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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Starting off with Categories on their homepage, starts offering a different impression from the jump. Along with that Spartan holding a mobile phone with a big booty with a thong as its logo, I could tell that the guys at wanted to impress. Hold your horse Porn 300, I’ll be the judge of that. They say that there are 129,950 videos on their site, which is enough for anybody to enjoy porn without having to go to other sites and search for other vids just to let some steam off. I clicked on the first category that caught my eye, and that was the Brother and Sister one. No, I don’t have this fetish, nor do I fantasize about banging my bratty sister, it was the girl on the thumb that got me intrigued. Also, they are not real brothers and sisters, we all know that it’s all for fun and play. Whoever thinks this is real is an imbecile and an invalid, with all due respect.

Nice tagging system, all looking neat and clean. The white background made me think this was a site made in WordPress but alright, that’s nothing to frown about. Then I clicked on the video. Two options: volume and resizing of the video. That’s it. Now, I will let your imagination run wild as to guess what quality the videos are in. Yes, default, grainy ones. I wanted to check if this was the case with all of the videos and yes, it was. This was their 1st thumb down but then I started thinking. Why was this so bad? The videos ran smoothly, there was no buffering, no hiccups and after all, this was a free tube site. I needed to go deeper in the rabbit hole to see what this Matrix was all about. I jammed that cord in the back of my head and entered the Porn300 program.

There was no Mr. Smith to kung fu fight with, but there were some issues with the Related videos. I love it when my related ones are displayed in a scroll down menu underneath the video that’s playing already. When I do my thing, I like the flow. I hate it when I have to look for the exact video that I like and as I’m doing so the video playing stops or it just skips to another page. They have a 2 column, 4-row type of a related video selection, which is okay but I didn’t get the view that I wanted. The video that I wanted to keep in mind just in case, was long gone as I was getting lost on other related pages. So yeah, that got me a bit frustrated since there was this awesome amateur clip that I wanted to check out and even the babe was hot but…now, I will never know.

The Pornstars’ section was cool. They really did choose the right pics of them that made them look even hotter. Each model has a brief description and videos that they are appearing in, available on the site. They also have various channels that you can check out compiled with videos that were jacked from production companies such as Mofos, NubileFilms, Wicked and so on. I clicked on them and yes, there were all these fantastic vids, all packed under one channel which made me think about canceling my subscriptions to all my primo porn sites. I didn’t do that, but it made me think about it at least. Throwing $100 on good porn for a year is nothing to this porn lover.

I wanted to bag on the site for not having brief descriptions under the video but then I realized that there was a little plus symbol that I had to click on and there they were, descriptions. Brief, simple ones but they have that too. Boy, it was getting harder and harder for me to find something that I can rag on since, for a tube site, they covered all the angles that a free site should have. You even get to vote and like or dislike the videos on the site. My job as a reviewer was getting harder and harder. But I had to find a taint, I had to man.

That taint came when I saw that they only had one add and it was running for It was a taint because it ran in a way that I couldn’t even register, so as far as the site goes, they have poor neuro-marketing staff but as far as the user of the site, again, I had to give them a thumb up.

That was about it. is no Spartan of a site by any means but they do have a decent site, decent videos, decent streaming of the videos and they are hitting all the parameters that a free tube site has to hit. They didn’t mess up anywhere from what I could see and I had my eye set on destroying them because I woke up without a blowjob this morning. My girl had to go to work early and I was grumpy. If they managed to evade my criticism even at my worst, this must be a site that’s worth your clicks.

ThePornDude likes Porn300's

  • Easy to use
  • Speed of streaming
  • Channels are packed with cool vids

ThePornDude hates Porn300's

  • A bit too simple of a site
  • Playing it safe