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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Adult Fan Fiction is known to be a hotspot for text-based erotic fetish writers providing ground for them to converge so as to challenge each other in writing stories covering various topics, but of course with heavy sexual connotations. Whether you’re an avid reader or writer of fan fiction, there is plenty to look forward to as this bitch has an active community and a huge archive of stories spreading across several sections including but not limited to anime, books, Buffy, cartoons, celebrity, comics, final fantasy, games, InuYasha, LoTR, manga, Naruto, television, celebrity, YuGiOh, and so much more.

Also, writers can challenge each other for awards and also advice each other on strategies, styles, and specifics in writing adult material. The experience that lies ahead promises loads of excitement, mainly erotic manga and anime art, as well as XXX stories. You could be interested in any of the above or just visiting to take a break from fapping to the same old porn videos. It’s always good to try different ways of jerking it, you know.

A quick look at the numbers

Come to think of it; there are not too many numbers to write home about. All I can tell you for now is this site has been around since 2002, making it a solid 17 years in the adult business. Now, unless there is something you are doing right, you just don’t last that long. However, even for a seasoned professional like myself, I found it hard to establish how popular the site is or how many visitors it receives every day. Probably, your guess is as good as mine.

Design and navigation might be a bit overwhelming

I’ll be honest with you here, the site’s outlook requires some getting used to. It looks like these fucks were trying too hard to cram everything together; they end up overwhelming and confusing the user. All those different sections and forum subsections will make your head spin as you try to figure out what is what. Perhaps someone should remind them that no one is interested in lengthy details about the recipe. All that people want to do is fucking eat! In addition, the logo (if you can call the initials to the site name that) is fucking boring, and the whole site looks plain as fuck. No pictures or a good mixture of colors, nothing. The only positive aspect of the organization is everything is arranged in the form of cards, and the site has also availed multiple sorting features so navigation won’t be too much of a bitch.

That said, Adult Fan Fiction has provided several navigation tools for users, including a member directory where they are arranged alphabetically for easier retrieval. Additionally, there is a search member engine for those who have someone specific in mind. Other tools include; Searching for stories; this is where users post a hint of a story they are looking for in case any of the members has come across it.

Challenges and requests; click here if you’d like to challenge authors to write about a specific topic.

Request a category; pretty much self-explanatory.

Hall of shame; this is the proverbial purgatory where freaks who plagiarize stories and other dirty stuff are posted.

An informative news section

For all its flaws, this is a very useful section as it keeps users informed on everything going on in the site, including forums and any contests that may be taking place. If some links are not working, this is where you know about it. Also, this is where you know about any new/fixed things on the forums and other parts of the site.

Loads of erotic fun in the forums

I’m yet to meet anyone who hates forums. If you do, it’s time to stop reading my review you boring ass motherfucker. Forums bring together pervs who share similar ideologies and tastes and is a great way of getting adult content and interacting. However, it would be for you best interests if you read their 8 key rules on signatures, creating an account with an invalid archive ID, Trolls, flaming other members, duplicate forum accounts, creating an account with an invalid email, spasm topics and spammers among others. You don’t want to end up in the hall of shame for trying to bend the rules, do you? Like expected, the forums are divided into sections and users can pick whatever floats their boats. If you have any burning question, the site has an FAQ section where your questions are promptly answered.

And then the archives

For obvious reasons, this is by far my favorite part of the site. Users can have their pick of erotic content that includes anime, books, bleach, games, celebrity, cartoons, Naruto, manga, and other erotic contexts. All you have to do is use the drop down option next to the archives tab and start your erotic journey.

The stories are well written and depict a myriad of sexual situations that will appeal to the darkest part of your brain. One particular story from the ‘celebrity’ niche titled ‘Like a Boss’ caught my eye. It is about a WWE diva who also happens to be a lesbian slut that enjoys having other girls suck her clit and wet cunt. An excerpt makes for a particularly good reading:

“There was a pause as Bayley blushed and nodded before lowering her head in submission, and then she dropped to her knees and buried her face in Sasha’s cunt, making the women’s champ crying out joyfully. Occasionally she liked a little more build-up, but mostly Sasha just loved making other girls drop to their knees and lick her pussy at a moment’s notice. Besides, wrestling the other hot women of NXT never failed to get her riled up, and after the match she’d just had she wanted to cum fast and hard, so much so that Bayley’s eager lapping just really wasn’t enough, even though her well-trained slut lingered on her clit with every lick, making it hard for Sasha to think coherently, let alone say anything…”

Needless to say, the archive is bursting its seams with such stories and hundreds of others, some of them lengthy as fuck. Some will leave you in stitches, but the majority will leave you with a wet pussy and a hard dick which is what you are here for anyway.

No ads, but the site wants your donations

You read that right. It appears that these motherfuckers depend on handouts by members who are feeling sufficiently philanthropic to remain afloat. Each month, they have a target sum they expect to raise, and at the time of writing this review, they were looking forward to raising $350. On the flip side, it means they don’t bombard you with ads although I highly doubt this will sustain them for long. Feeling charitable enough? Send your donations via PayPal to [email protected] to at least play your part in getting their backs off the wall.

Things I like about

Massive archive of adult fan fiction; fans of adult fiction will have plenty of content to pick from with the archive teeming with all manner of written adult content.

Sorting features; despite the seemingly overloaded outlook, the site has at least provided users with multiple sorting features to help them browse through the chaos.

Art nurturing platform; the site provides users with the tools, resources, guide, and a platform to showcase their erotic writing skills.

Active forums; no way of telling the exact number of members here, but there is a lot of activity in the forums, and there is little chance of being bored.

What I don’t like

It’s too crowded; the homepage is crammed with too much information and will prove a handful for first-time users. It left me wondering what the hell is wrong with these fuckers.

Plain and boring outlook; the lack of photos and visual appeal makes the site a tad too plain and boring. Anyone?

What I think should be done

For starters, the site should look for alternative places to stash all the unnecessary details. The best alternative would be to create links for them. They should also add an ‘about us’ section to give first-time visitors a clue of what kind of site they are browsing. As thing currently stand, you will have to browse the site for a while to know what they are about. Also, is there a less cumbersome way of registering as a member? The current arrangement fucking sucks.

Final thoughts

If reading adult erotica gives you a hard-on or you are simply a talented writer with a nasty artistic mind, will do the magic for you. The site allows you to read, share and build your craft as an erotic writer as you read through naughty and dirty stories covering a wide range of adult-related topics, which is why you should definitely check it out.

ThePornDude likes AdultFanFiction's

  • Massive archive of adult fan fiction
  • Sorting features
  • Art nurturing platform
  • Active forums

ThePornDude hates AdultFanFiction's

  • It’s too crowded
  • Plain and boring outlook