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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Usually, when weirdoes tell me that they love to masturbate while reading erotic stories, my first instinct is to fucking slap the shit out of them…. but I have found a site that managed to make the erotic stories quite interesting. This site is called, and if you love to read erotic stories in general, you will surely love the crap this site has to offer as well.

Currently (at the time I am writing this review) they are struggling a bit, and that is literally the first thing they tell you. has a Patreon page where you can donate any amount and help them stand on their feet… Now, I will not be doing that, for obvious reasons of being an actual porn lover, but if you enjoy your stay on this site, you can consider donating.

Before I talk about what they have to offer, may I just add that their site looks like garbage? I know, I know… I tend to rant a lot about the designs and all that shit, but people… how fucking difficult it is to create a site that looks fucking presentable? Sure this place is not all that bad, but for a site that requires you to read shit all the time, was a pure white background really the best choice?

I mean, just from reading a couple of stories, I could feel my eyes start to bleed, which might be because I prefer to do my naughty acts at night, like a normal fucking person. So, having a darker layout or a combination might have been a better fucking choice, but I guess it does not concern me that much since I will not be revisiting this place often.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that what they offer is very creative and all, but that shit just ain’t for me because, at the end of the day, these are still erotic stories, and I love to see some action and not read about it. Now, what makes them so different from other sites is the fact that these are actually interactive stories.

I know, I was also very surprised when I first read that they are interactive stories since I was not sure how that would work. Well, their shit is definitely flawed, but so far I guess it serves its purpose since they probably have people who report the bad entries. On the homepage, if you scroll down, you will get to see random stories presented, and you can read all of them for free.

So, there is really no need for you to create an account at all unless you want to write your own stories or side-stories. When you open any of the already-existing stories, you will probably realize that none of them is actually finished. That is because e you get to create an ending or choose one of the presented endings made by other writers.

Below every story, you will have a couple of choices to click on, and based on your choice you will get the appropriate story or ending. Sometimes, these choices just keep going, and it takes some time until you actually reach the end of the story… I swear, one story was so long, that I fucking quit after 30 minutes of reading.

If you choose to register, you can add entries to any of the stories, and create an ending that you prefer. Other people can read your entries if you allow them, and I think they can vote for their favorite shit as well. I found a couple of very interesting stories as they involved actual actresses, and that was hot to read and imagine them, not to mention that most of these stories involve one picture at the beginning.

When you find a story you like, you can check out the writer and see her/his details, if they chose to share them. You can also list the stories that they wrote or the chapters they added to other people’s stories. If you like that particular writer, you can choose to follow them, and I think that you are able to send them a message as well. Though I did not explore those options as much since I am here to tell you about the content, and not sidetrack to some drama.

Obviously, you will be able to save the stories you like the most, and if there is something in particular that turns you on, make sure to use their very useful search box on top. While they do not really offer a special tab for categories, their stories do have tags attached, and the search box on top does its job when finding stories with related words.

However, you will have some basic categories listed on the side, but to me, that was not enough. All the tags that are used, are “interactive”, which means that if you find a tag that you like, you can list only stories that are tagged the same way. There is also an option to list the stories by their length… I think we all know how this fucking works, right?

Those who came here without a story in mind, have the random story option on top, which is self-explanatory. I mean, this site is filled with random stories, and all of them are erotic. You have stories about sexual torture, romantic lovemaking sessions, first time fucked by a tranny and so on… I found a lot of random crap here, and that was really a big plus for me.

The thing I loved the most is the fact that there are multiple endings for each story, and you even get an option to write your own ending if you want. So, if you like reading erotic stories or you prefer to write them instead, it does not matter, because offers both those options!

ThePornDude likes CHYOA's

  • Read erotic stories for free
  • Create your own ending
  • Interactive stories
  • Good search options

ThePornDude hates CHYOA's

  • The design could have been better