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Updated on 05 February 2024
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If you’re anything at all like me, you probably spend most of your waking day seeking out and masturbating to the filthiest hardcore pornography you can find. The rest of the day, your mind creates elaborate sexual fantasies about orgies, swinging wives and sniffing panties. If you’re the type to write out your depraved fantasies, they might even be on Literotica.

Of course, you don’t have to be a contributor to reap the benefits of this OG stash of sex stories. Good god, can you imagine each of their 50 million monthly visitors submitting their own android humping and mind control footjob stories? As it stands, is already the biggest collection of written porn you’re going to find out there.

Jerking Off to an Internet Classic

Literotica is older than a lot of you motherfuckers. The site started way the fuck back in 1996, a few years before Y2K exploded the whole world and made us start all over. The site has all the flash of a throwaway Geocities site of the era, but what do you really need? This smut is made of words, not 360-degree VR HD with teledildonics.

Literotica is synonymous with porn stories. I couldn’t tell you if people were calling sex stories that before the website, but they definitely are now. They’re big like Kleenex and Dumpsters; people use the name when it ain’t even their product. That’s some serious branding power.

The landing page gives you the standard Adults-Only warning and shows you some news about the site. The site index is at the bottom of the page. It’s a relatively simple site, so whatever you’ll need is probably accessible from the front page. There are quick links to the Submissions, Bulletin Board and Help sections. Literotica supports itself with on-demand porn and sex toys, so treat yourself if you want to help pay their bandwidth.

Most of you are going to head straight to the Stories And Pics section, the top link. It’s the real meat of the site, and it’s just a click away.

The Kinkiest Shit Never to See Print

The landing page is kind of unnecessary, because all the same links are at the top of the Stories section, too. I don’t mind them reminding me about their Toy and Video Store or the VOD section. They’re unobtrusive text links, and I don’t see any spam anywhere else on the site.

The top link in the Erotic Stories section leads to the New stuff. It’s just stuff submitted in the last week, but it’s been a busy goddamn week. More than 600 naughty tales have been uploaded in that short span, and the day ain’t even over. That’s typical here. I told you Literotica is the biggest collection of literotica out there. It only ever grows.

Now you’re probably getting excited. If the catalog is this fucking deep, surely somebody has indulged those nasty fantasies you usually keep buried deep within your psyche. As a matter of fact, that’s probably true.

The rules are simple: no pedophilia and no beastiality. Like on Amazon, the no-animal-fucking rule only applies to real animals; the NonHuman section is actually rich with werewolves and other animal-human hybrids getting their salads tossed.

Everything else goes, and I mean everything. If you’re the kind of vanilla prude who gets turned off when sex gets too weird, you’d better watch your step on Literotica because there’s plenty of shit to step in. (Exactly 911 pieces of literotica tagged with Scat, to be precise.)

OMFG! WTF Do We Have Here?

Literotica is a wellspring of utter perversion. Whereas most pornography is limited by budget, obscenity laws and reality, the stories on the site only have to follow those two rules. That makes the whole place into a playground for adults who like to read while they touch their private parts, slowly and gently at first but working toward an explosive and messy climax.

The categories are lined up from A to Z, starting with Anal. The number of stories in each category is listed beside each link. Butt stuff seems pretty popular on the site with over 5k stories, but we’re just getting started. That’s actually a small section in this library of depraved daydreams.

BDSM is next. I don’t know if it’s just because of 50 Shades of Gray or if Literotica was always like this, but the shelves are fully fucking stocked. Nearly 35k stories about bondage, dominance and power games await your velvet-gloved fist.

Seriously, what are you into? Because somebody has probably written some stories about it here. Actually, a lot of somebodies have probably written a lot of stories about it. Thousands of writers have added thousands of their filthiest fantasies in every one of Literotica’s subgenres.

There are 12k stories about banging Celebrities and 20k about Exhibitionists and Voyeurs. Only 15k are filed under Fetish, so you may want to use the Search function to find your deep niche. A couple of thousand writers took their hands at becoming sexy comedians in the Humor and Satire area.

Wild Couplings, Literotica’s fancy name for consensual one-on-one sex, is more popular than you might imagine with 55k. NonConsent/Reluctance is barely half that popular, but that’s 24k more rape stories than nearly any other sex site.

You literal motherfuckers are going to be thrilled by the Incest/Taboo area. There are nearly fifty fucking thousand stories about keeping it all in the family. This section is exactly how I got addicted to a crushed mix of Adderall and Cialis that I call a Powerball.

Exploring the Halls of Literary Erotica

Literotica has a surprisingly good organization for a site with hundreds of thousands of pieces of content. Those few dozen category links lead to hubs for each subgenre. Instead of just hitting you with an endless, disordered list, the hub gives you a few options.

New stuff is at the top. A couple dozen of the New Incest Stories were added to the site just today. As evidence of how active the readership is here, they all have user ratings and most have comments already. This is a bustling community of deviates just like you.

You can see from just the one-line descriptions that this ain’t the typical pseudo-incest you get from big taboo video sites. For one thing, the sisters and brothers and moms and dads really are related in these stories. Plus, there’s bizarre stuff like a dairy farmer’s daughter trying the milking machine on herself. I’ve never seen that on PureTaboo.

Next in the hub is a selection of randomly selected stories of the archive. At first refresh of the Taboo hub I’ve got mom walking in on school lovers and getting involved, an 18-year-old son becoming the man of the house, and an epic-length tale of a debauched weekend involving two families.

The Hall of Fame at the bottom of each hub is a good place to start, because it’s the top stuff in each category. Threads: The Island is about a dude getting an inheritance, sisters and trouble. That’s literally all the synopsis says, but I’m guessing it’s not a financial drama that earned it nearly 5,000 Likes from taboo story readers.

Oh, They Have Poetry and Pics, Too

I hate to mention it as almost an afterthought, but that’s honestly how it feels on the site, too. There’s a section of Erotic Poetry that doesn’t get nearly as much traffic as the Stories, but you might be into if you’re into that art fag stuff.

There are Comics and Art sections, but they really aren’t worth your time if you’ve been to a site dedicated to that sort of content. Check out my Porn Comics section if you’re interested in the real stuff. I did find a good painting of a crazy monster slug attached to a guy’s dick, but nothing worth stroking it to. Most of the art I clicked on looked like they let the retard class draw nudes one day.

Literotica’s claim to fame has always been its incredible collection of literary smut. There are hundreds of thousands of stories here, with thousands more added every month. It’s free to read, well organized and there’s no spam. For many fans of written sex scenes, this is the only site you’re ever going to need.

ThePornDude likes Literotica's

  • Completely free without spam
  • Hundreds of thousands of porn stories
  • Poetry and pics, too

ThePornDude hates Literotica's

  • Useless landing page