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Updated on 15 January 2022
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There are plenty of websites out there that offer naughty content, and the first thing they will show you is a ‘Warning’ page that usually looks shitty, while the overall site will look good. That is exactly what I thought would happen once I visited the actual website, because their warning page was quite fucking plain…

However, that shit did not get better once I opened their actual website, everything literally stayed the same. When I say that the site’s design is fucking plain and as simple as it can get, I mean that this shit looks like I just woke up in the 90s again… or maybe even when MySpace was actually a thing. I mean, what the actual fuck?

Since we are not living in those dark times anymore, there is no fucking excuse for your site to look like this. Now, since I am still talking about this shit that means that the site does offer some good crap, but I will talk about that a bit later.

Also, keep in mind that this site introduces themselves as an all-transgender website with a high number of erotic stories and images. So, if you were looking for some other basic shit, I am glad to tell you that you will not find it here, because all the erotic stories are quite lit; as much as I cared to explore.

I had to tell you about the design because I am pretty sure you would have fucking mistaken this place for a shitty ad or anything like that, because that is exactly how this place looks like. I have a feeling they hired a rookie programmer who just came out of school to finish their website design… I am sorry, but I just can’t over the fact that site that looks like this exists in 2018.

After getting that shit off my chest, I do feel a lot fucking better. Now, I shall explain all the actual crap you came here for. Basically, this is a great website for all of you fuckers who enjoy reading the erotic stories. Personally, I could never fap while reading a fucking porn story, I need an actual video for the magic to happen.

I want to start by talking about all the shit you can see here, but honestly, everything is placed in such a messy order that it took me some time to see what’s what. Well, you have the usual menu on top, which I am surprised they did not fucking forget to even create seeing that their website looks hella shitty.

The first tab, called ‘Fiction Mania’ should be quite straightforward, don’t you think? Basically, here you will have thousands of great detailed fiction stories always featuring a hot transgender person! I mean, everything on this site will feature a sexy tranny, so I think that there is no point to repeat that anymore.

If you have any questions or you want to talk to other users, you can visit the ‘Message Board’ tab that allows you to do just that. You can discuss anything related to the ladyboys, story ideas, new stories or even give constructive criticism about different stories that would help the writers improve. However, make sure to read the rules and shit about this section first.

You can become a part of their community, which means that posting and all that crap will be done easier for you, while if you want to post as a non-register person everything will be much slower. Honestly, if you are going to be visiting this place a lot, why the fuck wouldn’t you actually register? That process is free and quite simple, but I suggest you read their rules before you actually create the account.

Once you become a regular, you might want to start exploring the ‘New Stories’ section, for obvious reasons. In addition, for those who have a special kinky taste when it comes to such stories, make sure to open the ‘Search’ part of the site as well, because there you will be given some options to list all this shit.

However, the options you are given are not that great at all. They could have made a much better system for the users searching for the stories, but then again, seeing the overall design of this place, I am really not surprised that this is as much as they have to offer.

There is a ‘categories’ tab in that section, but it does not work as everyone expects it to. You get the categories, but if you want to see the stories in that particular section, you will have to search for it by the fucking date. I mean, who the fuck actually thought this would be a good idea? This shit is fucking annoying.

Now, another confusing part of the site is the ‘Title Images’… I know what the fuck happens here, but I just do not understand why. Basically, you have images, and you can add titles or text to them, and this helps contribute to their system and all that crap. It is really not worth talking about it more, so if it interests you, go fucking check it out yourself.

Overall, I’d say that people who enjoy reading erotic stories and do not care that the site looks like garbage, will surely enjoy their stay on This place is filled with only the tranny stories, and plenty of articles have images included as well, so keep browsing and find the smutty story to read!

ThePornDude likes FictionMania's

  • All the tranny stories are free
  • Some stories have images
  • Become a member!

ThePornDude hates FictionMania's

  • The fuck is this design? Are we back to the 90s?
  • The site is quite confusing, check out the Info page.