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Updated on 15 January 2022
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There are so fucking many free porn tubes out there. Dare I say too many? Nah, that would be impossible, right? Contrary to what some dumbass people might say, having too much of a good thing is impossible. So, too much free porn? Never! However, with so many sites out there to chose from, it can be pretty fucking hard to pick one to default to when you’re in the mood. Almost as hard as your dick is! Actually, on second thought, I sincerely hope that your dick isn’t hard while you’re reading my reviews. Faggot.

In addition to all of the free porn tubes out there to chose from, there are myriad more free porn aggregator sites, professional premium porn studio sites, xxx cam sites, porn game sites, and porn search engines out there. How the fuck is one to decide on a single one? Honestly, it’s a pretty good dilemma to have. ‘Oh no, there are just way too many ways to access porn these days!’ Said no one, ever. We live in a beautiful time where nearly every porn video ever filmed is available to view any time of day or night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And all it takes is a couple clicks and a few strokes of the keyboard. And then, of course, you’re free to get your other strokes on.

But in order to be as efficient as possible, so that you don’t have to wait around too long after you’ve been besieged by horniness (which, let’s face it, happens at least three times a day), it’s extremely helpful to have a list of go-to sites that you can depend on, that you know are going to get the job done with minimal inconvenience or wasted time (or money, for that matter). We’re all familiar, I’m sure, with the big-name porn tubes like Porn Hub or Red Tube, but you can’t just go to the same porn tube for ever wank!

You gotta mix it up a bit every now and then. Look around, explore your options a bit. Porn sites, like pussy itself, requires a bit of variety every once in a while. Everyone loves that strange. Plus, who knows, stepping out of your comfort zone could lead to finding the perfect porn tube for you that you never would have known existed otherwise.

But fear not, that’s exactly what I’m here for – to help you navigate the enormous slush pile of porn that exists on the web. And, believe you me, there is a slush pile. It’s not all easy tits and ass out there. Some sites suck more ass than a rim job scene. Today, I have a free porn tube that you may have heard of – it’s one of the leaders in the industry – but maybe have never bothered to check out. The site I’m talking about is Tube 8.

The Porn Hub Network Strikes Again

As a part of the enormous alpha porn conglomerate, the Porn Hub Network (which owns the majority of the most popular porn tube sites on the web), Tube 8 is poised to be one of the best options out there. founded in 2007, they have had plenty of time to get it right, that’s for sure. So, let’s see what all the hype is about.

From the moment you land on Tube 8’s homepage, it should immediately look pretty familiar to anyone who is familiar with the porn tube layout and design. You’ll find links to the rest of the arms of the Porn Hub network at the very top of the page. Right underneath is the site’s search bar with an easy upload button to its right, making it extremely easy for users to share their favorite scenes or their own homemade fuckin’ vids, which is what has helped Tube 8 become one of the largest porn tubes on the web. With literally millions of videos to enjoy, you’d be extremely hard-pressed to run out of fap material on this site. And that’s always a good thing.

Also, to the right of the search bar, you’ll find a convenient and easy to access menu for sexual preference, filtering out the content precisely to whatever you’re into. Choose to see either straight (which is thankfully the default), gay, or shemale content only. You can also just as quickly translate the site to whatever language you’re most comfortable with. I always appreciate it when sites provide features for easy customization.

Immediately underneath this layer of the site is the menu bar, making it as easy as it should be to navigate this enormous amalgam of porn. Quickly jump to Home, Videos, Tags, Categories, Channels, Porn Stars, Get Paid, Live Girls (Tube 8’s very own cam site), Fuck Now (Adult Friend Finder), or Get VIP. The first six sections featured on the site menu bar all have whole half-page submenus that drop down when you hover your mouse over them, for more precise browsing.

Cash-In for the Fappin’

If you’re anything like me, you might instantly be intrigued by the Get Paid section. Tube 8 claims that they are willing to pay you to watch porn. That’s the fucking dream, is it not? I am yet to explore this in any real depth, or give it a shot myself, but they claim that you can earn money through a Blockchain network by watching videos, commenting, and voting. Again, I can’t speak to how legit this is (or if it is really at all), but if so, that certainly sets Tube 8 far apart from any other free porn tube site online.

Having access to millions of free porn videos is one thing – it’s great, you don’t have to spend a dime to make yourself feel good – but to actually earn money while making yourself feel good … well, that’s a whole new level. Fap for cash? Fuck yeah, sign me up. Regardless of how much you can earn (I can’t imagine it would be a whole lot), it’s probably worth checking this feature out at the very least.

Below the site menu bar, you’ll finally get to the real reason you came … plenty of porn to make you cum. Thumbnails are split into a few different sections: Hot Videos in your country, Featured Porn Videos, Newest Porn Videos, Top Trending Porn Stars, and Top Channels. It’s basically, more or less, the same layout that you’d find on Porn Hub, Red Tube, or any other Porn Hub Network site. Which is fine by me. I think that the layout works perfectly. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, right?

Some Decent Features, Some Missing Links

Tube 8 also has all of the features that you could want out of a free porn tube. Well, almost all. They allow you to like, dislike, and comment on videos; make playlists; save videos for later; and they even have some social media features which allow you to follow fellow users, post on their wall, and view their uploads and pics. However, the one thing that is glaringly missing from Tube 8’s community features is the fact that you cannot message users.

To that I say, why the fuck not? The site builders have done everything you would need to lead up to that, why not add a messaging feature? It’s like a chick giving you a blowjob and never letting you cum. Fucking site design blue balls! As far as I’m concerned, porn only exists to help us through the times that we can’t actually get laid for whatever reason. So, if a porn site can help you to get laid, they fucking should! Especially since this is a major component to other sites in the Network, such as Porn Hub and Red Tube. Why would you completely gloss over this on Tube 8?

The only other thing that I really don’t like about this site is the ads. There are a fuck ton of them. They are all over the site’s pages and they obscure your video when you pause it. Not only do I not want to see giant images of dude’s dicks for boner pill ads when I’m looking at porn, but it also just gives the site such an unprofessional air. Which is a real shame because the site is far from unprofessional in every other regard. So, this is just like a super fucking hot chick getting breast implants to make her tits intentionally look saggy and wrinkly when she had perfectly fine tits before that. I know the Porn Hub Network is far from in need of money. At least not that desperately. Knowing that just makes the ads even harder to put up with.

All in all, though, Tube 8 is definitely a formidable free porn tube. Millions of hot videos to enjoy, some decent features, user-friendly site design, and the potential to make money while watching porn. Some of the downsides, though, show why it is not the number one porn tube on the web. But it certainly has potential!

ThePornDude likes Tube8's

  • Tons and tons of quality porn
  • Some extra features
  • Good site design
  • Potentially get paid to watch porn

ThePornDude hates Tube8's

  • Missing messaging feature
  • Invasive and annoying ads
  • No animated video previews