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Updated on 05 February 2024
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You’ve heard of PornHub, right? I mean even your auntie’s probably heard of PornHub, the most popular porn website in the world that’s so popular it even has a meme-spewing Twitter and Instagram profile that’s probably followed by half of your work colleagues. PornHub is almost every average porn consumer’s go-to website whenever they want to blow a load and release some tension, but there are other sites that can get the job done faster than PornHub, and even more, provide you with some videos that you can’t find on PornHub. PornVideosHub is just one of those websites, and trust me, it’s not a cheap clone or knockoff to PornHub despite having a very similar name.

PornVideosHub is a fast-responding digital answer to all your porno needs, and I’m not talking about those 5-minute long ‘Life Selector’ or ‘Property Sex’ videos you fap to whenever you go on PornHub because its algorithm always spams them to the top of almost every video list. There are plenty of premium, professionally-filmed XXX videos on this site that can certainly hit home in any porn consumer’s league, and they’re usually full scenes as opposed to PornHub’s 5-minute long clip cut-outs that only show you the best parts of the scenes without leaving space for any arousal buildup or plot development whatsoever, I mean over half of all PornHub’s videos don’t show you the pivotal part where the girl bends over as she takes off her panties, which is a perfect focal point to base the rest of your fapping experience on.

PornVideosHub doesn’t just have full scenes that let you properly experience pornography in its uncut glory, but it also contains a lot of videos that can be considered ‘dirty’, even by internet porn standards – I’m talking hardcore stuff which I’m willing to bet couldn’t be handled by the average porn consumer…

This Isn’t Your Typical Vanilla Porntube…

(hc categories, scat, fucking machine, anal fisting, bondage, incest, pissing and even adult games)

As I said, there’s plenty of hardcore stuff on this site that probably wouldn’t be able to be handled by your typical porn consumer. I’m talking videos that will either make your dick heard or your stomach squirm depending on your preference for pornography, which in turn is dependent on how much porn you watch. You see, I’m an expert on all things internet porn and know all too well that the more you fap, the more tolerant you become to all that porn-induced dopamine you experience. This quickly has an effect on your porn of preference – for example, if you fapped to some ‘FirstClassPOV’ videos for three days in a row, you’ll probably end up fapping to some ‘PeeOnHer’ videos by the end of the week if you keep it up, or maybe something even heavier that you can definitely find your way to on this website here.

Around half of the content on this site can by all means be deemed as ‘hardcore’, with categories like ‘Scat’, ‘Fucking Machine’, ‘Anal Fisting’, ‘Bondage’, ‘Incest’ and ‘Pissing’ making up over a third of all the total available genres and themes within the category section. As I said, this isn’t your typical fast-responding porn tube, and even if its name is similar to ‘PornHub’ it’s still a long ways away from the standard vanilla stuff that PornHub is known for having. If you’re ever in need of a quick fap to some X-rated pornography that’s so hardcore you’ll need to confess your sins to a pastor after you fap, then ‘PornVideosTube’ is definitely your go-to website. But there’s also plenty of the standard stuff here too…

Don’t Worry, The Standard Stuff Is Also Here

Aside from all the hardcore, pain-inducing XXX content on this site that no one in their right mind would openly keep in their browsing history, this website is also home to that good old vanilla porn that we all know and love because most of us grew up with it after the internet became commonplace during the mid 2000. Trust me when I say that there is more than enough of that standard vanilla porn on this website to go around, so much so that you could fap to a new video on a daily basis and go on that way for years on end without worrying whether you’re running out of content. This site may be a godsend for any of you hardcore fans out there who like pee, pain or abuse in your porn, but it’s also well-equipped with plenty of the standard stuff that’s sure to please any horny high school or college kid whose brain only consists of sex and survival.

A Few Dozen tags to Help You Find The Stuff You Need

Aside from the fine selection of diverse categories on this website which delve both into the vanilla and hardcore genre domains of internet pornography, there are also a few dozen tags on this site that can help you find what you need, when you need it. The tags on this site, however, aren’t as effective at getting the job done as the categories are for a few reasons – one of the main things I’ve noticed about this site’s categories is that they’re just too inconsistent.

Half of them seem to be tags named after XXX studios whose content can be found on this page, with the remaining being either vanilla tags like ‘Anal’, ‘Busty’ and ‘Lingerie’ alongside the hardcore tags which cover most of the fetish-centric, latex-clad content on this site such as ‘Worship’, ‘Shemale’, ‘JOI’ and so on. The problem with this site’s tags is that they could’ve easily been split up into standalone categories (like for example ‘Anal’, ‘Busty’, ‘Lingerie’ and the remaining non XXX studio tags) while the remaining tags which are named after XXX studios and productions could’ve easily been set up as standalone channels.

Tags are supposed to cover specific things within a given piece of XXX content such as ‘pool’, ‘party’, ‘teacher’, ‘nature’ and other things that focus on things too specific to be placed as categories. Not only is there a small number of tags on this site, but the tags themselves don’t even cover things that are traditionally covered on tags which are present on other XXX sites…

Plenty of Free Premium XXX Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure

This site has plenty of free videos for you, but you might not like the way you can view them depending on how patient you are regarding blowing your load. The videos on this website which aren’t amateur homemade fuck flicks are generally filmed by big-budget studio productions the likes of ‘MyDirtyHobby’, ‘Brazzers’, NaughtyAmerica’, ‘RealityKings’ and so on. They’re typically full scenes ranging from 10 to 30 minutes long, and can be viewed in HD – but there’s also plenty of homemade movies here too…

Authentic Amateur Videos Included

If you don’t prefer to waste your fap’s load on big-budget XXX clips due to the fact that you’re more of a natural porn lover who actually enjoys ‘real sex’ instead of that fake stuff because you too, have real sex in your life which you can relate to, then you’re more than welcome to fap to the hundreds of authentic amateur homemade XXX videos on this website. There are more than enough of them to please any caliber of amateur porn lover here, and a lot of them delve into the dark abyss of fetishized bondage sex which involves all kinds of depravity that’s perfect for all you experimental sex freaks out there…

All the Videos are Merely just Previews…

(there are full video links for every video present though)

I’ve saved the most important thing about this website for last, and I’m not going to sugarcoat it because I know just how important it is for someone to be able to find a video worth blowing a load to fast and effectively while browsing a porn website; all the video links on this site lead you to a page which presents you with several video links that all lead to alternate websites where the actual video is hosted and playable on. No videos that you see here can actually be played here, so if you’re the kind of XXX video consumer who likes to get the job done as fast as possible, then maybe this isn’t the site for you…

ThePornDude likes PornoVideosHub's

  • Almost no ads whatsoever
  • Website responds fast to commands
  • Navigation and content options are neatly organized
  • Visual design is sleek and easy on the eyes
  • Contains authentic amateur content on top of professional XXX videos

ThePornDude hates PornoVideosHub's

  • No actual videos playable on site
  • Tags are too few and inconsistent
  • Very barebones layout with limited options
  • Categories don’t explore ‘vanilla’ sex themes and genres enough
  • A fair number of broken video links