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Updated on 05 February 2024
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This tube site starts teasing you from the lift-off meaning when you have a site that’s called, a nasty thought starts seeping in your mind that’s asking you – are you getting some?! Well, since we all know that tube sites are here to clench our thirsts and shut down those nagging thoughts about if we are getting some, with it is all about pure debauchery and versatility as far as the porn video choice goes. The moment I entered the site, there was this weird ass BDSM latex wearing chick looking like a blow-up doll! Alright Any Sex, you got my attention, show me what you got!

Since I’ve been to so many tube sites in my lifetime, and I’m still a young buck looking for more, I expected to see a usual tube site set up. You know, the ones with thumbs plastered all over the homepage, bars with options at the top and advertisements that are annoying the living hell out of you just like that neighbor that started hammering a nail in the wall the moment you came home from work. The bastard! Well, I have to say, it was 2 out of 3. The thumbs were there, the bars were there but no pop-ups and ads where I expected them to be. Motherfuckers! I have to admit, this site started growing on me, just like I grow on all the bitches in the club after a few shots of Vodka. I’m smooth like that. But the ads are just the top of the iceberg. It takes much more to impress this review stallion. Follow me.

What struck a cord with me was the fact that the video choice was pretty random. Sure, there were the usual “fake step-mom does the step-daughter’s boyfriend” videos, the “slim Russian teen getting fucked in an ordinary way” videos but I also saw some videos that were out of the norm. I never saw a video that starts with a girl with a noose around her neck. Shit, I knew there were sickos in this fucked up world of ours, but God damn! A noose! Seriously?! Well, to each its own, but as a professional porn site reviewer, I have to give Anysex big up for being innovative and daring to pick vids like this. And it wasn’t just one, there were a couple that were not in my fap folder what so ever. This made me check out the site even deeper.

The top browsing bars were pretty much what I expected. The top-rated bar, the most viewed, categories models and new movies. All there, waiting for a poor schmuck to click on them and go on a wild ride he’s never gonna forget on a tube site. Yay! I might be sarcastic, but it turns out, a ride it was. Not a wild one, but a ride worthy of a plunge. I checked out the models’ section and it was damn well organized. There was a huge selection of sexy ass models, with an option to alphabetically organize them, organize them by their popularity or their ratings. I love my porn to be top notch and I don’t like wasting time on boring same-ole, same-ole videos, so this was also a great plus. Also, I don’t know if I will be able to finger fuck my girl since from all the scrolling that I was doing I hurt my finger, and it is my index finger. How am I supposed to boss her around now? It’s just not fun when my index general is not in play….so thanks Anysex, you’ve just ruined my fav pass time activity, bossing bitches around, with your vast selection of hot models. Fuck you!

When I clicked on Live Cams I was redirected to their cam site, that featured plenty of hot babes that I’d boss around but now since I had to do all the scrolling with my left hand, I left the page quickly since I’ve seen enough to realize that this was on point. I went on to check out how they sorted the categories section. I don’t know if it’s me or what, but the first category I clicked on was Amateur and there she was, an Asian bitch eating ass. Yup, this was the Amateur section alright. I actually wanted to find a vid that didn’t fit the bill, that wasn’t amateur, but I just couldn’t find any, so they pass the bar also with this one.

What concerned me the most was the video playback and the buffering of the videos. That’s the most important part when you want to jack it off quickly right before you go out so I clicked on a video and there it was, three dots buffering the hell out of that video, just like you’re gonna buffer that helmet of your’s that you have in your pants. It was quick as fuck and the play bar was full, so I wasn’t worried about if the video is going to die on me in the middle of a cumshot. I hate that shit when it happens, it just ruins my whole God damn day. Anysex passed the bar with this too and to be honest, I wanted this site to be crappy so that I can put up my middle finger up and shout at my monitor, but it never happened. Each of the sections that the site had were fucking solid. They even fucked me over with the ads and pop-ups that I always can count on with tubes. Nada, nothing! The site punked me but to be honest, I like it that it did because I love to find sites like these and here it is. So, what else can I say but good job to and now, I’m going back to browse me those models some more, it’s something about that section that got to me.

ThePornDude likes AnySex's

  • Free Porn
  • Versatility of videos
  • No annoying ads
  • Cool cams

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  • Video quality is the same with every vid
  • Popups
  • Adverts