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Updated on 05 February 2024
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One thing that I always didn’t like on most tube sites was the fact that you can always count on the lousy quality of the videos. That’s it. You can set your watch to it that a tube site will deliver cheap and crapy videos like pros! Then again, that is the job of a tube site, to deliver free content. Now, when something is for free you can pretty much expect it to carry a certain quality that’s pretty much expected, not premium quality. But then, out of nowhere, my opinion changed. There was this event that changed TPD’s mind forever. After that, I was never the same again. I even contemplated becoming a newborn Christian but that was like for a brief second. But as far as this thing goes, I was a newborn tube believer…

So it’s not that big of a mystery, I was just pulling your chain a bit. There’s this site called It is a free tube site with a thing. Their thing is, they are playing HD videos and they are mother-f*****g awesome! This is what I was telling you about. I’ve rarely seen a site that’s delivering free content at this level like this. Their videos are high-definition but you can adjust all the other settings. From the lowest 240p ones to the full HD 1080p ones.

That’s not the only thing. The videos are all top notch. They are coming from the production companies like Brazzers, Fake Taxi, X-Art, 21 Naturals, 21 Sextury and so on. These are all well-known production companies that are working their asses off to deliver the goods to the market and here comes the very clever, giving out all this for free. Can you imagine that? There must be some link between these companies and but I’m not here to reveal all the porn conspiracies, I’m here to report on all the cool things that you guys can take advantage of.

The site itself is very minimal. They don’t even have a crappy $5 logo, they just have the JoyPorn letter on top and that’s pretty much it. There are Latest Updates, Top Rated, Most Popular and Categories. The categories are also placed on the left side of the site and that’s it. Very minimal indeed. Each of the categories has enough videos to satisfy the thirst but I’ve found some of the categories that have like 5 videos in total. I wanted to see what the “Drunk” category had to offer and there were 9 videos altogether. That was a bummer but I kind of understood the angle. What it was is that these videos are all “company made”, in that regard all of the videos were let’s say “fake” so there are few videos where the plotline or the scenario is calling for the actress to be drunk. If they had amateur and homemade videos, then they might have more videos. It’s a shame since I really love that sloppy drunk ass fucking. The girls are always hella horny and they are going all out.

That led me to check out the homemade categories and what I saw were “recreations” of homemade videos. They were not homemade, they were once again company made, so this discovery solidified the fact that is pushing only high production video on their site. So damn mafia-like, huh?

As far as the technical stuff goes, you can download the videos. In this case, when they are HD and free, this is an opportunity that needs to be taken advantage off. I know I did. I still have 6GB to go, I think that’s going to be enough for me. The tags are all precise, each of the videos are full length so that come about 20-45 mins on average. You can change the player in which you are watching the video, you can add it to your favorites and you can share the videos on social networks if you have the balls to do so.

The bad thing is that after seeing how smooth and cool the site looks, there’s almost no upside to registering and becoming a member of In my opinion, should easily start making like a premium membership or something because it is a shame that quality like this goes out to the world for no compensation at all. So to sum it all up, is a free tube porn site that offers HD full-length videos. They are offering too much value for free and they are doing themselves a huge disservice with this but for the users, the users are getting plenty, the best deal of their lives, porn watching lives that is. There are things that can work on as far as the looks, some added value and such but considering that they are an NBA team caliber but they are playing in the minors, suggesting that anything needs to be tweaked is just a huge waste of time. Check out, in fact, go a step further and bookmark this bitch, she’s worth it.

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  • It's going to spoil some people