa Kate, who we all know loves having hardcore sex, and she was ready to get rammed hard on this scene as well.

There was one video that depicted the beauty of a group sex action, and it was amazing. The beauty in the middle was a gorgeous blonde who enjoys getting her mouth filled with cum, as she is getting rammed by two other dudes on the side. There were other women waiting for their turns, and the whole video was just so fucking hot. Not to mention that it lasted about an hour.

If you did not realize what I am trying to say is that there are loads of different types of videos here, so I am sure that you will love what xfreehd.com has to offer. I mean, with such a variety, finding something that makes your dick hard should not be that difficult, but I guess this also depends on how picky you are when it comes to fapping.

Post your own videos!

To my surprise, they actually have a legit amateur section with a mesh of real amateur videos and staged amateur pornos. Well, you can become a member of the site for free, and with that, you will gain privileges of posting your own videos to the site. In case you were hoping to share what your dirty deeds or whatever.

Other than that, you also have the option to comment on the videos, see what other people have posted, check out their profile and so on> I think that their overall privileges are pretty straightforward, nothing out of the ordinary so I am sure that you will find your way around the site with ease. I mean, what is there not to like about this site?

Keep in mind that you do not have to register if you do not want to. The biggest crap that they offer is to post your own videos and chat with the users by sending them private messages. However, many of their users are not as active, since this place has a shit ton of users. So if you are just here to watch porn, you do not have to register.

There is a section dedicated to the community, where you can see the most active and popular users. If you open their profiles, you can also check out what else they have to offer, since the majority of them will have their playlists and personal videos or images. You can choose to subscribe to them and follow what they have to offer much like you would on YouTube.

Solid search options

On top of the site, you can check out the trending videos, the videos in general, as well as the categories. I think that they pretty much cover all the basic categories that you might be interested in, which is a good thing. However, they could have added some filtering options as well. Something to make the searches much easier for everyone.

This way, if you are into something very specific, I am not sure that you will be able to find it on xfreehd.com. However, you are free to explore and enjoy everything xfreehd.com has to offer for free. The categories did help me find what I wanted to fap to, but that is because my fetish can be described with one word.

You also have photos.

Other than the videos and categories, you have a tab dedicated to the photos. The majority of the videos here are posted by the community, aka amateurs., So you can see their dirty little pics, and even message them if you like something.

Obviously, you can do the same thing. If you like to film dirty videos with your partner, or you like to take naughty selfies, you should definitely think about registering. Sharing your naughtiest pics with the community can be quite satisfying, because of form my experience while browsing, the community is very friendly, talkative and complimenting.

Lots of free HD porn!

If you were just looking for a site where you can watch a lot of dirty porn videos for free, and you prefer the quality to be HD, you’ve come to the right place. I think that neatly explains what you can expect on xfreehd.com. However, it is not all that dilly-dally. There are some ads, and some bullshit here and there, depending on what pisses you off and what you were expecting in the first place.

Since the site is free, you have all the freedom to visit and check it out yourself. You can also register if you want to talk to the users or post your own dirty videos and images. The site’s design is quite crappy, but since it is organized, I can’t hate it too much. I do, however, get annoyed by their ads, but oh well.

ThePornDude likes XFreeHD's

  • A free porn site
  • Lots of HD porn
  • Categories
  • Post your own stuff!
  • Chat with others

ThePornDude hates XFreeHD's

  • Annoying ads
  • Not enough search options