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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Here’s the thing, right? There are simple websites, and then there’s, one of the simplest porn sites that I have ever had the chance of seeing. Well, it’s not exactly a porn site; it’s more of an erotic story site. And if you were wondering what it’s all about, well stick around and you’ll find out cause there’s a little bit of a twist to it. Well, less of a twist and more of a fucked up aspect that you never even imagined was something that people beat their dicks to. I’m talking about mind control, and I know that it sounds weird for you, as it does for me and most people out there, but it can be a pretty sexy concept.

MC is for all you mind control freaks out there

The MC in stands for mind control, so now you know how the guys got their name. And while I know that some of my readers here are going to be full on mind control eroticism fanatics, I know most of you are just coming into contact with this new world of erotic content, so let me guide you through everything that has to offer and we’ll be able to find out whether or not this place is for you and your fucked up fantasies. Here’s the thing though you have to try it out in order to find out whether something is for you or not, so stick around and we’ll figure it out together.

If you’re into that stuff, start browsing straight away

Now, for all you freaks out there that are already into mind control. I don’t even think you need to read this review since I know that you’ll be flocking to read all the stories about mind control sex on before I’m even done talking about the design, so go ahead and check out all the content that you’ve got going on. And since the site is so damn simple to use, you won’t even need my tutorial to be able to do it. It’s so fucking easy that even my grandmother could use this site, and she even has trouble using Google. So yeah, one of the easiest sites around.

Really simple design which is mostly just text and nothing else

We’ll get into the layout and all that later, but first let’s touch a bit on the actual design since there’s A LOT to cover here. If you didn’t see the sarcasm in that last sentence, then I seriously don’t know what to tell you. Listen up, this is one of the simplest, if not THE simplest website that I’ve ever seen in my life, and the design only implies that it has been made in HTML and nothing else. Alright, maybe there were a couple of CSS code lines put in there as well, but the majority of it looks like an HTML project that a high schooler did for their IT class project or something.

White background can strain your eyes after hours of reading

I don’t really mind it actually, since it’s definitely a style that you don’t see often, and it definitely has a unique vibe to it. And since the content is all text, it definitely helps that they have this simple layout so that it doesn’t distract you from any of the text that you want to read. No annoying ads too by the way, so those won’t be distracting you either. The only problem I have with it is that you have to stick with black text on a white background which can be pretty tiring to read especially during the night. So, if they added a night mode, that would be sick and I guarantee that you’d enjoy this place even more.

The place has a unique vibe to it, no doubt about it

So yeah, I think that has a pretty good design going for them even with the simplicity behind it. I love the way it looks and it’s definitely a look that you won’t often see, even with other erotic story websites. You’ll definitely see the beauty in it once you’ve been using it for a while. I mean, how often do you stumble upon a site where you can enjoy the erotic content on it without annoying ads covering your screen. No porn ads, no regular ads either, nothing to distract you, just you and your dirty mind reading some sexy mind control text.

The homepage has all the info you need to start reading

The layout is pretty simple and there’s not too much to talk about here. On the homepage, you get the overview of everything that you’ve got going on and you can choose whichever section it is that you feel like exploring at that time. You’ll probably enjoy every section a lot once you browse through it since most of them lead you to content. The most important ones are the Titles, Authors, and Categories. Each one of them will lead you to amazing content, so let’s cover them and see what they have in store for us.

Check out thousands of free mind control erotic texts

The Titles section is where the entirety of the library is held, and if you want to find a title and know its name, this is the place to do it on. You’ll notice that there are thousands of stories to choose from, so you’ll definitely stay here for a while as you look through and find the best story for yourself. I mean, how crazy is that. There are probably more than 10000 stories about erotic mind control on here, and you have the entirety of that repository all to yourself for free. Now that’s an offer that you just have to acknowledge as a really good one.

Find out who the authors are and show some appreciation

When you want to browse the texts according to which degenerate wrote it, then check out the Authors section. Alright, I was a bit harsh with the word degenerate, but I really fail to see how someone can sink so much creativity into a text porno featuring mind control. I get that you guys are really into that, but how come you’re ready to waste so much time on writing that. I guess I shouldn’t really be the one judging, I mean look at how much time I spend writing these reviews. Hey, at least I get some money in return for my hard work, while these guys do it for free, just to pleasure you. Show them some appreciation guys.

You can find a category for all sorts of fucked up shit

Now, I’m not the one to give too much shit to people for liking weird content so I won’t do that here either. The only ones I have a problem with are the ones that are furries. Those people are just straight into fucking animals and I’m pretty sure that each and every one of them has fucked an animal in real life. And wouldn’t you know it, they’ve infiltrated themselves in here as well. There’s a bestiality section on this section where you’ll find stories about people fucking animals and other crazy and weird shit that you never even though could be incorporated in the mind control genre. But wouldn’t you know it, it’s plastered all over the bestiality category on

There are other categories as well which I didn’t mention on here, and I didn’t really feel the need to since it’s some more regular stuff. I mean there’s some gross stuff other than bestiality don’t get me wrong, but it’s not as critical as animal-fucking. So, if you’re into all of this fucked up shit and want to read it, then is the place for you. They even have a forum where you can communicate with other members of the community. With so many features, you’ll be wondering why the hell you still haven’t tried out this free site for some of the sexiest fetish stories concerning mind control. If you’re into that, then you should definitely check out

ThePornDude likes MCStories's

  • Thousands of free mind control erotic stories to read
  • There’s a category for all sorts of fucked up shit
  • No ads or crazy layout to distract you from reading the content

ThePornDude hates MCStories's

  • White background with black text strains your eyes after a while