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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Swinger Porn Fun! Swingers are basically people who are out looking for sex – so basically everyday normal people, except in their case, swingers are married or in relationships. You or someone you know could be in a relationship with or married to a person who attends these parties without their knowledge, which makes them a full-blown dedicated swinger. There are plenty of exclusive swinger parties and gatherings in most major European cities (especially in Czechia) and in the larger metropolises of the United States – these exclusive swinger parties are pretty much drug and alcohol-fuelled sex parties where couples come to have fun and swap partners with other couples.

It’s basically a high-class orgy, and not many people get invited to them. Of course, this means that if you make less than $40,000 a year you’re probably not getting invited to any high-class swinger party anytime soon, but you can always simply stick to watching swinger porn instead. SwingerPornFun here has the best swinger-based content the internet’s got to offer.

This site contains a large amount of swinger-based XXX content that’s totally free for you or any other free visitor to view and fap to, and it’s admittedly one of the better swinger-based XXX portals to visit on the internet. That’s because sometimes private swinger parties get filmed, and that film ends up being uploaded to sites like this. The footage itself is also very amateurish in nature, and around half of this site’s content is amateur in nature, but it also has a sizable collection of professionally-made swinger-style porn too. As I said, this is one of the best swinger-based porn websites that the internet has to offer – but is SwingerPornFun all it’s cracked up to be or are you better off masturbating to videos on an alternate site like PornHub? Let’s find out.

So What Kind Of Swinger Stuff Are You Into?

The swinger genre isn’t just couples cheating on each other and wife swapping. I mean sure, those two aforementioned activities have their own respective categories on this site’s category section, but there’s much more to it than that. One of the most popular sub-genres of this less-than-popular genre is cuckolding – you’re bound to run into a video that features a guy’s wife getting fucked by some other dude while her husband helplessly watches, and there’s even a cum kissing version of it where the wife ends up getting an oral creampie and proceeds to make out with her husband, all in the name of love.

Then you’ve also got the female version of this, which is called “cuckquean” – basically, it’s the opposite of standard cuckolding. There are also other categories such as “GF Sharing”, which involves a guy sharing his prized possession with his buddies, “Group Swingers” which is really just one big couples orgy, and yoga hotwife, which is basically a flexible wife getting pounded by someone who’s not her husband.

One thing that I noticed about this site’s categories is that a lot of them are repeated – for example, there’s a “Group Sex Swingers” category in addition to the aforementioned “Group Swingers” category. There’s also a “Wife Sharing” category which doesn’t seem to be much different from “GF Sharing” (I mean even a MILF-aged woman can be a GF, and vice versa). And there are even categories titled “ Partner Swap” (which is literally the premise of almost every swingers video) as well as “Polyamory Couples”, which is just another term for “Partner Swapping” or “Cheating”. All in all the categories on here, despite their sheer repetitiveness, seem to cover pretty much every aspect of swingers-based porn. There are also some Czech-specific categories that for some reason were added separately to all the other categories, and that’s likely due to the studio that produced all that Czech-specific content.

There’s Also Professionally-Made Stuff Too…

SwingerPornFun here also has its own resident “Actors” section that contains a list of all the known actors who star in its content. Now from the get-go you already know that this isn’t amateur content, and is therefore not actual footage of real swinger parties where couples go to have fun and share their spouses with other couples. The names that appear here (such as AJ Applegate, Abella Danger, Kalina Ryu, Emily Addison, Gina Valentina, Lisa Ann, Little Caprice and so on) are all pretty well-known XXX actresses who are obviously being filmed by professional big-budget studios.

The works and titles they appear in are fabricated to look like they depict an affair of some sort since they usually involve cheating, wife swapping and other swinger-esque things. This “Actors” section is likely the best way to filter out all non-professional, actual swinger parties and see content that’s purely professional in nature. Opening up any of the actor names here will simply lead you to a section that shows all the videos on the site which they’re featured in – there are no personalized “pornstar profiles” or anything similar of the sort.

Check out the Tags

The content organization of this site is nothing to scoff at – these guys take their content seriously, and they want you to take it seriously too. You can probably find specific content on this site within minutes. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a guy fucking two ebony girls at once, an Asian girl getting pounded by two guys at once, a blonde girl getting fucked by two black dudes while her husband watches or a whole group orgy of nothing but swinger couples – if you can dream it, you can find it.

This is mostly thanks to the tags here, which number in the dozens – there are tons of them, and they cover pretty much any theme that can show itself within this site’s content, including sex play, situational factors as well as physical attributes. In addition to that, every single video here has all the actors shown within it listed right under it in a clickable link, so you can be sure that you’ll have no problems navigating this site’s colossal amount of content.

Site Works Exceptionally Well on Desktop and Phone, Has No Ads, And It’s Free!

Not only is this site designed to perform smoothly on desktops, but it also works great on all other devices including handheld devices like iPads as well as smartphones. There are also virtually 0 ads here aside from the occasional popup that can be instantly blocked by AdBlock, which this site works perfectly with. And to top it all off, it’s free! SwingerPornFun is a totally free website despite it being undoubtedly one of the best XXX portals for swinger-based content.

ThePornDude likes SwingerPornFun's

  • Site is completely free
  • A great portal for swinger-based porn
  • Contains a great deal of tags
  • Has all the swinger themes kinks and genres covered in the categories
  • Works fine on smartphones and other devices
  • Has a dependable “Actors” section

ThePornDude hates SwingerPornFun's

  • No physical attribute-based categories
  • A little too much focus on “Czech” stuff
  • The video player can be slow to load sometimes
  • Pop ups will appear here on occasion
  • Categories contain a lot of repeating themes and genres