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Updated on 05 February 2024
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See, from the moment I landed on Porn Doe, I saw all these little banners, shinning and blinking. They weren’t ads, the annoying mosquitos, they were promos, to get you to sign up and get VIP access and a discount. Hold up! If there are VIP areas and discounts, then this tube site has a degree. It is not a regular tube site that gathers other site’s videos and claims them as their own. No. This one has integrity…or at least I was hoping for this to be the case. Whatever the case might be, they set me up for an expectation that was high enough that even if they drop the ball, they will land with a soft landing. Nice. That’s how you set up expectations and as I said, it is in the details. They immediately grabbed my attention. Let’s see what happens next.

I skipped all of the Tabs on the top and went straight to the Free VR. I had to see what that’s all about and how can a tube site have a VR section. Well, they can have it when they have a connection to BadoinkVR, a VR site that lures you in via that affiliate link, I mean, that’s the only thing that I can assume. But alright. It is more than what the 99% is doing so I’m cool with the redirection but I’m not cool with the popup redirection page that immediately was brought up. After clicking X on the page, I could proceed with my life. Finally.

Also, as I was clicking on some of the videos I was hitting on all of these Premium videos. Damn! A tube site that has premiums?! Now, this is the new trend that I’ve been noticing on the more up-scale tube sites where they have some content that’s Premium. They claim that they are offering over 40+ sites, 2400+ scenes 1080p HD videos so on and so forth. I was pleasantly surprised that this was the case since this tells me that I’m on a boss site, one that’s not messing around. From this point on, I had my sights set for bigger and better things. Alright PornDoe, let’s see how your videos pan out.

I was pleased. This is how it is when you click on their videos. Expect the tube site quality on some of the videos. Some are 480p, some are 720p HD and then, there are the 1080p HD, that are reserved for the Premium members. These are the videos that are from the Brazzers, Teamskeet and so on. On each of these sites, you see under the video what production house made the video and you can join the channel. There are tags, categories, Comment section, the Download section and this is where you have to be a registered member, for free. I loved this part. The videos had their options where you could speed up or slow down the vid, set the quality of the pic, embed or share the vid, the usual. The usual that primo sites have. From this point on I was certain that this tube site was on point and I was just looking for all the details that I consider important to sort out.

If you wanted to remove ads, you could do it but you would need to be a premium member. The AdBlock is not supported on this site or at least the banners and the ads were made so that they don’t need to be. It is all fucking elegant and it’s not like all these barnyard porn sites that are looking to sell every pixel of their site just to make some cash. This is the difference between a site and a team that has some mulah behind them and the poor “let’s just make it ’till the next month” ones that are looking like shit. I appreciated PornDoe’s approach with their ads, the same ads that are getting on my nerves enough so that I want to kill something! Not with They are making a world a better place, with me at least.

Now, this is the thing. After browsing around and seeing what the deal is with PornDoe, you realize that this is a marketing and a business plan that other’s should follow. Set up a quality site, one that really offers value, give away as much free shit as you can but be subtle with the product that you’re pushing. It is not a surprise that PornDoe managed to get all these XBiz awards and accolades since they are a great hybrid of a tube/pay site. Offer free stuff, then when they get hooked hit them up with the stuff that they’d want to buy. Along with the discount of 60% that PornDoe offers, for just $12.50 a month you get to have a fucking awesome site, great porn and access to a bunch of other sites…I mean, c’mon, it doesn’t get any better than this. I’m on their dick as you can see, and I don’t even get paid to promote them like this.

ThePornDude likes PornDoe's

  • 1st impression sets you up for quality
  • They keep up with the quality
  • They deliver what they promise and then some
  • Great design

ThePornDude hates PornDoe's

  • Some adverts
  • Some videos can be seen just in Premium