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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Pornography is man’s escape into instantaneous sexual pleasure – the term instantaneous should be focused on here, because it’s the driving force behind the popularity of pornography itself. Millions of people all around the world relish the chance to be able to sneak into their workplace’s bathroom and enjoy a quick fap to a nice, visually-stimulating XXX video, and they can do so because porn tubes like the aptly named “PornTube” can deliver just that. There are hundreds of thousands of videos on this website – terabytes on top of terabytes of XXX content, and they can all be accessed in less than a minute (unless your phone is slow and outdated). The very novelty behind modern day internet porn is the fact that anyone with a decent smartphone and an internet connection can access it almost instantaneously, which is far more convenient than back when people used to have to dig around to find their uncle’s hidden porn magazine stash in order to get their hands on any kind of pornography at all.

Now that we have everything from e-girls to v-stroker enabled content with shock-absorbing fleshlights that have porn linked to them which responds to your strokes, porn tubes are starting to become a thing of the past. Back when we all used to masturbate to Redtube they were new, now with PornHub reigning supreme as well as tons of other new technologies like VR popping up, it’s safe to say that porn tubes are slowly becoming played out. Now any porn tube that takes itself seriously needs to have a few fundamental things in order, like content organization, UX/UI, quality video players and so on, because at the end of the day, any idiot can open a porn tube site now and fill it with content and ads even though it’s a total pain in the ass to use. Thankfully though, PornTube is light years away from having that kind of problems…

Pick Your XXX Movie for the Night, Day, Morning or Evening

Yes, the content on this site boils down to XXX videos (duh), but that doesn’t mean that it’s a random abortion of pornography footage that’s been plastered around on this website with no organization whatsoever, which is what a lot of these kinds of sites are notorious for. Hell no – this website is organized top to bottom, not only with its navigation options/interface, but also with its video selection. You can easily filter in/out videos based on their rating, views and likes, which is the standard norm for sites like this. But, when it comes to video length, which is a pretty important thing depending on how long you’re planning on fapping, there’s no option whatsoever. For all the filtering options that this site does give you, the most fundamental one that determines your videos’ length is absent, which is just bizarre if anything else.

All the Categories You Could Ever Need

I’m gonna get straight to the point and tell you that you can find any kind of porn here, regardless if it’s normal POV stuff or girls burning candle wax off the tip of some guy’s dick. Every kind of intensity level imaginable can be found in this site’s 36 different categories, as well as the standard physical attribute-based factors like blondes and brunettes, in addition to the more technical categories like VR and HD. If you’re worried that your extreme tastes won’t be met, worry not because there’s both a Fetish and a Bondage category here in addition to a few other ones that can be labeled as ‘extreme’ and/or ‘alternative’.

As Well as Seemingly Infinite Tags

In addition to the astoundingly effective number of categories (not too little, but also not too much) there are also over 70 separate tags on this website based on the different kinds of sexual themes, displays and acts. I’m surprised to see that there is a standalone tag section on this site which is appropriately combined with the category section, because I’ve been seeing way too much websites with no standalone tag sections lately. Tags are very underrated with porn websites because they’re extremely reliable if you’re looking for something more specific – things like ‘sofa’, ‘vibrator’, ‘petite’, ‘natural tits’ and ‘hairy’ can be almost impossible to look for in categories, but the power of tags makes these otherwise highly-specific things accessible for any and all visitors of this website. Tags make it easy to find just what you’re looking for, and that goes a long way with someone whose searching for something to masturbate to with one hand on their mouse and the other wrapped around their dick.

The Pornstar Section is Damn Near Perfect

The pornstar section of this site is, in my opinion, the cream of the crop when it comes to its features – millions of people who fap tend to develop virtual obsessions with the girls they fap to and typically get into phases where they mostly fap to content that features their ‘virtual crush’ of a pornstar. This website’s pornstar section is by far the greatest pornstar section I’ve ever come across, because it lets you sift through all those sexy, silicone-clad actresses with such accuracy that you could even filter them depending on their physical attributes. This means that if you’re looking for a juicy blonde MILF but also want her to be a latina, or a petite little Japanese slut that has to have large breasts (which is rare but can be found) then you could just pull it off by using this site’s comprehensive search filters on their pornstar section. Moreover, the pornstar profiles can be filtered via popularity, number of videos they have and other non-visual based filters.

Check out the Channels

If you’ve ever had the masturbatory capacity to develop a preference for a certain big-budget XXX production, then you can definitely have some fun on this site’s ‘Channels’ section. There is a whole section on this website dedicated to highlighting content that’s categorized via its production – every popular and semi-popular name in the professional pornography industry is listed here, such as Twistys, Blacked, Brazzers, Moms Teach Sex, 21 Sextury, Digital Playground and other names you’ve probably seen in the form of logos plastered on the corner of videos which are on popular porntubes. Not only is this a great (and probably the only) way to filter in content that’s made by a particular XXX production, but it’s also a great way to boil down your preferred XXX content to a certain niche or genre – for example, Blacked is black dudes fucking white girls, Moms Teach Sex is milfs, and so on.

Need a Playlist?

Sometimes you just can’t seem to make a choice with which video you’re gonna blow your load to and need a whole damn playlist to get the job done – well the people who made this site knew exactly that there are people who are extremely indecisive fappers, and decided to make their life easier by offering a ‘Playlist’ section. There are all kinds of playlists on this site that range from threesomes to big asses to pissing, so you’re bound to find an archetype of XXX content that will satisfy you for the night.

All in All a Top-Tier Porntube

To conclude this review, I’m gonna declare this as one of the best porntube-esque XXX websites I’ve ever reviewed, and it’s not really surprising that it’s so well-organized and optimized because after all, it is called ‘PornTube’. If you want a pleasing user experience with fast, top-tier on-demand porn, then look no further.

ThePornDude likes PornTube's

  • Can’t sort videos by length
  • Not much authentic amateur content
  • No pictures
  • Pornstar section doesn’t include photosets
  • Ads are annoying with their ‘disable adblock’ messages

ThePornDude hates PornTube's

  • Nice dark design
  • Minimal-to-no ads
  • Fast video player with decent quality features (240-1080p)
  • Very comprehensive category and tag system (from vanilla to hardcore stuff)
  • Several channels based on production