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Updated on 05 February 2024
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The name of this next site always makes me think of celebrity dipshit Steve Irwin. Remember that guy? They called him the Croc Hunter. After years of hunting deadly swamp dragons, the dude got stabbed to death by a faggy goddamn fish. Fortunately, the only impalement you’ll witness on ClipHunter is tiny cunts speared on massive dongs.

On the Hunt for Free Porn Videos

Apologies if my intro made you think you were getting into some kind of animal sex thing, but check out Hentai and Comics sections of The Porn Dude if you’re that kind of deviate. I’ve got you covered. The clips they’re hunting on ClipHunter are of the more traditional pornographic variety.

Spread out across the screen in typical porn-tube format are thumbnails from some mouthwatering smut. There’s a Latina bitch face down on a bed getting her fill, and a blonde on her back with her cunt and throat filled. There’s a MILF fucking some young stud and the video title calls her mommy, and a close-up of Tiffany Thompson’s pussy lips. Hovering over the image gives a preview of the slut fucking herself with fingers and toys. was registered in 2001. I assumed a domain that’s been around that long has changed hands and probably formats a few times, but I’m not so sure about that. The copyright at the bottom of the page says 2000-2019, which means the site’s been around forever in Internet years.

The site’s longevity is generally a sign that they’re doing something right. The layout does look a tiny bit dated, like it hasn’t been overhauled in a couple years, but I bet the site’s 10 million monthly visitors don’t particularly give a shit. Do you?

Cocked, Loaded and Ready to Blow

The top of the front page features a couple rows of Popular Movies. One of them is called Fuck My Therapist, and the preview shows all kinds of nasty shit going down in a therapist’s office. I actually know a few women who refer to me as therapist, but they pronounce it like it’s two words.

The video loads in its own clean page. I’m running an ad-blocker don’t see any spam. There’s a message on the side of the screen saying they do have ads to keep the site running free, but they also accept bitcoin donations.

The next time some square tries to give you any shit about cryptocurrency ain’t the future, just point them to ClipHunter. Yeah, nerds, the fact that you can toss a free porno site some magic computer money totally means it’s going to go mainstream real soon. Just watch. Next week, your mom will be buying groceries with BTC.

The video opens with some hot slut in a little pink dress sitting on a chair and talking to a dude. A few seconds in, she asks if he wants some quaaludes. I’m actually watching this at McDonald’s with the sound real low so I don’t bother the other customers, so that could be wrong.

Sound or not, I am certain from her face that she’s really aroused. The fact that she’s stroking herself through her dress is another dead giveaway. I think I’m already in love so I click her name in the clip info to check the rest of her stash here. Krissy Lynn has dozens and dozens of scenes on ClipHunter. Fuck yes!

I think I’d like to build my own personal collection of Krissy’s material, and today seems like a good day to start. There’s an Add To button to add it to my Favorites, a Playlist, or Watch Later. I don’t want to sign up, so I just hit the Download button. Easy as pie, which never resists.

There are a few resolution options, but I’m streaming Fuck My Therapist comfortably at 1080p. There’s no buffering even when I skip ahead a few minutes to the pussy-eating scene. Now the lady who was sitting near me is saying something to the manager and pointing at me. They both look pissed, so I’m going to get out of here because the cops roughed me up last time this happened. Some folks just don’t like to see other people doing honest work.

What Do You Want to Jerk to Today?

I’ve relocated to Starbucks to continue my tour of ClipHunter. The manager on duty isn’t the same one who caught me with the spy cam, so I think I’m good as long as I don’t run into my probation officer.

Speaking of spy cams, Voyeur is one of the top categories listed at the bottom of the page. They’ve actually got 210 pages of clips tagged with Voyeur, which is pretty astounding.

The bad news is that these honestly don’t look like voyeur movies. I see a bunch of cam-whores intentionally getting in front of the camera, an ass orgy, a gagged chick suspended from a bridge and fucked, and a girl being fucked by two dudes and a chick in a wrestling ring.

I checked out Large Ladies next since it would be easy to tell from the thumbnails if they really had large ladies. This time the tag rang truer. I see a lot of fatties and thick chicks, but there are a good number of previews without any big-looking broads.

Maybe I just used the little discrepancy as an excuse to tour ClipHunter’s Teen, Latina, Mom and Cumshots categories. For the most part, they get it right, but that Voyeur section is just misleading. Tagging issues happen on every site like this, but maybe ClipHunter just likes to march to do their own thing. They did make up their own fat chick category instead of just calling it BBW like the entire rest of the Internet.

A Visit to the Hall of Fame

Sometimes you can learn a lot about who looks at a porn site by what’s popular on it. You know what ClipHunter’s popular clips tell me? Their viewers are a bunch of dirty-ass perverts who love anal sex, incest, and teens.

There’s such a wide range to the depravity on display in the site’s Popular section. By default, you’re looking at Today’s Popular stuff first, but you can check out the stuff from Yesterday, this Week, Month or Year. The Hall of Fame sections has their all-time greats of perversion.

Man, I am in some good company. The perverts who beat off to ClipHunter have voted some incredible fuck flicks to the top of the pile. A mother/daughter taboo flick comes in the top spot, followed by a step-sister swallowing and a pornstar doing anal in public.

Looking back, it’s ironic the teacher always used to send me out into the hall. I liked it back then and I like it even better now that incest, teens and anal some of the are the all-encompassing themes.

My biggest complaint about the site are the mis-tagged “Voyeur” movies. Only a tiny, very specific minority of masturbators are going to be annoyed by that. Most viewers aren’t going to notice that at all.

I usually complain about spam on free tubes, but ClipHunter had one of the cleanest jerk-off experiences I’ve had on a free site in a while. I didn’t see any spam at all, anywhere. That’s very rare and a major selling point. They even promise not to spam your email box, though I’m always wary about that shit. It doesn’t say they won’t sell your address. Then again, Google already knows all the minute details of your sexual desires, so maybe it’s just time to give it to the machine.

ClipHunter’s got a hell of a porno collection. Every category I looked at seemed to stretch on for hundreds of pages. The site is designed very well, so it’s easy to get to the porn you want without getting bogged down by spam or lost in a maze of overlapping tags. The whole thing is such an efficient delivery system for free porno that now I can believe they’re nearly twenty years old. Let’s hope they stick around another couple decades.

ThePornDude likes ClipHunter's

  • Tons of free porn to stream and download
  • Minimal spam

ThePornDude hates ClipHunter's

  • Wonky category tags