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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Sex Stories. Well, the people behind this website are not dicking us around. You certainly won’t need a gaggle of graduate students to pontificate on what the fuck’s going to be going down on this website. Sex. Stories. Simple enough … why beat around the bush when you can go straight for the pussy hole, am I right?

Even though I do like to read a good book from time to time (you should try it, dimwit), I have never really been one for erotic lit. I guess I’m just a much more visually stimulated kind of guy. Which is why I stick with that good old-fashioned hardcore porno – it never fails! But I can totally see how someone could be turned on by the written word. It’s not a totally out-there concept. Reading can be a very intimate and sensual activity. Just like masturbation.

If someone’s a good enough writer, sure, they can definitely stoke the imagination to the point where you just have to stroke it. I imagine it might be difficult, though, reading while you fap. How do you concentrate on both activities? One would surely distract from the other, no?

Maybe I’m just not good enough at multitasking for erotic lit. I read somewhere, however, that women are supposed to be better at multitasking than men are. Maybe that’s why women tend to, demographically speaking, be more into erotic lit. Maybe it all boils down to their ability to multitask. You know, like how they can suck your dick and play with your balls at the same time. Or how they can wash the dishes while simultaneously resenting you for the fact that they are washing the dishes. True talent, indeed.

Whatever it takes to get into it or what demographic reads the most of it, erotic lit is an undeniably popular genre. And it has been for hundreds and hundreds of years. The first record of erotic lit can be traced all the way the ancients and the Isle of Lesbos (yes, this is where the word “lesbian” comes from). But, shit, I definitely would’ve been reading the fuck out of some erotic lit back then. What the fuck else am I supposed to do? Jack off to some sexual depiction found in the glaze on a ceramic bowl? Use my imagination? Pfft! Fuck that!

Site Looks Like it was Designed Back When People Still Actually Read…

Anyway, why don’t we go ahead and take a look at sexstories.com, shall we? From the moment you land on the home page, your first impression will probably be some variation of “holy cock sucking shit balls, that is some horrendous fucking site design!” And you would be absolutely right to have this thought. This is some of the worst site design I’ve seen.

It kind of reminds me of one of those old Angel Fire sites from like the early 2000s. Remember those? Those fucking atrocious amateur hour shit show sites that anyone could make (and for some reason, so many people decided to dedicate to conspiracy theory bullshit … Well, on second thought, that checks out … 9/11 and whatnot).

In fact, at the very bottom of the home page, you’ll find the copywrite info: “Copywrite 2000 – 2006.” Chances are, they built the site in 2000 and just have not cared to update the site design at all since. Also, they haven’t renewed their copywrite since 2006? What the fuck’s going on here? If that wasn’t enough proof of the fact that this site hasn’t had anything done to it in years, the site’s intro even reads, “Note that AOL is blocking all emails mentioning ‘xnxx.com’.” Holy fucking blast from the past, huh. Oh, this site’s domain name used to be xnxx.com, if you haven’t already deducted that.

Apparently, though, people are still using this fucking time capsule of a website. In the center of the home page, you will find all of the Top Rated Sex Stories in the Last 30 Days, and the number one story was – quite impressively, I might add – uploaded only nine hours ago. So, clearly an extremely active and engaged community has stuck around this site since the days of AOL attempting to censor them. If you are an aspiring author of erotic lit, that is definitely a trait you’ll want in a site when it comes time to decide what platform you will turn to for feedback and an audience.

When you click into a story – hold onto your pants, because this is going to shock you – the online reader is also terribly designed. There is absolutely no pizzazz to it. Nothing about it is particularly intuitive or experiential. It’s a real letdown. I guess, though, the one thing I can note to their credit in terms of design is the fact that they didn’t choose a horrible font for the stories. I think it’s Cambria. Although I would personally prefer Times New Roman or Helvetica, I can settle for Cambria. At least it’s not fucking Comic Sans (which, I shit you not, I have come across on erotic lit sites before … there is just something very dissonant about reading a sex story in comic sans, it makes everything sound like a kid is saying it).

Below the story (they tend to be relatively short, which I like), you’ll find a counter for how many times it’s been read (which is actually just a counter for how many times the page has been clicked into … they have no way of knowing whether or not it was read, but whatever) and the story’s rating and number of votes. Underneath that, there are two buttons: “Negative Rating” and “Positive Rating.” Obviously, you click according to your criticism.

Finally, at the very bottom of the page, you will find a comments section. It appears to be grossly underutilized in my opinion. For a site dedicated to amateur writers who are sharing their passion projects with the world, one would prefer to see a bit more encouragement and constructive feedback being offered in these comments sections. But, nope, for the most part it just appears to be “liked it,” “didn’t like it,” cum, and goodbye.

Lack of Features and/or Offerings

I also really wanted to see some additional resources offered by the site – maybe a couple of pieces on the craft of writing, some tips and advice columns, a blog would be nice. They do, to their credit, provide a forum, on which I would imagine writing craft discussions are likely to occur. So, that’s cool. But it would be cool if the site did a little more to inspire involvement. Maybe host an occasional writing contest or something, offer to officially publish a piece of work? I don’t know. Something.

Great Forum, Though

The forum, however, does seem to be extremely active. This is also a space for users to branch out from strictly the written word a bit. The forums to be found here are General Discussion, Pic & Movie Posts (users are encouraged to post themselves, their girlfriends, wives, models, whatever), Sex Stories (a place to discuss texts … this must be where the useful discussions happen for the people who are serious about improving their writing), Sexuality (any serious discussions relating to sex), Personals (I’m intrigued…), and Forum Games. This is definitely a forum where you could have some fun and potentially even learn a thing or two.

As far as the quality of the writing is concerned: well, obviously it’s going to vary from writer to writer, story to story. After skimming through a few of the top stories, however, I am actually pleasantly surprised with the quality. It looks like some of these people actually know their way around a sentence fairly well. And there aren’t nearly as many spelling or grammatical errors as you’re used to seeing on these sorts of sites either. Huh … overall, I must say, I’m pretty fucking impressed. Did they write me into orgasm? Well, no. But a couple of them certainly wrote me into a decent half chub, I won’t lie to you.

Worth Checking Out for Writers and Readers…

Whether you are an erotic writer looking for a new audience (or any audience at all), or an avid reader of this genre, I think you’ll be pleased with the general quality of the writing and how active the community is. They could be a little better at verbalizing constructive criticism (or any criticism at all), but the forum is certainly lively. The site design needs a serious fucking upgrade. Someone needs to reach into the time machine and pull it back from the year 2000, that’s for damn sure, but the content is decent, so if you don’t mind shitty design, so be it.

As I mentioned before, it would be really cool if the people behind Sex Stories did a little bit in the way of encouraging or inspiring their writers and readers, like the occasional contest or publication credit, but the userbase doesn’t seem to be at all discouraged by this lack of engagement. They just keep on writing and reading the sex they wish they’d have – good for them.

ThePornDude likes XNXX Sex Stories's

  • Generally decent writing
  • Active community of writers and readers
  • Lively and entertaining forum
  • No ads

ThePornDude hates XNXX Sex Stories's

  • Awful, dated site design
  • Shitty online reader
  • No engagement with the community from the site
  • No resources or useful links