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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Well, is all about talented artistic minds that coexist between us like creatures with an innate ability to bring out their intrinsic desires and passions externally. It’s about those nasty deep, and captivating ideas that they wanna live so badly or better still would spare a spark and light up another soul. It’s about inspiration to share in the most intimate of desires, the shackles our minds fight so hard to break free from or simply all together sharing in that scary intriguing and yet equally enthralling would of desires and most of all being oblique about them in a selfless way!

Truth is there is so much to see, touch or even feel in this world that was once a product of an intricate thought. Or wait a minute, did you think even porn itself in its mysterious form and deep sensual aurora wasn’t scripted down by some gifted mind somewhere? Well, now you know! However, I’ll tell you that there is just so much that porn cannot accomplish; like I want to feel and even get intrigued to imagine about souls drowning in a deep sense of passion, searching in the finding of actionable sensations unplucking each other’s goodness in the giving, and not just in the sense of in-depth warm and slippery venture but in the entwinement of souls; which is exactly why I would choose a story any day on stories! Now, let’s explore!

First impressions lie!

Storiesonline just proves to me just how much looks could be actually deceiving; like you turn up here to have fun and fun isn’t anywhere as a statement. Am sure nobody loves staunch official settings, and unfortunately, that’s all your grumpy ass will get. Sucks? I know, maybe they should have at least tried and extended their creativity to the site design too, just saying!

Content look up

For starters, for a moment there the site scared the shit out of me; not that I’m a dumbass, but unless it’s a story, I don’t find lots of writings for a first impression any less gay. However, with a ton of sorting features, It’s almost as if you have everything to conquer this world of fiction. Am talking about:

Stories; you could easily keep tabs on this one’s thanks to the updates and new stories pages even better being that both old and new stories basically add up to over 40,000 with direct access to both the complete ones as well as continuing series.

Authors; actually it’s a no brainer that creativity is diverse not only in terms of niches but also rigorous insightfulness. Am sure you’ll be impressed by most of their ability to manipulate words in return stirring feelings you didn’t even know existed in you. My advice; find out who tickles your soul and follow through their work!

Discovery; well, I figured the word search is more of a boring norm. I would tell you to go for the search engine, but I figured even if it’s basically advanced, you might literally have no idea of what to search. Exactly why the alphabetical search is appropriate for this sort of shit. Did the trick for me, just so you know.

Reviews; I figured this might be an obvious life hack, but you know common sense isn’t just common to everyone so I’ll say; wanna land on to the good pieces without any hustle? Try and check what other freaks think about it!

Let yourself drown in the world of creative minds

Tell you what? The moment you step into this site and realize this is where your soul is at, there is no going back ever again. Am talking about infinite possibilities and freedom to flee from the world of crude reality anywhere anytime. Being able to drift from filthy balls draining erotic sex stories to infinite possibilities of the science fiction world, getting real with true-life stories, drowning your silly head in mystery, time travel, fantasy or even drifting back to Historical times. What can I say? If the horrors get you shitting in your own pants, you may as well Humor your scared self and get the strength to at least laugh about it or better still read out some drama so as to avoid being too dramatic about it. Works for me and there is no reason it shouldn’t for you too!

Filthy thoughts! A meltdown of desires…

I don’t know about you but am much of a shitty vanilla hardcore switch motherfucker and certainly wouldn’t find myself lost into Mind Control or Western kinda shit. Like what are geeks and historians for? Truth is everyone has lots of those jammed up moments that you just need to get off and there is no better creatively intense way of doing so other than relaxing with erotica cutting across these niches.

Incest; mainly a clear inked painting of those outrageously intense and heated up sexual filthy family moments between mother’s and son’s, father’s and daughters or even orgies with or of then. Can you imagine how thrilling the vivid and emotional output actually is? Romance; for the mellow prince charming sort of vanilla-like mates you can rest assured that this niche will duly serve you with even more love dreamy delusions that will adequately delight your soul.

BDSM; it’s not a spell but more than bewildered words of sex submissiveness. For those who love to be driven or to drive others into their most intimate sexual desires by making then rather helpless about how they feel. There are lots of stories to relate or immerse your shitty brains into; only I ain’t sure some of them are actually possible in real life!

Erotic Sex Stories; generally, if you are looking for something dirty or capable of boiling up your loins to the extent of bringing down a milky volcano, this is the place to look.

Competitive space, users have their say

I don’t quite grasp what they say about the spirit of competitiveness between the creative mind but am certain that it promotes excellence. And seeing that the site actually accommodates stuff like writing contests, it surely speaks minions about just how skeptical they are. Also, there are user story reviews that are documented, which am sure might be motivating to writers and I hope that negative ones challenge then rather than discourage them. After all, creativity is a matter of creating your own perfection whether it is in art or creative story writing!

Signing up, why should you?

Well, free is always an attractive offer especially if the bountifulness and quality is totally worth it, plus I wouldn’t want to deny myself an Ads free experience. Would you? Remember, the site doesn’t track or share your email, keeps you off spasms and has guaranteed confidentiality. Also, there is the premier service aka subscription with a lot more privileges that are fucking worth checking out.

Stories online had it for me in terms of:

Exquisite pieces; there are certainly lots of talented artistic and highly imaginative authors on the site; otherwise their stories wouldn’t be all that intriguing.

Huge stories database; I gather they update content regularly which is why even in a million years you will still find something to thrill your miserable dumb soul here.

Clean users experience; forget those silly free sites that won’t have you pay for free with series of disruptive Ads and pop-ups this is site is like tasting farm fresh air!

Competitive system; authors are made to participate in different contests which helps bring their best feet forward, and you can bet that I certainly love the better best vibe!

Possible concerns:

Way too formal design; while it’s enough that this particular site tables thousands of purely artistic work the outlook certainly doesn’t look like it. And honestly it’s like cooking a delicious meal and serving it on an old dusty plate; well the food will still be good, but no one will exactly be too excited to take a bite!

What I think should be done

Give us an exciting welcome; am not anywhere near a graphic design, and neither am I a color specialist, but I figure you need to seek both.

Bottom line

While there could be better than, the site will certainly leave a permanent inscription in your soul. Well, it’s not just the creativity, naughty mind-blowing twists, anticipation, panic, and enthrallment but pure talent! They may have not adopted an audio program for listeners but am sure the stories we’re enthusiastically written for optimistic readers, so I’ll leave you to decide.

ThePornDude likes StoriesOnline's

  • Exquisite pieces
  • Competitive system
  • Huge stories database
  • Clean users experience

ThePornDude hates StoriesOnline's

  • Way too formal design