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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Welcome to, a place where all your kinky dreams come true, but in a story-form. I think that this sentence should be enough for you to know whether this is a site worth your time or not. Now, if you are interested in the type of shit they have to offer, I am more than happy to explain all of their pers and cons, so keep reading. But, if you do not get a solid boner from stories, I am not sure what the fuck are you even doing here.

Hot BDSM stories.

After knowing what this site has to offer, you should also learn what kind of stories they provide. Now, I think that both these facts should more or less be implied from the name of their domain… I mean what the fuck do you expect from a site called Obviously, they offer the naughtiest, kinkiest and BDSM related stories. Now, if you do not like BDSM, to begin with, again, why the fuck are you here?

Personally, I like BDSM in any form, but I prefer softcore. Here, you have a little bit of everything, so as long as you prefer the kinky side of porn stories, you will find it. When you open the site, it gets a bit confusing, as it looks quite fucking empty. Well, for you to be able to read any of the stories they have to offer, you will have to click on some of their presented shit.

Their homepage really looks like an entry to some BDSM action, and you will see what the fuck I mean when you open the site. Their red and black contrast really does it for me, and there will be many different links provided. From this, you can see that offers way more than just stories, but the stories are like the biggest part of the site… or so to speak.

Lots of hot BDSM stories for you to enjoy.

Well, the stories are what makes this site what it is, or so they make it look because the first thing that you will read on this site is the fact that they offer stories. Now, if you are not into stories, there are some other aspects of this place I shall mention in a bit, but the majority of their popularity comes from these naughty tales or whatnot.

You will get to choose if you want BDSM, FEMDOM or Bondage stories, and once you do that, you will be redirected to a place that does not look as slick as… and I am confused where they went wrong? You will get a white site with black font, and that is not that bad, but after staring at their dark layout for so long, I was blinded by this crap.

Now, when you open their stories, you will first get to read about their issues… now again, why the fuck is that the first thing I see. I highly doubt that people are interested in the issues of a site they are visiting for the first fucking time, that makes no fucking sense. Oh well, below that you will have a bunch of naughty games presented, so take your time and explore.

Everything has to offer is free, which is a big plus for the majority of my viewers, because I know you cheap fucks prefer to enjoy everything without lifting a finger or your credit card. Well, it is understandable, since how the fuck would want to pay to read some erotic stories… that makes no sense. I understand when we need to pay for some hot porn action, but for some silly letter on the screen, that is just bullshit.

Well, if you had to pay for this crap, there is a high chance I would not be talking about this site, to begin with since I am a cheapskate myself. Now, I am a part of many premium porn sites, because premium porn is the best, but that is the only kind of pornographic content I would actually pay for. The stories here are quite fun to read and keep in mind that this is coming from a dude who does not like to read erotic shit, to begin with.

Personally, these types of stories are made and written by women, right? I mean there is no way a dude would sit down and write about his feelings and sexual desires… I refuse to believe that. Well, I can imagine dudes reading this shit, since I also read a bunch, and surprisingly I liked a couple of these stories. But that does not mean that they were fap worthy, but I would recommend them to all who like to read.

On the left side of the site, you will have a bunch of shit to check out as well, and you can also be the one who will submit the story. Now, everything you can find on this site is related to BDSM, so if you are not a big fan of bondage and hardcore porn in general, I am not sure you will find the shit you want here.

So, what else have to offer?

On their homepage, they offer a lot of other crap, and when you open stories you are also given a variety of different shit to check out. Basically, while this site is dedicated to their stories, you have a lot of other things that will surely get your attention. This is the main reason that despite me not liking porn stories, to begin with, I am still a fan of this place.

The first section I checked out after their stories are the images, and there were a lot of naughty pictures that made my cock hard. Now, some of their crap here might open as it is, it might take you to another site, or you will get a video instead, which was hella confusing. But overall, has a lot of naughty actual content for you to enjoy if you get tired of reading made-up stories.

Most of the videos and galleries they offer can be viewed on, which is a site that every BDSM fan should have already heard about. Other than that, you have a section for the forum, where you can talk to people about different crap; from sharing your personal problems to helping them out with their own crap… I think we all know how forum sites work.

If there is something you do not understand about, you should check out their FAQ page, which basically answered all the important questions… I checked it out, and it is quite helpful. I think that has really outdone itself because while most of the crap they offer will send you to a different site, they are not lying as to what they have to offer, and that is weird for a free site.

They have a special section for galleries, videos, forums, webcams, blogs and so on… so I am sure that if BDSM can make your dick hard, you’ve just hit the jackpot. This place has a lot to offer, and you are bound to find all the dirty content you have been searching for. I like that even if their main offer are the stories, they still have a variety for everyone to enjoy.

If you like BDSM, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s as simple as that, believe me. If you love BDSM, this is the right site for you, because they offer a lot of random crap, but all that content is connected to BDSM. This includes lots of other subcategories, such as bondage, femdom, torture, humiliation and so on. I think that all the BDSM lovers know exactly what the fuck I am talking about, right?

With so much for you to explore, you better get started. The best thing about, besides the fact that they offer lots of random BDSM content, is the fact that their site is free; for the most part. All their stories and their images tend to be free for everyone, while some videos might require you to become a part of a different site.

Overall, I think that whether you want to visit or not solely depends on your love towards hardcore BDMS pornography. I mean, if you get easily disgusted and you love basic crap, then this is not the right place for you. But if you prefer to watch people get tortured with all kinds of pleasures, then you should explore what has to offer.

ThePornDude likes BDSM Library's

  • Solid design
  • Lots of content
  • Great stories

ThePornDude hates BDSM Library's

  • Not enough search options
  • Not all their content is from their site