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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I know you’ve all heard of this next one. Based on their traffic numbers, there’s even a decent chance you cranked out a few to this site in the last month. Shout-outs to all the orphans reading today. Those of you still living in mom’s basement should turn the volume down before you visit

Go Ahead, She Isn’t Looking!

Motherless’s motto is “Go ahead, she isn’t looking!” The logo shows street sign people, a mother and a child, crossed out. Your mom probably ain’t holding your hand while you visit the site, but if she is you should probably record it. I think that would be pretty fucking popular here.

One of the very first features on the page is Motherless Girls. I think mama would be pretty upset with these ladies, exposing themselves on the Internet like pieces of meat. They’re mostly topless, but some of the girls are showing off a little more. One enterprising young slut even has what appears to be a trailer hitch shoved in her cunt. Every girl has MOTHERLESS written on her body in marker.

I can already tell this is my kind of place. Most of the babes look young and sexy as fuck, and the complete and utter lack of parental supervision backs up the site’s name. The only moms around are the really bad ones.

There’s so much to look at. I feel like a kid in a candy store, walking around slamming my boner into the paradise of hot, wet sugary treats. The blurb at the top offers some factoids after getting our attention with an all-caps scream of WELCOME TO MOTHERLESS.COM!

This free porn tube gets more than 1.5 million visitors every day and has had over 23 million uploads so far. They’re moral-free, user-contributed, and claim to host anything legal forever. I wonder how many of those 23 million uploads have been chopped for piracy or other reasons. I can’t find a total number of hosted videos or pics listed anywhere, but the galleries run thousands of pages deep.

Spam is going to be an issue. Just by landing on the front page, not even clicking anything, my ad-blocker says it’s blocked 7 things. Well, spam comes standard on any free site, so the question is just how bad it gets.

Mom’s Going to Be So Disappointed

Some porno sites try to give off this phony air of classiness while showing you clips of girls rimming each other’s assholes. Motherless is proudly sleazy as fuck. This is an absolute cesspool of degradation and depravity, and it’s fucking glorious.

Like other free tubes, the front page is mostly divided up into different groups of Most Favorited Videos, Being Watched Now and Popular Videos. It’s actually kind of weird that they don’t put the Most Recent Videos out front, but they’re just a click away. (It’s the link that says Videos, natch.)

The number one Most Favorited Video right now is a muscled hottie fucking herself with a dildo on a balcony. There are teen sluts fucking and sucking, and a couple of piss videos. There’s a brother and sister roleplay video and what claims to be a real mom and son incest movie. The Latina Mexican Teen Gang Initiation looks pretty brutal, but I don’t even know WTF is going on in the Road Kill movie.

A couple of the same vids naturally show up under Being Watched Now. Someone’s also beating their meat to a half-hour movie of a dominant Asian bitch strangling other Asian bitches and then getting fucked, I think. I had to piece it together from the preview when I hover over the thumbnail. Someone else is getting off to MILF Gets Raped, and another to Public Pussies, Upskirts and Celebs.

Motherless seems to have a higher concentration of balls-out weirdness than you get on other porn tubes. For every few amateur teens, you’ve got some talented whore shoving a baseball in her cooter. For every couple teen bukkake movies, there’s a babe in a witch hat fucking a human skeleton rigged to a thrusting machine. For every raving naked techno granny, there’s a guy hammering a goddamn screwdriver through his nutsack, which he’s restrained by pushing through a hole in a board.

Amateur Teens Getting Abused On Camera

The first video I actually watched was a pregnant teen getting abused by black cock. It’s an amateur clip, shot on a phone by the dude getting the blowjob. It’s grainy and trashy and real, and runs a good 11 minutes long. I picked a longer one since I noticed a lot of very short clips on the site.

Surprisingly, I didn’t have to watch an ad before the clip started, and I still haven’t had any pop-ups. My blocked ad count is up to 17, though, after one click from the front page to this one. I’m glad I don’t see a lot of people using protection on Motherless, but you should when you use the site.

The baked-in video player is very basic and looks outdated, but gets the job done. You can’t adjust a goddamn thing except the volume, no speed or video quality controls. There are no buffering issues when I skip to different points in the video, though, so I’m happy.

There’s a download button, but it gives me a message saying I have to be a Premium Member. The video stops right as she’s cleaning the cum off his dick with her mouth, and I get sent to an upsell page.

Paying for Porn on a Free Porn Site

Motherless leads their Premium Membership spiel with the price. It’s just ten bucks a month, which is a third of what most paysites charge. The big selling points are going to be the downloads and the spam-free experience, but they’ve got a whole checklist of benefits.

Premium members get a Pop-up video and image player, which is apparently better than the one I was just saying looks old. You can customize your header, which is great if you want to relive the MySpace days. Yeah, cool, I’d love to tweak the background while I’m jerking it to teenage lesbians. There’s also priority video processing and upload approval, but you’d still be paying to share your porn.

They do offer a Happy Hour every Wednesday. All site members get to play free for a couple of hours to see if it’s worth it. I generally don’t recommend signing up for accounts on free sites, but it might be worth it here. They’ve also got some social media features if you like to interact with other perverts.

Talking About BBWs, MILFs and Hookers

Most free tubes let you sign up for an account, but the only things you really get are commenting abilities and email spam. Motherless rolls some other features in, and they’re accessible all over the site. Every video page will let you add the clip to your favorites or galleries. You can also share it via Shouts or add to a Group.

The Groups are sort of like channels. Into girls in Shorts And Miniskirts or do Black Bitches do it for you? They’ve got channels devoted to Hairbrush masturbation, Best Hairy Girls, and Lesbian Experimentation. The full list has thousands of Groups, so your shit is on there.

The Boards are really more of a Board. It’s just one endless 4chan-style scroll of posts. Since this is a sex site, it’s basically all naked sluts. Some are accompanied by “hot or not?” questions, others by “I want to fuck this one” comments, and a couple I saw had bondage sex poetry.

There’s a Classifieds area. One chick was selling used panties, but every other post I saw was some sad dude asking if any ladies near him wanted to do some sex. It’s an embarrassing spectacle, and honestly worth a look if you’re into the whole trainwreck element of the site.

Motherless is an impressive free porn site. With my ad-blocker running, I didn’t even have a problem with spam. You almost always get more pop-ups and pre-video ads, even on the decent free sites.

The collection is incredible, too. It’s such a huge stash, and I love how it leans toward the extra sleazy, dirty sex. The fact that there’s a whole section of Motherless Girls writing the site’s name on their titties tells you there’s legit amateur porn here. If you like your free porn nasty, young, and freaky, what the fuck are you waiting for?

ThePornDude likes Motherless's

  • Free
  • Millions of user-uploaded porn movies
  • Sleazy as hell
  • Really weird shit, too

ThePornDude hates Motherless's

  • Spam
  • Some features locked to premium users only
  • Really weird shit, too