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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Indian Sex Stories

Indian Sex Stories

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Have you ever been on a buy & sell site? Any buy & sell site would do. You know the ones that I’m talking about, the ones that offer used items for $4 and where you can sell things for $3. Yes, those sites, those local sites in your town. Remember what they looked like, their color pallet, their overall impression. Well, If you can believe it is a literotica site that looks far worse in its design than those sites that I’ve just mentioned! Yes, the first impression will be to go away and find a ‘real’ erotica’ site. The pale brown on eggshell white (I’m talking about European eggs, the brownish eggs not the American white eggshells) just gives off an impression that you are about to get an offer on buying a ton of curry, or other culinary spices for cheap!

They say that you don’t get a second chance at making a first impression and boy, does that apply to Indian Sex Stories! Since I’m a man who loves to speak once the fat lady has sung, I’m going to hold my peace until I’ve seen what has to offer. As they also say, ‘the clothes don’t maketh the man’, well, I’m going to abide by this saying and give a chance that they deserve since TPD doesn’t mess with loser sites, let’s get that thing straight!

The design of the site is horrific. I’m not even going to flinch about it. It sucks. Let’s leave it at that. Moving on, the top header tabs read Forum, Submit a Story, Popular Stories, Savita Bhabhi, whatever that means, Indian Sex Cams and some other tabs that I suggest you check out on your own time. So as I was going over these tabs and all, I was thinking that this is all cool and all but this is a literotica site. I don’t care about the forums or Savita Bhabha Bubu whatever the name was, all I care about are the stories and the written down descriptions of sex, if I was a fan of that sort of stuff, of course. Those filthy, low down dirty sex stories! That’s what I want to read! Miss me with that ‘added-value’ stuff, I’m a straight to the point kind of a porn dude! From now on you can call me STTPTPD!

So if you are an English speaking person, you will probably miss out on all the cool stories that has to offer because not even Google Translate will help you. I hit Google Translate to read some of these stories but as it was translated, ‘lost in translation’ was an understatement! I couldn’t understand not one sentence. The only thing that I could understand was ’36 D boobs’ and that’s about it. So as far as the quality of the stories, I can’t comment on that, for obvious reasons so for the rest of the review I will stick to just the looks and the feel of and we all know how that’s going to pan out.

I was curious about that one tab that read Bahbu Thabi or something. Pardon, it was Savita Bhabhi. Yeah, that tab. I wanted to see what the tab had to offer so I clicked on it and there was this huge white pulsating cock behind it! Nah, just kidding, there were no cocks, geese or other feather animals behind this tab. It was a section where the sex stories had Savita Bhabhi as the main character and she is a well known Indian porn actress, I guess. So that was the mystery behind this door. I didn’t say I was Sherlock caliber but I’m pretty good though.

There were no popups, no redirections no annoying ads that would ruin the excitement of reading a sex story, I have to mention that too. The Indian Sex Cams section was okay, it was a redirection to the sex cams, Indian sex cams if you can imagine that. Popular stories were sex stories that the users rated as ‘excellent’ so they were trending in the top ranks. That was pretty much it, there was nothing else that I could have rated, ranked or criticized because the damn translation put a monkey wrench in my sprocket and now I was left hanging in the wind! With that being said, I’m going to give my final conclusion. Stay tuned in the next paragraph! Look below! is a popular sex site in India. I started this review with a bad review of their site design. It still sucks. It’s horrible. The rest of the site, the actual value that the site offers is decent. These sites, literotica sites are dependant on the stories and the uploading of the same. has those angles covered. Once that is covered, the actual quality of the stories doesn’t even matter all that much because people will read whatever you serve them, facts, and most of the time, those who are uploading the stories are at least decent writers. They are not going to write a sex story and make it look weak just so that they can set themselves up for ridicule on the Internet. Just check out and get your own opinion, I’ve said enough.

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