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Updated on 15 January 2022
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If you regularly watch porn and you’ve never heard of Red Tube before, what the fuck have you been doing? Anyone with an internet connection and a will to fap is bound to come across Red Tube at one point or another in their endless quest for quality porn. Red Tube is easily one of the most popular free porn tubes available to all us horny wankers. They have earned quite a reputation for themselves, and a solid one at that.

Not only are they known for providing fuck tons of great porn videos and pics, but they are one of the veterans of the free porn tube enterprise. They launched in 2007. That same year, Wired listed it as one of the top 5 fastest growing sites on the web. And their growth only skyrocketed from there. Two years later, in 2009, Red Tube was named by Alexa to be one of the top 100 visited sites on all the internet.

Their rating fell a little bit in 2010, shortly after Mind Geek (the corporation that also owns Porn Hub, You Porn, and many others) acquired it. They have since, however, reestablished their name as one of the most frequented sites in existence, and they are certainly in the top 5 free porn tubes, easy. It is hard to compete with Red Tubes position and importance in the porn industry, and it has only improved over the last 12 years or so since it first launched.

Not only is Red Tube still killing shit to this day, but it was also responsible for first introducing many people to the free porn tube format. Hell, even the first time I ever heard of porn tubes it was only because I had stumbled upon Red Tube way back in the day. Back when it was still just a porn site filled with high-quality porn videos and not the total interactive porn experience that it is today.

Red Tube popularized a whole new genre of porn site and some might say it revolutionized the very way we consume pornography for years to cum. It is hard to overestimate what Red Tube has accomplished over the years. And the most amazing part of all of this, in my opinion, is the fact that they haven’t even come close to falling off. Not one bit. Porn Hub may have recently taken their spot as the most popular, number one default free porn tube for many, but the site has remained consistently one of the best for so long, that they still deserve every bit of respect. Salute them with your free hand the next time you fap to one of their videos. Or if that seems a bit extreme, at least bear in mind their longevity and status in the porn industry.

A Never-ending Supply of Porn and an Iconic Site Design

Red Tube is known not only for their quality of videos – they are some of the best that the industry has to offer – but for their quantity as well. You will never run out of porn on Red Tube. And as soon as you think you might, refresh the page, you will have hundreds more to enjoy. There are millions upon millions of free porn videos on Red Tube, many of which are sure to bust a nut (or two!). You’ll get the best of both worlds on Red Tube: quantity and quality … a rare combo that only the greatest sites possess.

Do you know that quintessential, unmistakable look and feel of a porn tube? Well, you can thank Red Tube for that. So, when you first arrive at the site’s home page, it should offer an iconic feel. The site’s sleek and user-friendly design makes browsing the millions of videos it has to offer a pleasant experience. At the top of the page, you’ll find an area dedicated to Recommended Videos. Below that, a gallery of thumbnails that are currently trending in your country (see what your fellow nationals have been fapping to and embrace that warm and fuzzy feeling of patriotism that comes with holding your cock in hand alongside hundreds of your compatriots).

Keep scrolling down the home page and you’ll find Red Tube’s Flavor of the Month. This is a featured girl or category that changes every month, with a specially curated playlist dedicated to it. At the time of this review, porn star beauty, Lana Rhoades was the site’s special feature. They gave her a stylized little section of the home page with pics of the starlet in action serving as a background and a carousel of videos in which she is doing her thing (and, fuck, she does it well!). Underneath this special features section, you’ll finally locate the recent uploads section, allowing you to fall down the Red Tube rabbit hole of hot smut by recent upload.

Then you will find Top Trending Playlists, allowing you to browse the most frequently viewed user-curated playlists (hey, maybe yours could make the cut one day), Recommended porn stars, and Top Trending Searches in your country Today. Red Tube eliminates the hassle of trying to navigate the massive porn tube, making it easier than ever to find all the best free porn on the web and, furthermore, only the stuff that you are into.

Up at the top of the page, you’ll find the notorious Red Tube search bar and red, black, and white logo. To the left of the logo is a dropdown hamburger menu, allowing you to expand and collapse the site’s menu bar on the left-hand side of the page. From here, navigating this behemoth of a porn site becomes even easier. Click Home, Porn Videos, Categories, Porn Stars, Channels, Live Cams (Red Tube has their very own cam site), Galleries, or tags.

From here, you can also check out the site’s Community section, as well as adjust your personalized preferences. In a matter of seconds, switch from straight to gay or trans content, or change the language of the site. Everything is easy to use and enjoy on this site. This is what every porn site should aspire to be like.

Don’t Just Fap on Red Tube…

Speaking of the Community section, Red Tube allows you to do so much more than merely sit back and enjoy millions of porno flicks. Get active, interact, chat, participate, share your nasty ass dick pics … really, whatever you want to do on Red Tube, you can thanks to a bustling community of pornoholics just like yourself. Create a profile and upload as many images and videos as you desire (be them of yourself, your girlfriend, or just pro videos that you found and want to share with the world).

You can also search for members and connect with like-minded freaks in your local area. This is something that, again, every porn site should aspire to. I always appreciate it when a porn site acknowledges that they are, when you boil it down, a means to an end. We don’t watch porn when we could, instead, get laid, right? Well, Red Tube reflects this reality and, thus, provides avenues by which you might potentially be able to get laid right on the site! Feel free to browse members, add them as friends, subscribe to their content, comment on and like their shit, and chat them up with direct messages. There’s no guarantee you’ll end up chatting with a sexy slut in your home town, but it’s more likely than on a porn site that didn’t give you the opportunity, that’s for sure! Hell, I’ve been casually messaging with a sexy little thing on Red Tube for a couple of weeks now. That casual messaging will turn into casual sex any day now. So, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Ads that can be Bought Away

However, as we are all well aware, there’s no such thing as a perfect porn site. Red Tube is, of course, not without its flaws. For one thing, there are some pretty annoying ads to put up with, as is the case with any free porn site (“free” is never totally free). You can get rid of the ads, though, if they bother you that much by upgrading to a premium account. And the price of their upgraded membership is pretty fair, especially when compared to other premium pay porn site subscription fees.

You get a 7-day free trial to begin, and once that expires, it’s just $9.99 a month to enjoy endlessly ad-free porn any time of day or night. An upgrade also grants you access to an entire section of the site with special, premium-only HD videos, making one of the largest porn sites in the world even larger. It’s definitely worth considering if you can afford it.

All in all, Red Tube is one of the most well-known porn sites in the world for a reason. It’s well-designed, easy to use, has a literal fuck ton of high-quality porn videos to choose from, and hooks you up with some decent community features that might lead to you getting hooked up with a sexy young thing nearby. Definitely worth your time.

ThePornDude likes RedTube's

  • Huge collection of high-quality porn
  • Awesome site design
  • Great community features
  • 100% free (with premium option)

ThePornDude hates RedTube's

  • Ads in free version
  • Not as many full-length scenes as I would like