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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Lush Stories

Lush Stories

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Welcome to Lushstories, a porn site that’s all about words and only words. We all love our pictures and videos, but there’s something about words that can make your imagination running and your dick hard that’s just hard to capture sometime. Lushstories is an erotic story and poem site where users can upload their personal stories for the world to fap to. A very active community is sure to read your story, provide feedback, and talk about how hard they busted their nut to your Charles Dickens of fucking. All kinds of stories are presented here. BDSM, cheating, college sex, fantasy, and even teens (16+) are well-represented. On the other hand, more extreme and taboo topics are sadly banned. That includes underage shit, rape, murder, drugs, and basically anything that would land you in jail in real life.

One of the most impressive parts about Lushstories is the community. Lushstories is closing in on 400,000 members, and considering that these motherfuckers jack off to the written word you should know they love to write and discuss. Porn stories get comments and reviews far better than the typical porn video, and the forum is very alive with discussion.

One of the cool features about Lushstories is the audio sex story section. You have both men and women uploading their voice recordings for all kinds of stories, and these are really popular and great based on the comments I read. You’ll need to register and become a member to check these out, but they add an awesome element to the stories. After all, you can’t be watching porn on your subway trip to work, but you certainly can listen to these audio commentaries.

Another cool aspect about Lushstories is that women are big part of the community. After all, books like Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray aren’t popular because men love to read. Words have a unique way of stirring a bitch’s imagination, and you see it here. What are women into? Two things: cheating on their faggot beta husbands and getting borderline raped by alpha males. Hey, I didn’t write the rules. I’m just telling you what I’m seeing. The stories where a bitch is held the fuck down and choked the fuck out while getting a dick rammed into her at 300 TPM (thrusts per minute) is how they get off.

Every story is carefully vetted by the staff at Lushstories, and the site also features an Editor’s Pick where particularly sexy stories get featured for the world to fap to.

Lushstories also has a unique rating system where there’s not only an average rating, but a total rating where stories are rewarded for being popular in addition to just being good.

Lushstories with that not so lush layout

As a erotic story site, you would expect Lushstories to have a pretty simple layout, and you’re right. Lushstories gets the job done, and there simply isn’t much to really get fancy about.

When you first enter the site, you’ll get a nice title graphic, and the latest stories in a blog format. For each story, you’ll get the rating, title, author, and the first paragraph or so of the story.

One thing to note about Lushstories is that there’s no summary or synopsis for the stories. Lushstories expects that you’ll either get into the story or not based on the little preview and rating.

Along the right of the page you’ll see some cam site ads (yes, they are ads), and lists for Top Authors and Story Picks. There are also more convenient tables like Popular Tags, Popular Searches, and Recommended Sites.

Recommended Sites is just some advertisement for affiliated sites, but the Popular Tags and Popular Searches shows you what other motherfuckers are into. You’ll find hilarious shit like accidental penetration, enema, forced-feminization, and white gone black. What is up with white people wanting black people to fuck their bitches? Crazy.

On the left side is a huge list of categories. Some shit that jumps out at me are Mind Control, Monster Sex, Money (I told you bitches love this site), and True. True is supposedly real life stories, so you can bust that extra hard nut thinking that these shit actually happened. Expect some good work happy-hour stories of co-workers getting straight nasty.

Above the categories is some major links to Audio Stories, Competitions, editor’s Picks, Recommended, and Author eBooks.

Audio stories are basically audio recordings of stories on the website. You can always browse these stories by Latest, Popular, Most Viewed, and Suggested by the tabs at the top. The audio stories require login, and they definitely add some flavor to these stories.

Lushstories has plenty of competitions with cash prizes. When you click on the Competitions link, you’ll find all their competitions which happen every 2-3 months. Prizes typically include $150 or so, with top three rankings.

Like I said, every story is vetted by the Lushstories staff, and their favorites go in the Editor’s Staff section. These are typically stories with lots of effort and detail, as well as the better poems on the site. The Recommended section is also a list of good stories hand-picked by Lushstories’ staff.

At the top of the page are the links to the Forum, Groups, Chat, Store, and Login. There’s also a link to Live Cams but that’s just an ad to their Cam platform.

The Forum is a very active board where people write about all sorts of shit beyond just porn stories. You can expect readers to love to write and talk, so you’ll see shit like Ask Girls/Guys, Relationship Advice, Sex Tips, Gaming, and general bullshit.

What I Like

Lushstories is a nice change of pace when it comes to fap material. There’s not only a ton of stories ,but poems also. This is sure to bring a good mix of both men and women to the site for that self-love action.

Lushstories maintains about 400,000 members, with over 3,000 users online at any given time. That’s a very active community for a text-only porn site. It seems like the chat goes far beyond just fucking, and the users here are overall more civilized than your typical fapper.

If you need some pics to go with the stories, the forum has great sections for porn pictures. Check out the Sexy Pics / Video section for hundreds of thousands of graphics. There’s a members only section for videos and pictures also with thousands of more content.

One of the best parts of Lushstories is the active staff. To make sure there’s no loli shit going on, every story is fully read and approved before uploading. This has the added benefit of the staff rating each story and featuring the best ones.

Lushstories also has a pretty good Tube video site. You can get here through the “Tube” link at the top of the page. It’s totally free to watch, and has a modern layout to enjoy.

The quality of the community is strong as well. Since these motherfuckers are readers who actually get off on words, you can expect that they will also have more insightful comments and generally more soulful than the typical porn fapper. The comments and reviews on the stories are better than average.

What I Hate

Well, obviously there are no pictures or videos here unless you go to the forums. Lushstories targets a pretty niche group, and the main site sticks hard to the stories and poems content.

A lot of features require user registration which is annoying. Even the audio stories will need you to register before you can listen to them. I guess Lushstories is pretty tight on the bandwidth, but you’ll get a lot more out of the place after going through registration.

There’s a lot of false ads around the page. The Recommended Sites and Live Cams are just ad links. Lushstories also tries to monetize through Paypal donations and a Lush Adult Store.

The last annoying thing is the ban on taboo subjects. I understand the ban against underage shit, but I think things like murder, drugs, and rape should be allowed. 50 Shades of Gray is borderline rape shit anyway, yet a fucking porn story site can’t have it?

Let’s move on from the Dino age

Dinotube could benefit a lot from creating user registration and trying to build a community. This website gets plenty of traffic, and developing a Discord and other community features is a major way that porn sites can generate more attention.

With so much content, Dinotube should also implement a deeper tag system. I don’t even know what tags are linked to each video, so searching niche tags might not grab all the videos you want.

With sites like Gelbooru using ridiculously high-level search engines, Dinotube’s system just looks like it should go extinct.

A cool little corner

Overall, Lushstories serves its target audience well. Come here to fap, chat, and listen to amateur voice actors give their best audio fap material. Personally, it’s just nice to see that people still read in today’s day and age, even if it’s to get off.

ThePornDude likes Lush Stories's

  • Erotic stories for just about everything with a very motivated community
  • Audio stories really make the stories come to life (requires registration)

ThePornDude hates Lush Stories's

  • No pictures or videos, whatsoever
  • No taboo subjects like rape, violence, drugs, etc