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Updated on 15 January 2022
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People like to say, “Porn isn’t just for men! Women like it, too!” That’s true. Women do like porn, but they really don’t consume it nearly as much as dudes. Every company making anything targets the thirstiest market, so most sex movies are shot with a male audience in mind. Bellesa aims to change that by offering up porn for women.

It seems like a pretty basic idea and maybe even a new demographic to tap into, but didn’t even hit the Internet until 2015. Their traffic has been building steadily ever since, and they currently get around 5 million views a month. Do you think they’re on to something?

So This Is How Women Like Their Porn, Huh?

As soon as you load up the front page at Bellesa, it’s clear this is not your typical porn site. The nudity and sex on the page let me know it’s a porn site, but the layout is closer to something you’d see on a women’s blog.

Soft would be a good word to describe the page. The color scheme is soft, the text is soft. I don’t want to say the sex is soft, because I see pussy-eating, threesomes, and a clip called Take Me Rough. Then again, if you compare the thumbnails to some of the hardcore smut I look at, Bellesa is legitimately pretty soft.

My initial impression was that Bellesa is just a free porn tube aimed at women. The top of the page starts off with Featured Videos, just like on your typical tube. Each thumbnail is labeled with a genre. Best Wake Up Call is a Homemade movie, while Charming My Pants Off is Passionate (Intense).

There are a couple labeled with Rough (Wild), but I think the standards of roughness are a little soft here, too. Neither image features whips, chains, handcuffs, or women who look like they’re having anything but an amazing time.

I expected the Recent Videos to be next on the page, like on other tubes. Instead, I found Featured Stories. Stories sections aren’t too uncommon on porn sites, but it’s rare for them to be featured so prominently on the front page. It makes sense here; women are much more likely than dudes to masturbate to words when videos are available.

The actual Recent Videos come after the stories on the front page. Again, there’s that feeling of softness. The thumbnails lack the sleazy, cheap feeling of your typical tube. Everything is brightly lit and there’s a noticeable lack of exposed genitals in the previews. Women are being fucked and eaten out, but you don’t get to see the goods yet.

Featured Articles round out the page, because broads love articles. After flicking their tacos for a while, Bellesa visitors can peruse a regularly updated selection of text about Relationships, Culture, Sex, and Health. I’ve seen articles tacked onto sex sites before, but I get the feeling people actually read them here. The articles section is actually called the Collective, keeping in line with their mission statement.

A Porn Site with a Mission

The first line of Bellesa’s mission statement lays out what they see as the biggest difference between them and other porn sites. “At Bellesa, we believe that sexuality on the internet should depict women as they truly are- as subjects of pleasure, not objects of conquest.” Basically, we’ve all been looking at broads as things to fuck, but really they’re things that enjoy being fucked. Did I get that right?

Bellesa defines itself as a platform for users to share intimate and erotic stories and engage with like-minded individuals. They also provide users “sexual content that suits their desires” like every other porn site.

There’s a lot of emphasis in the mission on building a community. Dudes just want to poke porn websites with their dicks and then run back to their caves. Women apparently like to build a little village where they can talk about the porn.

Bellesa says they’re aiming to open a dialogue with thought-provoking non-adult content, which implies they haven’t been able to make that happen yet. I only want to talk about porn, too.

I’m not sure I buy all the fluffy talk about community. It sounds nice and empowering and everything, but I don’t see anything happening. There’s no forum or message boards to talk about porn or non-porn. You can comment on videos like on other sites, but you can’t comment on the stories.

That’s not really a complaint, but then again I don’t look for community with my smut. I do like that they aren’t publishing every piece of trash in the name of building a village. Contributors to their Erotic Stories or Collective get paid, but their work has to be good. See? I told you chicks really like words.

I was hoping the FAQ would have a little more information. FAQ is the only word in the footer that isn’t a link, so I guess they’re still working on that.

Let’s Watch Porn for Women

Is it faggy for a straight dude to look at porn aimed at women? Maybe if it’s one of Bellesa’s half dozen guy-on-guy movies, but I don’t think any of this other lady porn will turn you into a queer.

By default, the Videos page shows you an endless scroll of thumbnails. You get to the bottom, you click Load More, and then the page gets longer. I spent a couple of minutes tapping it and I don’t know how deep their collection goes. It’s at least hundreds. It could be thousands, but they’re not saying.

A menu in the sidebar lets you narrow down the categories you’re interested in. Classics like Anal, Big Cock, Eating Out and Girl-On-Girl are all on the list, but there are some notable absences. Where are the Blowjobs and Big Boobs? A BBW section would be body-positive as fuck, I’m just saying.

I ended up watching a movie called I Want It Rough, filed under Rough (Wild). It opens with a beautiful naked woman passionately kissing a dude as she undresses him. The baked-in video player is bare bones, but does the trick.

The videos on Bellesa are all watermarked, but not pirated. You’ll find links to the sources in the description. This one comes from PornFidelity, which Bellesa calls “a great source for pulse-raising rough porn.” The dude slams the chick pretty hard, making her squeal, but I’d probably call it passionate, not rough.

I was worried these porn site partnerships would mean it’s all short sample clips, but half of them are around 15 minutes. The several-minute clips are actually few and far between, so you won’t have to switch vids too often during a good session. I even saw a couple that were half an hour long. Unfortunately, there’s no way to filter by duration.

The lack of sorting beyond the Category tags is one of my only complaints about the site. I’m not demanding anything special, but the standard set of search features would be nice. Let us filter by Duration, Date Uploaded, and Most Popular.

Looking for a Dildo?

Bellesa also runs a boutique that sells dildos, vibrators, lubes and other fun sex toys. There’s a link in the header and menu with the other sections of the site. You also get a banner across the bottom of the page when you first show up. It will follow you around if you don’t close it, but goes away when you hit the X.

That’s all the advertising I saw on the site. I didn’t get any pop-ups or have to watch any video ads before the porn movies. That’s pretty goddamn rare on any free sex site, so enjoy the hell out of it! The near-total lack of spam will be incentive enough for a lot of people to check out Bellesa.

The movies I watched on Bellesa were beautifully shot and hot as hell, definitely a value to stream at no cost. That said, the site definitely has a particular flavor that will appeal to some perverts and not others. It’s aimed at women, so the presentation is much different and softer than most porn sites. It’s free, so the best way to tell if you’d like it is a peek at the front page.

ThePornDude likes Bellesa's

  • Free
  • No spam
  • Woman-positive pornography
  • Stories and articles, too

ThePornDude hates Bellesa's

  • Lackluster video sorting