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Updated on 15 January 2022
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When talking about good porn websites that I know you would enjoy visiting, how could I not suggest First of all, can I just mention how fucking funny that name is, and for obvious reasons? Also, with a site that has ‘porn’ in their name, I do not think there needs to be much introduction, so I will just tell you about the important aspects.

The visual of this site is nearly perfect, in my opinion. You have the dark layout that makes it easy for nightly browsing, everything is where it should be, and when you hover over the videos you get to see some inserts. Now, if this is not something we all fucking want from a porn site, I do not know what is.

Of course, just because the layout is near perfection, that does not mean that the site does not have some good and some shitty aspects, which I am soon going to mention. I do not know if there is a need for me to state what you can expect to see on the homepage, but in case you are an idiot, you will have a bunch of porn videos listed… duh!

This is a free porn site, so you can watch all of this shit without creating an account; just enjoy yourself. Most of the videos here are in HD, and the highest quality is 720p, which is fucking great. Unless the pornography is amateur, I do not fucking want to see pixels with my porn, do you understand? Amateurs get a pass since they do not have the pro equipment, but the pornstars should only film high-quality shit.

The videos I saw here varied quite a bit, and I realized that they are filled with a lot of beautiful women. These hotties were just made to spread their legs and take on a couple of pulsating love poles! Honestly, women, in general, were born just for two reasons, to fulfill their men’s hunger and sexual appetite. The only ones who would disagree are the uptight sluts who do not have a real dick in their life.

There are a lot of pornstars that I already knew, so I checked their shit out and it was quite satisfying. However, I also ran into cosplayer chicks, who were dressed as Asuka and Rei from Evangelion, which is one of my favorite anime. Now, that shit was so fucking satisfying to watch, especially since both of the cuties were so into cunnilingus.

If you still prefer the basic shit, do not worry, there is plenty of that here as well. I saw a ton of different videos, and they all featured the hottest chicks and very lucky lads. My advice is to just take your time, and enjoy browsing because there is a shit ton you can find.

As you have already probably guessed, if you’ve opened the site, on the left side you have a bunch of tags listed, and most of them are pretty basic. However, there are a bunch that you do not get to see on every site, such as drunk, work, or my personal favorite, the 4k quality porn. I think that all porn should be filmed in that quality from now on, because God damn, it is so satisfying to see all the fucking details.

Besides the categories, you will be given a couple of other ways to list the porn videos, but that is about it. So, I have to ask… where the fuck are the filter search options? Common guys, you made such a great layout and I cannot fucking specify what I want to watch? Really? That is such bullshit since I hate scrolling for hours to find the shit that gets me in the mood.

If you share this opinion, and you should, then I suggest you check out their ‘Most Popular’ videos. I found a shit ton I liked just from that list, and you are bound to enjoy them as well. Keep in mind that this site has a lot to offer, and they have an updating schedule, so you do not have to worry about running out of new content.

There is also an option to create your account, and it is free, but honestly, I do not see the fucking point for creating a profile on a site that already allows you to watch their shit for free. Are you really one of those idiots who likes to comment on porn clips and similar shit? The only privilege I’d probably use as a member is the ability to download their clips, but even that is unnecessary when you have all of that crap for free on their site.

Overall, if you are looking for quite a basic porn site that is perfect for a nightly fap routine, you are fucking welcome. offers all of the basic shit one would expect to see on every website, but the thing that makes it stand out is that all of their pornography is professional and thus HD. So, enjoy yourself, download the shit if you want, and have a fun fapping session.

ThePornDude likes Pornky's

  • Great dark layout
  • Most HD porn movies
  • Some 4k quality clips
  • Everything is fucking free

ThePornDude hates Pornky's

  • Not enough search options
  • Some Ads