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Updated on 15 January 2022
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I’m always here talking about sites full of HD videos, VR experiences, and crazy interactive features that only the freakiest, most porn-addicted people out there would even dream of using. But let’s take a bit of a sidestep from that and talk about a genre of porn that doesn’t get enough love. It’s the same medium you’re experiencing down. Writing. You’d be lying if you said you never spent a few steamy nights alone with an erotic story that hooked you. Your heart beating faster, leaning closer to your screen, as you hurriedly consumed line after line of titillating prose. Erotic stories are what you read when you want to really feel like you’re there feeling the touch, emotions, and lust of the characters on the page. Not even VR can accomplish the connection you feel when you sit down with a nice, hot, erotic story.

But where can you go to read quality erotic stories? You’re not going to find it on any of the most popular porn sites out there. Hell, you’d be lucky to find a coherent video description on half of the content on those sites. is a the site to visit. They are dedicated to all sorts of sexy, erotic stories. Fanfictions, personal stories, OC’s, and more. This site claims to have been established way back in 1992. That’s a long fucking time. And their traffic was even more surprising. Sites with this sort of content are usually terribly under viewed, but this site brings in around 9-10 million views every month. Very, very impressive for a site solely dedicated to user-written stories.

Simple, Clean, and Uncluttered Site Design Without Any Ads

One thing is for certain, the site certainly looks like it just stepped out of a time capsule from the ’90s. It’s got a blue, pink, and white design with a checkered, wallpaper-esque background that makes it feel like I just walked into a bathroom at a nursing home. I can almost smell the lavender oil warmer. It’s not awful or anything, but the design doesn’t support dark readers or anything like that. So, you’re stuck with the feel that the site has.

There’s a header up top for “Archives, New Stories, Authors, Donate, Shop, and Search.” A nice, simple header. No excess options or any bullshit like that. There’s no traditional homepage on this site though. You just get brought over to the archive section to start off with. The archive is broken up into four sections “Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, and Transgender.” As you can probably tell, this site is pretty lacking in any sort of completely straight stories, so if this sort of content isn’t your thing I’d continue your search elsewhere. Below those boxes is a section for announcements. These include things like book releases by site users, donations made to the site by users, and site updates.

Wide Range of Kinky Fetish-Filled Stories to Browse

Aside from those four categories on the archive page, this site has a lot of incest and bestiality mixed in. You’ll find other themes like BDSM, ageplay, and fantasy mixed in quite a bit as well. So, there are definitely some specific themes that you can expect here. I’m even more surprised that they have such a large audience with niche, sometimes controversial, content like that. But I guess there are more of you sick fucks out there who like reading and writing porn too. That shit is the kind of content I come to expect on the more back-alley sites that I visit. Not a site with frilly colors and a cute name like “Nifty.”

But the site itself is pretty well organized. If you want to browse by the newest content on the site just go over to “New Stories.” There you’ll find a list of every story uploaded to the site and when it was uploaded. And, damn, there is a lot of content to browse here. People are uploading new stories here all the time. You can probably expect something new to be uploaded every single day. There aren’t really any ways to filter this content by popularity, views, or rankings, which is a bit of a bummer. I think a rating system would be an nice addition to the site. But if you go from the archive you can click on any of those four categories, which will bring you to a page of sub-categories, and then you’ll get stories with only those tags. Not a bad system at all.

Quality, Well-Written Stories from Amateur and Professional Authors

The author directory is a nice touch. Every person who contributes to the site is put in an A-Z list of authors. Some by full name and other by username. I like how they break up the sections here by letter. It makes it less overwhelming and easier to find someone. When you click on an author’s name you’ll be brought to a section where you can browse through links for every piece of writing they have done for the site. It’s a great system for organizing the thousands upon thousands of texts they have.

The previews for the stories are simple. You get a file size, date uploaded, category and genre tag, title, and number if it’s part of a series. Simply click on the story link to get brought to a page with the full story. Up top you usually get some author info and site links if they have any. Below that is the text of the story. No frills, no advertisements, or anything else. I love how straightforward and to the point this site is. You don’t have to deal with anything obnoxious or crazy like you would on a regular porn site. Plus, the stories here are usually good. Yeah, there were some stinkers here and there, but you can expect better quality here than you would on some amateur RP site.

Easily Readable Stories on Mobile

The desktop version of the site felt a bit dated, so I didn’t expect anything good to come from the mobile version, but I was pleasantly surprised. The mobile version of is just as useable as the desktop site. The text is big enough to read. The site is easy to navigate. All of the buttons are formatted correctly for mobile. All in all, it’s a great mobile site. You should have no problems taking your smutty stories on the go. I mean, who is ever going to know? The site is cutesy and is super unassuming.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is that it’s full of writing that is actually pretty damn good. Yeah, the genres might be a bit wack for some people, but the stories are, overall, written well. And there are some really prolific writers on here. I’m talking people who have published multiple books who upload random short stories, fan fictions, and flash fictions here. There aren’t many good hubs for erotic writers left out there, so it’s always great to see a site like this doing so well. I also liked how organized the overall site design was. It’s a breeze to find content by author or genre.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

My main suggestion for would be to do some minor site updates. I get that the theme might be hard to change after having built up such a long legacy, but some small tweaks would go a long way. A rating system and some integrated download options for stories would be great. Other than those minor suggestions, the site does what it seeks out to do quite well. It’s a solid platform for workshopping and sharing GLBT erotica.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is awesome. If you’re in or support the GLBT community and want to read stories with those themes, then there really isn’t a better site to go to and get started. They have a massive readership for aspiring or current authors to use to gauge interest. It’s also a great place to get off to steamy, erotic stories full of interesting fetishes and themes. With thousands of stories, frequent updates, and talented authors, you’ll never be starved for quality erotic stories ever again. So, get your ass over to and enjoy yourself.

ThePornDude likes Nifty Stories's

  • Huge Catalog of GLBT Erotic Stories
  • Work from Professional and Amateur Authors Alike
  • Completely Free Platform Supported Solely by the Community
  • Very Organized Site Makes Finding Specific Content Easy

ThePornDude hates Nifty Stories's

  • Would Like to See a Rating System and Download Options Added